269910 Sustainability Through Durable Building Materials and Assemblies

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 1:15 PM
327 (Convention Center )
Theresa Weston, Building Innovations, DuPont, Richmond, VA

Our speaker will address one opportunity for chemical engineers in transforming the sustainable or green building industry. One of the key components of building durability is the prevention of moisture damage.  Chemical engineering knowledge of combined heat and mass transfer can provide key insights in to moisture damage risk analysis, and can therefore aid in the design on energy efficient, and durable buildings. This presentation will cover the following:
  1. Overview of sustainable building codes and standards durability and indoor environmental quality requirements.
  2. Example of how heat and mass transport analysis can be used to provide moisture damage risk assessments.
  3. Examples of specific materials used to provide durable, energy efficiency to buildings.
  4. Why building science provides opportunities for chemical engineers in what is not traditionally perceived as a "chemical engineer's field." 

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