267106 Preliminary Test of Scrubber System for Marine Diesel Engines

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Sung Young Lee and Hee Sung Yang, Energy & Environment Research Dep't, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd., Ulsan, South Korea

The Oxides of sulfur, SOx, is derived directly from the sulfur content of the fuels used in diesel engine. The Sulfur is oxidized therby forming principally sulfur dioxide (SO2) and sulfur trioxide(SO3) during combustion process. Sulfur oxides are the major source of acid rain and have detrimental effects on plant life, vegetation, human respiration and buildings.

The International Maritime Organization(IMO) adopted provosions of special 'Sulfur Oxides Emission Control Area' established with more stringent control on sulfur emissions. In this area, at least one of the following conditions shall be fulfilled :

1. the sulfur content of fuel oil used on board ship does not exceed 1.5%

2. an exhaust gas cleaning system is applied to reduce the total emission of sulfur oxides from ships to 6.0 gSOx/kWh

In this study, HHI's own scrubber model for removing the SOx and PM from diesel engine was established and the optimum design and operating conditions were established through the pilot test for removal efficiency according to the design and operation variables.

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