262686 Improvement of Paper Strength by Addition of Nanofibrillated Pulp Fibers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 4:55 PM
304 (Convention Center )
Arvind Kumar, Ajay Kumar Singh and Surendra Pal Singh, Department of Paper Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Saharanpur, India

Nanofibrillated fibers were prepared from a bleached bagasse pulp using two different techniques, namely, high-shear refining and TEMPO mediated oxidation. The nanofibrillated fibers were characterized using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, FTIR spectroscopy, and  chemical analysis. The swelling potential of the nanofibrillated fibers was determined from their water retention value (WRV).

Standard handsheets were prepared from the mixtures of bleached bagasse pulp and the nanofibrillated cellulose fibers. Various strength and optical properties of the handsheets at different proportions of pulp and the nanofibrillated fibers were measured using standard methods.  It was observed that an addition of small proportion (5% -20%) of nanofibrillated fibers to the pulp showed significant improvement in tensile strength of the sheets while showing little influence on the tear strength. Use of nanofibrillated fibers as strength-aid in papermaking would be desirable as these are environmentally benign, easily retained in the sheet, and help maintain cleaner paper machine back water.

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