267655 Evaluation of a Vortex-Generating Flume for Low-Cost Wastewater Treatment

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Larry Glasgow, Holly Kier and Allison Johnson, Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

A novel vortex-generating flume has been developed specifically to provide a low-cost option for some water and wastewater treatment processes.  The device is appealing because it requires no energy input (other than flowing water) and is suitable for application in remote areas.  Examples include water treatment for isolated mountain villages, water reclamation processes where mountain streams have been contaminated by mining activity, or remediation of runoff at animal production facilities.

In order to predict the performance of the device in these scenarios an investigation of its hydraulic characteristics was carried out; residence time and mixing were of particular interest.  Performance of the device is affected by both flow rate and inclination and exploratory work revealed that idealized reactor models were not entirely satisfactory.  Consequently, the use of an axial dispersion model has been investigated and the results correlate very nicely with experimental data.  These data have established appropriate ranges for both the velocity, V, and the dispersion coefficient, D, and their functional dependence upon both flow rate and angle of inclination has been determined.  The results allow us to make some quantitative predictions regarding the effectiveness of the vortex-generating flume in physicochemical (water treatment) applications.

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