255608 A Novel Bubble-Emulsion Model for Modeling Gas-Solid Bubbling Fluidized Beds

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 9:30 AM
Conference C (Omni )
Xi Gao, Li-jun Wang, Cheng Wu, You-wei Cheng and Xi Li, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

The enlargement and enhancement of fluidized bed reactor represents the tendency of current technology development. Fluidization hydrodynamics is the basis of the reactor design and scale up. However the present gas-solid two fluid model (TFM) based on kinetic theory of granular flow seems incapable of scale-up simulation for bubbling fluidized bed. This project proposed an analogous research program, according to the analogies in flow regime and mechanism between fluidized bed and bubble column, that aims to develop a novel and unified two phase hydrodynamic model applicable both to fluidized bed and bubble column for mathematical scale up of the reactors. The method will benefit the present fluidized bed model in getting rid of the inadequacies of TFM by implanting some novel and effective modeling tools and results that recently developed for bubble column into fluidized bed model. The research content includes a complete description of the constitutive relationship for inter-phase forces around the bubbles, a comprehensive investigation of correlations for average voidage, bubble and emulsion phase properties in fluidized bed, simulation of large scale industrial fluidized bed reactor, and the related experimental and computational works. Both the methodology and research results are important in application and scientific areas.

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