262633 Development and Characterization of A Microcapsules Production Technology, Based On the Formation of Drops From Viscous Liquids Trough Fan Jet Nozzles

Monday, October 29, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Jose M. Cervero, Eva M. Martín del Valle and Miguel Ángel Galán, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

The aim of the present work is to present a new technique to produce monodispersed microcapsules ranging from 30 to 300 micrometers, from the controlled breakup of a high viscous non-Newtonian fluid as raw material, using a fan jet nozzle.

The system employed allows working in a wide range of viscosities, higher than conventional techniques, producing a jet which is disrupted by a coaxial rapid air current. The system allows to work in a wide range of viscosities (up to 10000 mPa·s), and also has more control in the monodispersion of the droplet size distribution.

Behavior studies show the influence of liquid and air flow rate and liquid viscosity.

A semiempirical model has been developed using wave propagation mechanisms to explain the thread disruption phenomena. These model equations predict the particle size as a function of dimensionless groups which govern the main acting forces in the process (We, Oh and liquid to air mass flow ratio). The predicted and experimental particle sizes were compared obtaining a good level of accuracy in the prediction.

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