251976 Development of the Optimal Flowsheet of Isomerization of Light Gasoline Fractions

Wednesday, October 31, 2012: 3:35 PM
Shadyside (Omni )
Nickolay V. Kuzichkin, Department of resource saving, Institute of Chem. Technology, Saint Penersburg, Russia

The two-tiered approach to the synthesis of the optimal structure of the process of isomerization of light gasoline fractions is proposed.

Problem optimal choosing of reactors and separation's system with a minimal use of auxiliary heating and cooling is solved at the low level, and on the top-level is carried synthesis of heat exchangers network.The volume of reactor, reflux ratio of the temperature and pressure in the distillation columns are the independent variables

The minimum amount of heat consumed by the auxiliary heating and cooling agents can be determined from the temperature - enthalpy diagram (TED).
The maximum possible heat recovery, and hence the minimal costs associated with the use of auxiliary fluids, obtained from TED are the lower boundary of the synthesis problem of heat exchange networks. Synthesis of heat exchangers network is executed by means of combinatoric method with aid estimated functions.

The developed method of choosing the optimal structure is universal and can be used to calculate construction and retrofit installations refinery

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