257934 Removal of Nickel Ions From Industrial Wastewater Using Sericite

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Hall B (Convention Center )
Choong Jeon and Taik-Nam Kwon, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gangneung, South Korea

The applicability of sericite for Ni(II) removal and recovery process in actual industrial wastewater which has Na(I) was studied. The removal efficiency for NI(II) could not be affected by Na(I) which generate ionic strength. The highest removal efficiency of sericite for Ni(II) was approached about 93% at pH 7.5 and silanol (SiO2) and aluminol (Al2O3) groups are likely to play important role in adsorption process. Sericite had a high Ni (II) adsorption capacity of about 44mg/g at pH 7.5. All adsorption process was completed in 120min and removal efficiency of sericite was higher than that of Amberlite IR 120 plus resin. The effect of temperature on the removal efficiency of Ni(II) was negligible. In addition, previously adsorbed Ni(II) onto sericite could be easily and completely eluted by HNO3. Therefore, it could be concluded that adsorption process using sericite can be applied to the recovery system for Ni(II) in actual wastewater treatment system and furthermore, the technique could sufficiently replace conventional treatment process such as solvent extraction and ion exchange resin.

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