254813 Crystal Nucleation Control Using Microscopic Online Imaging

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 5:00 PM
Crawford West (Westin )
Tod Canty, J.M. Canty Inc., Buffalo, NY

An innovative method of inline microscopic imaging has been developed to allow crystal viewing   and measurement of size, shape, color and concentration in batch or continuous lab reactors ,pilot plant crystallizers and full production vessel  at pressure(10,000psi) and temperature (-450 to 800 deg F). The high resolution images presented will show how this technology succesfully over comes the limitations of other systems where aprticle resoltions where limit to 30 micron and above due to front lighting even though the optical lenses where capable of higher pixel resoltuion. The particle imaging system captures high resolution  2 megapixel images down to .7 micron at speeds up to 1/100,000 of a second using back lighting. The system has a fiber optic lighting system that allows viewing through a  wide variety of fluids (crude oil, polymer ,inks ,paint etc.). It does this at speeds through 10ft/sec in liquids. The software then analyzes the size and shape of particles compiling the data to determine particle distribution by length, width or volume along with ppm concentration. The Lab scale reactors then allow the user to optimize the seeding process to provide control of Nucleation to optimize yield and filterability.

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