258544 Opportunities for Utilizing Anthropogenic CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 9:20 AM
301 (Convention Center )
Michael L Godec, Advanced Resources International, Inc., Arlington, VA

The purpose of this presentation is to address two common myths associated with the potential for carbon dioxide (CO2) storage in associations with enhanced oil recovery. The first is that CO2-EOR represents only a small fraction of the potential for storage the second is that CO2 is not stored during EOR. The paper sets out to demonstrate that CO2-EOR offers large CO2 storage capacity potential, and can accommodate a major portion of the CO2 captured from industrial facilities for the next 30 years.  It will show that in fact CO2 is stored with when deployed in association with CO2-EOR, and that the amount stored depends on the priority placed on maximizing/optimizing storage. It goes on to demonstrate that carbon capture and storage (CCS) benefits from CO2-EOR, in that the revenues (or cost reduction) from sale of CO2 to EOR helps CCS economics, overcomes significant deployment barriers, while producing oil with a lower CO2 emissions “footprint.” Finally, the paper shows that CO2-EOR needs CCS; large-scale implementation of CO2-EOR is dependent on CO2 supplies from industrial sources.

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