258460 Sustainability Body of Knowledge and Role of Credentials

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 1:30 PM
329 (Convention Center )
Darlene Schuster, Institute for Sustainability, An AIChE Technological Community, New York, NY, Deborah Grubbe, DuPont and Erin Chan, Institute for Sustainability, New York, NY

The Institute for Sustainability, an AIChE Technological Community, has developed a body of knowledge to begin to address what a sustainability professional should know and to identify the unique educational content of sustainability. This presentation will review the development of the body of knowledge, present survey results of university courses at the graduate level that address sustainability, and review the new sustainability credentialing program. 

The Body of Knowledge (BOK) addresses the following key subject matter areas:

  1. Summary Definitions and Principles    
  2. Professional Competencies of Individuals
  3. Corporate and Institutional Sustainability Leadership 
  4. Environmental Stewardship and Performance
  5. Safety Performance Measurement and Metrics
  6. Product Stewardship
  7. Risk
  8. Societal Impacts
  9. Economic Growth and Sustainability

10.Value Chain and Supply Chain Management

These categories are crossed matched to various courses being offered at the graduate level at universities.  Courses that enable a student to meet learning objectives in the above subject areas are being identified and a capstone design based course will also be reviewed.

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