269260 Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks Using Superstructure Modeling and Global Optimization

Thursday, November 1, 2012: 9:10 AM
325 (Convention Center )
Sung Young Kim, Debora Faria and Miguel Bagajewicz, Chemical Engineering, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks using superstructure modeling and Global Optimization

Sung Young Kim, Debora Faria and *Miguel Bagajewicz

School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, University of Oklahoma

100 East Boyd Street, T-335 – Norman, OK 73019-0628 USA

* Corresponding Author


In this paper, we present a robust global optimization method to design heat exchanger networks using superstructures and a recently developed method of domain and imgae partitioning of nonconvex functions. In previous work, we applied this method to the Synheat model. When using superstructures bilinear terms are also used, so we extend the bound contraction model to include these. The procedure we propose uses an MILP lower bound constructed using domain/image partitioning (Faria, Kim and Bagajewicz, 2012) and bilinear decomposition (Faria and Bagajewicz, 2011a,b). Then a newly developed bound contraction procedure is applied and compared to branch and bound as well as branch and bound with bound contraction at each node. We finally solve the retrofit problem, by proposing that certain heat exchangers in the superstructure exist, and new exchangers can be added.


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