253833 Leveraging Multiple Generations In the Workplace

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: 3:15 PM
Somerset East (Westin )
Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed, KEYGroup, Pittsburgh, PA

Program objective: After the session, participants will be able to identify uniqueness and workplace expectations of four generations, communicate effectively with each generation, coach four generations in the workplace, and create workplaces that attract and retain all generations

Program content: Four major sections will be covered: the business case for managing a changing workforce; what drives Millennials; coaching multiple generations; and creating cool workplaces that attract and retain talent from all generations. ‘Business case’ will cover the implications of a changing workforce, ‘What drives Millennials’ includes Millennial workplace expectations and ways they influence the workplace, ‘Coaching multiple generations’ will cover determining coaching preferences of each generation and applying coaching techniques and models, ‘Creating cool workplaces that attract and retain talent from all generations’ will cover identifying best practices, determining the key role of the manager in retention, and conducting keeper interviews.

Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed, is a seasoned consultant and President of KEYGroup®. Jan has presented a variety of programs to thousands of managers and employees in a diverse range of organizations across the globe.  She provides guidance, wisdom, and wit to leaders who want to create productive and profitable workplaces. She has appeared on television business shows and has been featured in a number of publications on the topic of retention. She recently co-authored the book Keeping the Millennials: Why companies are losing billions in turnover to this generation and what to do about it.

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