Student Poster Session: Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Monday, October 17, 2011: 10:00 AM
Exhibit Hall B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

One of nine student poster sessions.

The Role of Noble Metal Based CO Emission Control Additives in NOx Reduction and Formation in FCC Regenerator
Caleb Breaux, Behnam Bahrami, Vasileios G. Komvokis and Michael D. Amiridis

Preparation and Quantitative Analysis of PAMAM-Stabilized Cu/Au Nanoparticles
Thomas M. Gostanian, Eleni A. Kyriakidou, Konstantin V. Khivantsev, Oleg S. Alexeev and Michael D. Amiridis

Shape Control of Pd/Ni Nanocrystals
Crystal L. Bennett, John N. Kuhn and Selma Hokenek

Amino-Silica Nanosorbents for CO2 Capture
Chelsea Boucek, Götz Veser and Karen J. Uffalussy

Development of pH-Sensitive Linkers for Sugar-Coated Materials
Daniel Ducharme, Rajarshi Roychoudhury and Nicola Pohl

Synthesis of Heterogeneous Bimetallic Fe-Au Catalysts with Controlled Structure and Composition At the Nanoscale
Christina Papadimitriou, Eleni A. Kyriakidou, Oleg S. Alexeev and Michael D. Amiridis

Investigation of γ-Alumina Supported Catalyst Systems in Aqueous Solution
Fatoumata Diallo, Ryan M. Ravenelle and Carsten Sievers

Palladium Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation of Triarylmethanols
Jacob C. Green, James R. Bour and Jeffrey B. Johnson

Nano-Engineered Iron and Iron Oxide Particles for Water Remediation
Chris Stevens, Minghui Gui, Noah D. Meeks and D.B. Bhattacharyya

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