268204 Advanced Electro-Catalysts for Energy and Biomass Refinery

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Zhiyong Zhang, Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI

Advanced Electro-Catalysts for Energy and Biomass Refinery

Zhiyong Zhang, Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University, MI

Nanostructured transitional metals have attracted enormous attention for catalysis applications, due to their fascinating electronic properties and unique geographic structures. However, it remains a challenging task to construct nanostructured metallic materials serving as efficient electro-catalysts for chemical - electrical energy conversion and biomass refinery, because of the technical difficulty in precisely controlling their size, shape and composition. My Ph. D research work focuses on developing a solution phase synthesis route to preparing advanced electro-catalysts, including 0-dimentional (0-D) Pt,[1, 2] Pd,[2, 3] Au,[4, 5] Ag, Cu, Ni, PdxNiy nanoparticles (NPs),[3] 1-dimentional PtxFey nanowires (NWs),[6] and 2-dimentional PdxFey nanoleaves (NLs),[7] and investigate their electro-catalytic functions. By tailoring their size, structure and composition, PtxFey-NWs and PdxFey-NLs have demonstrated high catalytic activities and durabilities towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in both acid and alkaline electrolytes;[6, 7] PdxNiy-NPs have exhibited high activity towards ethanol electro-oxidation,[3] and Pt-NPs and Au-NPs have displayed distinct selectivity towards in electro-catalytic refinery of glycerol - a cheap by-product from biodiesel production, into valuable chemicals, including glyceric acid, tartronic acid, mesoxalic acid, and glycolic acid, etc.[1, 5]


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