263698 Solid-Liquid Equillibria of Five Binaries Composed of in-Process Products in Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction of Triglyceride of Fatty Acid

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Koh-hei Ohya, College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University, Narashino, Japan, Taka-aki Hoshina, College of Industrial Technology, Nihon Unversity, Narashino, Japan, Tomoya Tsuji, College of Indusrial Technology, Nihon University, Narashino, Japan, Kouji Maeda, School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, University of Hyogo, Himeji, Japan, Hidetoshi Kuramochi, Center for Material Recycle and Waste Management Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan and Masahiro Osako, Center for Material Recycle and Waste Management Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan

In recent Japan, a new method has been proposed for synthesis of biodiesel fuel (BDF). It is quitedifferent from conventional ones, that is, fats and oils will be perfectly converted to propane, and some blanched alkanes, having 16-18 carbon atoms in a molecule, by hydrodeoxygenation reaction at high temperatures and the pressures. In our previous study, we consider the utilization of so called trap grease. The trap grease is discharged as free-floating grease from waste water reservoir of restaurant, food courts, food industry and so on. It was mainly composed of triglyceride of fatty acids, and free fatty acid. The conventional hydrodesulfurization catalysts were also effective for the hydrodeoxygenation reaction of these compounds. Then, the triglyceride, composed of unsaturated/saturated fatty acids, are finally converted to alkanes via some in-process products, unsaturated fatty acid, saturated fatty acid, and alcohols. However, the melting point of these products have not monotonic tendencies. For example, the melting point of unsaturated fatty acid are lower than that of saturated. On the contrary, that of saturated fatty acid higher than that of alcohol. That of alcohol generally lower than that of alkane. The melting point, and solid-liquid equilibrium (SLE) are important for design of the flow type reactor. So, in this study, SLE were measured for the five binaries, composed of in process products, oleic acid + triolein, stearic acid +oleic acid, heptadecanol + stearic acid, octadecanol + stearic acid, and octadecane + octadecanol under the atmospheric pressure in the temperature range from 284.64 to 341.59 K under the atmospheric pressure. The apparatus is based on direct measuring the cooling temperature, and the detail description was reported elsewhere. The reliability has been already ensured for measuring SLE of benzene + cyclohexane. As a result, oleic acid + stearic acid showed a complete miscibility. The others were simple eutectic system, and their eutectic points. The all SLE were well correlated with Schroder - van Laar equation applying Redrich-Kister activity coefficient model.

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