270722 Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using A PILOT Scale Fixed BED Compact HEAT Exchange Reactor

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 1:30 PM
322 (Convention Center )
Steven J. Vallee, Zhijun Jia and Hani Gadalla, Chart Energy & Chemicals, La Crosse, WI

The Fischer-Tropsch reaction is a highly exothermic reaction (157 kJ/mol CO converted) used to convert syngas (a mixture of CO and H2) to liquid hydrocarbons. Conventional fixed bed reactor technology suffers from heat transfer limitations. Operating conditions must be limited to prevent reactor runaway, resulting in lower productivity per unit reactor volume. Non-isothermal operating conditions make the process more difficult to start up and control and can lead to increased catalyst deactivation and unwanted methane side-product formation.

          A Compact Heat Exchange Reactor (CHER) combines a reactor and compact heat exchanger into a single device, and provides a solution to the heat transfer limitations commonly observed for conventional fixed bed reactors. A pilot scale CHER was designed and constructed by Chart Energy & Chemicals in La Crosse WI, for the purpose of synthesis of diesel fuel via the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) reaction from syngas. Results are presented for a pilot scale CHER reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for >1 bpd liquid fuel production that is larger than our previously presented CHER results.

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