Author Index: R

R, M.
177d One-Equation Population Balance Modeling of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Processes
R., R.
193c Transport Properties of Liquid Metals: Molecular Dynamics and Hard Sphere Perturbation Theories
Rabaey, K.
View High Sensitivity Insulator Based Dielectrophoretic Phenotyping of Bacteria
Rabenstein, G.
28a Hydrogen Separation From a Gas Mixture with a Polymer Membrane
Rabideau, B. D.
183e Linking the COSMO-RS Model to Molecular Dynamics Simulations
318g Structure and Diffusion of Furans and Other Cellulose-Derived Compounds In Solvents Via MD Simulation
Radeke, C.
291d Wet Agglomerate Formation DEM Simulation In a Bladed Mixer
Radhakrishnan, D.
701g Controllability Analysis of Protein Glycosylation In CHO Cells
Radhakrishnan, P.
90c Variability of Switchgrass, a Dedicated Bioenergy Crop
Radhakrishnan, R.
79b Shear-Induced Structures In Dilute Polymer Solutions
171b Solvent Effects On Hysteresis In the Coil-Stretch Transition
702h Multiscale Modeling of Nanocarrier Binding to Endothelium
Radisky, D. C.
722b Mechanical Properties of the Microenvironment Regulate Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Radl, S.
149e API-Crystal Preparation In A Continuously Seeded Tubular Crystallizer
145f Engineering Bioadhesive Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Aneurysm Occlusion
732c Cross-Linked Collidosomes Exhibit pH-Induced Morphogenesis
770f Novel pH-Responsive Scaffolds with Self-Actuating Oxygen Transport
Rafferty, J. L.
580b Elucidating the Shape Selectivity for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons In Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography
Ragauskas, A.
496c Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Small-Angle Neutron Analysis of Native and Deuterium Enriched Biomass for the Detailed Analysis of Lignocellulosic Breakdown
Raghavan, S. R.
524a The Effects of Hydrophobically Modified Chitosan On Liposomes
Raghavanpillai, A.
221d Molecular Modeling of Three Phase Contact for Static and Dynamic Contact Angle Phenomena
659c Dynamic Data-Driven Models of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
412b A Novel Recuperative Configuration for Enhancement of Ethylene Oxide Production Via Integration of Ethylene Oxidation Process and Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation
703g A Comparative Investigation of CO2 Removal In Two Different Hydrogen Redistribution Strategies for a Two-Stage Hydrogen-Permselective Membrane Methanol Reactor
Rahman, M. T.
474b Fireflies-On-a-Chip:On-Drop Chemical Detection with Compound Droplet Microfluidics
Rahman, S. M.
293d Extraction and Economics of Lipid Production From Lipomyces Starkeyi Grown On Starch
Rahnamoun, A.
37f A Predictive Control Approach for Thin Film Growth of Photovoltaic Systems
Rai, B.
379g Molecular Dynamics Study of Drug Diffusion In Hydrogels : Effect of Cross-Linking
Rai, N.
289b Force Field Development for Uranyl Systems
776d Vapor-Liquid Coexistence and Critical Behavior of Ionic Liquids
Rai, N.
289g Development of the TraPPE Force Field for Substituted Arenes, Heteroarenes, and Cyclic Alkanes and Ethers
Raja Bhaskar, P.
638b Design of a Radial Bioreactor for Tissue Regeneration
Raja Guru, B.
303a Ocular Nanotherapeutics for Targeting Neuroinflammation for the Treatment of Retinal Degeneration
Rajabbeigi, N.
3dm Catalytic Conversion, Adsorption and Kinetic Study of Biomass Into Biofuel
421y Adsorbents for the Selective Adsorption of HMF From DMSO
Rajagopalan, C. R.
419h Facile Isolation and Recovery of Biological Molecules with Chemically Triggered Degradable Polyacryamide Gel Electrophoresis
74g Nanoporous, Optically Transparent, and Free-Standing Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films for Applications In Tissue Engineering
Rajagopalan, R.
420x Studying the Adsorption Mechanism of Hydrogen On the Carbon Based Adsorbents for Storage Purposes
444d Dynamics of High Pressure Gas Adsorption On Carbon Based Adsorbents and Its Application In Separation Processes
629t Platinum Nanoparticles Embedded In Nanoporous Carbon Spheres As Shape Selective Catalyst
684f Synthesis and Characterization of Microporous Carbon Spheres Based Catalyst for Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Reactions
Rajan, K.
570b Rational Design of Pathogen Mimicking Amphiphilic Nanoparticle Adjuvants
Rajapaksa, A.
230d A Microfluidic Platform for Aerosol and Nanoparticle Drug and Gene Delivery
Rajaram, B.
474i Shear-Induced Yielding In Dilute Colloidal Gels
412d HYDRODYNAMICS and OPTIMIZATION STUDIES IN AN Inverse Fluidized BED Bioreactor for Tannery Wastewater TREATMENT
Rajendran, A.
167d The Theory and Practice of Delta-Shocks In Nonlinear Chromatography
167h Operation Strategies for Chromatographic Separation Processes with Reduced Purity Constraints
257b CO2 Capture From Post-Combustion Flue Gas On a Carbon Molecular Sieve
370f Discrete Equilibrium Data From Dynamic Column Breakthrough Experiments
734d A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
Rajendran, A.
630s Adsorption and Diffusion of CO2, N2 and Water Vapour On 13X Zeolite and Silica Gel
515d Coarse-Graining Dynamical Networks with Intrinsic Heterogeneities
679b Manifold Learning Techniques and Model Reduction for Dissipative Dynamics
Rajniak, P.
47c Solution of a Four-Component Population Balance Model for Wet Granulation Via Constant-Number Monte Carlo
432d Experimental and Theoretical Study of Lyophilization From a Packing of Vials: Using of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for Process Monitoring and Model Calibration
Rajput, N. N.
190l Molecular Modeling of the Ionic Liquid [EMIM+][TFMSI-] Inside a Slit Nanoporous Electrode
261f Exploring the Role of Energy Metabolism In the Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells towards Hepatic Fate
Rakhimov, A.
236e Dynamic Blocking of Water-Hydrocarbon Emulsion Flow In Microchannel
Rallo, R.
217c Evaluation of the Toxicity of Nanomaterials Based On Knowledge Extraction From High Throughput Screening of Biological Toxicity Data
659c Dynamic Data-Driven Models of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
Ramachandran, A.
29d Studies of Adhesion Between Vesicles with Weakly Attracting Bilayers
350b Model Myelin Membranes: Asymmetry, Domains, Miscibility and Equilibrium
775a Extracting the Line Tension and Dipole Density Difference From the Domain Distributions of Model Cytoplasmic Myelin Lipid Monolayers
47d A Multi-Dimensional Population Balance Model Validation Approach to High-Shear Wet Granulation (HSWG) Processes
47e Efficient Simulation of Population Balance Models Via Parallel and Distributed Computing
55a A Multi-Scale Modeling Approach to Continuous Blending Processes
68d Dynamic Flowsheet Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
85e A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach to the Scale-up of High-Shear Wet Granulation
291f Application of a 2-D Population Balance Model to a Pharmaceutical Crystallization Process
506f Model-Based Control of An Integrated Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Ramadan, M.
630w Chelation of Iron and Nickel Metal Ions From Aqueous Solutions Using Poly(aminoamide) Dendrimers
Ramakrishnan, S.
131a A Novel Approach to Crystallizing the Desired Form Through Solid-State Solvent Exchange
Ramakrishnan, S.
192l Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Spin Coated Regenerated Cellulose Thin Films Studied with a Quartz Crystal Microbalance
348c Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pulp Dissolved In N Methyl Morpholine Oxide (NMMO) and Ionic Liquids
Ramalingam, B.
471g Highly Catalytic Pt Nano-Particles As An Alternative to Pt Films At the Counter Electrodes of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Ramalingam, S.
311d Stirred Tank Dynamic Mixing Analysis; Comparison of PIV-PLIF and LES
656c Distinct Characteristics of CD44s Binding to Fibrin(ogen) Investigated Using Force Spectroscopy At the Single Molecule Level
684d Synthesis and Characterization of Tungsten Containing Ultra Large Pore Mesoporous Silicate KIT-6
152b Review of Potential Step and Potential Sweep Methods In Electrochemical Energy Conversion
Ramaraj, T.
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
Ramarao, B. V.
192a Flocculation Kinetics of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate and Its Response to Addition of Various Polymers and Salts
192m Separation and Purification of Lignocellulosic Wood Hydrolyzates by Polymer Flocculation and Scale up Studies
348e Kinetics of Pre-Hydrolysis and Kraft Pulping of Wood Chips
554c Polymer Enhanced Microfiltration of Lignocellulosic Hydrolyzates
554f Membrane Filtration of Lignocellulosic Hydrolyzates: Comparison of Crossflow and Dead-End Microfiltration
Ramasamy, M.
432f QbD-Driven PAT Applications for Precision Spray-Coating Development and Control
Ramasamy, M.
622f Effect of Uncertainty In Time Delay On Multi-Step-Ahead Predication Performance of Some Black Box Models
Ramasubramaniam, A.
541g Hydrogenation Pathways of Vapor Phase and Aqueous Solutions of Phloroglucinol on Pt
Ramasubramanian, K.
386f A Modeling Study of Different Membrane Process Schemes and Spiral-Wound Module Flow Configurations for Hydrogen Purification
628k A Modeling Study of Spiral-Wound Module Flow Configurations In Different Membrane Process Schemes for Hydrogen Purification
Ramaswami, A.
269a Trans-Boundary Carbon Emission Footprints for Cities and An Interdisciplinary Framework for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems
Ramaswamy, B.
728b Technologies to Determine the Effectiveness of Experimental Drugs: Are Circulating Tumor Cells One Possible Solution?
Ramaswamy, S.
338f Modeling the Hydrolytic Degradation and Distribution of Polymer Species In Biopolymers
610a Separation and Purification of Biobutanol During Bioconversion of Biomass
610e Separation and Purification of Value-Added Co-Products In Biorefinery
View Sustainable Forest Resource Biorefineries – Vision for the Future
Ramer-Tait, A.
143b High Throughput Evaluation of the In Vivo Biodistribution and Dispersion of Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants
353c Award Submission: Rational Design of Pathogen Mimicking Amphiphilic Nanoparticle Adjuvants
448c Early T Cell Activation Events In the Context of Single Dose Vaccination with Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
472a Targeting C-Type Lectin Receptors On Alveolar Macrophages: A Novel Strategy In the Design of Intranasal Vaccines
543f Controlled Delivery of Functional Antibody From Amphiphilic Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
570b Rational Design of Pathogen Mimicking Amphiphilic Nanoparticle Adjuvants
625t A Novel Vaccine for Streptococcus Pneumoniae Using Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants
Ramesham, R.
378b Out-Gassing Study and Species Measurement for Cryogenic Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage Vessels
Rameswaran, R.
483b Pilot Plant Funding from an R&D Perspective
Ramírez, L. M.
687a Doublets Made From Flattened Spherical Polymer Colloids
Ramirez, M.
477c Construction of Intein-Mediated Bioactive Protein Hydrogel
Ramirez, M.
623x Non-Chromatographic Protein Purification Via Mini-Intein Cleavage
620s Effect of Salt Addition On Extractive Distillation Process
620t Dynamic Behavior of a Thermally Coupled Distillation Column Implemented On a Reactor-Separation-Recycle System
626y Natural Prebiotics As Encapsulating Agents for Probiotic Microencapsulation by Spray Drying
Ramirez-Hernandez, A.
171d Dynamics of the Directed Assembly of Block Copolymers: The Influence of Entanglements
Ramjugernath, D.
606e An Investigation Into the Use of Fluorinated Hydrating Agents In the Desalination of Industrial Wastewater
629f Kinetics of the Gas-Phase Oxidation of Hexafluoropropylene In a Laminar Flow Reactor
720g Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficient Measurements of Various Hydrocarbon Solutes In NMP, NFM, DEG and TEG by Gas Liquid Chromatography and the Inert Gas Stripping Technique
Ramkrishna, D.
653b The Antibiotic Resistance Game: The Genetic Regulation of Antibiotic Resistance Transfer In Enterococcus Faecalis
Ramkrishna, D.
313a How Conjugation Contributes to Antibiotic Resistance of Biofilm - from an Aspect of Population Balance Model with Stochastic Intracellular Gene Regulation
381a Population Balance Modeling of Particles with Random Behavior. Application to Gene Regulatory Processes
Ramkrishna, D.
20c Modeling of Morphology Transformations In Crystalline Materials: A Generalized Framework
192r Modeling of Lactic Acid Production From Lignocellulosic Residues Using a Hybrid Cybernetic Approach
314g Comprehensive Network-Based Dynamic Metabolic Model for Shewanella Oneidensis
534c Towards Genome-Scale Dynamic Modeling of Cellular Metabolism. the Cybernetic Approach
548d Experimental Investigation of Crystal Shape Evolution During Growth and Dissolution
Ramkumar, S.
263c Coal Gasification by Conventional Versus Calcium Looping Process – A Life Cycle Energy, Global Warming, Land Use and Water Assessment
358f Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for High Purity Hydrogen Production From Coal: Results From Sub-Pilot Scale Carbonator Testing
557d High Temperature CO2 and Sulfur Removal Using Carbonation-Calcination Reaction (CCR) Process: Results From Computer Simulations and Experiments
Ramos, J.
143c Polyelectrolyte-Gold Nanorod Assemblies for Transgene Delivery
Ramsey, J. D.
595b In Silico Prediction of Cancer GI50
Ranade, G. R.
68a Practical Applications of QbD for a Parenteral Drug Product
Ranatunga, R.
425e Functional Genomics Study of Fatty Acid Overproduction In Escherichia Coli
Randall, S. M.
535d Systems-Level and Subcellular Resolution Dynamic Analysis of Trophectodermal Differentiation In Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Rane, K. S.
698b Using Monte Carlo Simulations to Study Wetting Behavior of Ionic Liquids
Rane, K. S.
201f Low Temperature Synthesis of N-TiO2 Particles by Hydrazine-Assisted Aerosol Pyrolysis of Titanium Tetraisopropoxide Nitric Solution
Rane, R. H.
706c Modulus Enhancement and Orientation In Die-Drawn PP-Talc Composites
Ranganathan, A.
145b JNK Regulates Cell-Substrate and Cell-Cell Adhesion On Substrates of Varying Compliance
Ranganathan, S.
197a Genome-Scale Metabolic Network Modeling Results In Minimal Interventions That Cooperatively Force Carbon Flux towards Malonyl-CoA
Rangarajan, D.
91f Effect of Emulsion Fluidization State On the Fluctuations In Gas and Particle Velocities Inside the Plume of a Gas Jet Penetrating a Fluidized Bed
335b Effect of Stokes Number On Dilute Turbulent Liquid-Solid Flow: An Experimental and Numerical Study
617b Predicting Two-Dimensional Bubbling Bed Flows Using Gas-Solid Continuum Modeling
Rangarajan, S.
214b A Graph Theoretic Approach for Model Reduction and Control of Complex Energy Integrated Process Networks
551c Rule-Based Network Analysis of Complex Reaction Systems In Biomass Conversion
Rangel, C. M.
498f Kinetics of Self-Hydrolysis of Concentrated Sodium Borohydride Solutions At High Temperatures
Rangel-Mendez, J.
594b Biosorption of Lead by Spent Coffee Ground: Kinetic and Isotherm Studies
Ranjan, R.
628g Development of a Discrete Transport Model for Membrane-Based Advanced HVAC Systems
Ranjan, R.
421y Adsorbents for the Selective Adsorption of HMF From DMSO
Rankin, S. E.
10d Inhibition of ENZYMATIC Hydrolysis by Soluble Sugars ON MODEL CELLULOSE Thin Film USING QUARTZ CRYSTAL Microbalance
717f Thermodynamic Framework Based On the Consistent Application of Regular Solution Theory to Model ITC Data
Rao, A. A.
335b Effect of Stokes Number On Dilute Turbulent Liquid-Solid Flow: An Experimental and Numerical Study
Rao, B.
535d Systems-Level and Subcellular Resolution Dynamic Analysis of Trophectodermal Differentiation In Human Embryonic Stem Cells
729e Affinity Ligands Derived From Hyperthermophilic Protein Scaffolds for Chromatographic Separations
Rao, C. V.
3ex Engineering Microorganisms for Biosynthesis
53c Spatial Dynamics In Bacterial Signal Transduction
77c Neutrophil Migratory Response In Competing Endogenous Chemotactic Gradients
313g Spatial Mechanisms for the Stepwise Navigation of Neutrophils
535f Efflux and Metabolism: Elucidating the Mechanisms of Metabolite Overflow and Secretion
723c Exploiting Market Fluctuations and Price Volatility Through Feedback Control
Rao, C. V.
761a Dynamic Microfluidic Platform to Analyze the Effects of Spatiotemporal Gradient Changes On Neutrophil Chemotaxis
Rao, D.
257d Hybrid Duplex and Molecular Gate PSA
Rao, R. R.
236g Monodisperse Droplet Generation for Microscale Mass Transfer Studies
474a A Simplified Model for the Evolution of the Drop Size Distribution and Solute Extraction In An Emulsion Under Strong-Flow Conditions
592d Spectroscopic Investigation of Drop Mass Transfer During Buoyancy-Driven Motio
Rao, S. M.
629d Significantly Enhanced Reactor-Scale Efficiency and Catalyst Lifetime by Rational Design of the Hierarchical Catalyst Pore Network – Application to Hydrodemetalation
Rao, S. S.
123a Surface Modified Electrospun Fibers for Investigating the Relative Influence of Chemical and Topographical Cues On Tumor Cell Migration
651f Inherent Mechanical Gradients In 3D Matrigel Cultures Influence Tumor Cell Behaviors
229d Novel Zeolite Membranes for Energy-Efficient Air Dehumidification and Conditioning
229f Ethanol/Water Biomass Feedstock Separation Through Inorganic A-Type Zeolite Membrane on Thin Porous Ni Sheet Support
427e A Bubbling Reactor Technology for Rapid Synthesis of Uniform, Small MFI-Type Zeolite Crystals
544d Preparation and Testing of Adsorbents for the Separation of Ionic Liquids From HMF
Rapole, S. B.
210b Magnetic Graphene Nanocomposites for Capturing Heavy Metal Ions From Polluted Water
Rappe, A. M.
300d Computational Study of the Cyclohexanone-Based Initiation Mechanism In Thermal Polymerization of Methyl Acrylate and Methyl Methacrylate
300e Chain Transfer to Polymer Reactions In Thermal Polymerization of Methyl Acrylate: Computational Study
749c Computational Study of Chain Transfer to Monomer Reactions In Thermal Polymerization of Methyl Acrylate
Rasch, M. R.
747f Luminescent CuIn(SeS)2 Nanocrystals for Diagnostic Imaging
83b Implementation of a High-Resolution Population Balance Solver to Model Pharmaceutical Crystallizations
548a Estimation and Modeling of Crystal Size and Shape Evolution Using In Situ Tools
119e Incremental Gauge Cell Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Calculating Chemical Potential of Chain Molecules
242c Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Capillary Condensation Hysteresis In Overlapping Spherical Cavities
392a Heterogeneous Cavitation of Metastable Nitrogen In Spherical Pores with Non-Wetting Defects
Rasmussen, P. G.
106b Investigation of Charge Storage Mechanism of Nanostructured Metal Nitrides and Carbides Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors
Rastgar, N.
172c Electrical Characterization of Silicon Nanocrystal Films
Rastogi, V.
298c Determination of Co-Surfactant Coverage Density and Location for Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation Based Metallic-Semiconducting Separation of Carbon Nanotubes Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation
642e Determination of the Hydrated Surfactant Shell Density On Empty and Water-Filled Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation
693f Advanced Separation of Empty and Water-Filled Nanotubes
Ratakonda, S.
203d Assessing Viscoelastic Properties of Chitosan Scaffolds and Unifying with the Cyclical Tests
Rath, C. M.
719c Droplet-Enabled Co-Cultivation of Drug-Producing Natural Microbiota Isolated From a Marine Invertebrate
Ratulowski, J.
547e Modeling of Particle Deposition On the Wall In a Vertical Turbulent Pipe Flow At a Given Probability of Particle Adhesion to the Wall Surface
Ratulowski, J.
650c Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition In a Vertical Tubing
Raupenstrauch, H.
657f Determination and Modeling of the Limiting Oxygen Concentration of Pesticide Dusts with Highly Corrosive Combustion Products
Rausa, R.
322b Vertically-Oriented-Capillary Video-Microscopy: Drops Levitated by a (Reacting) Fluid
Rausch, E.
246c Oligosaccharide/Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers for Lithography Applications
626w High Protein Content Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles
Ravaine, S.
628n Towards AN IMPROVED Design for Nanoporous Polymeric MEMBRANES for Liquid Separations
53g cAMP Stimulation Regulates Aquaporin-1 Mediated Transendothelial Water Transport In Bovine Aortic Endothelium Monolayers
Ravenelle, R. M.
207f Increasing the Hydrothermal Stability of Alumina Based Catalysts
Ravi, R.
726d Kinetics of Biodiesel Production From Non-Edible Vegetable Oils
Ravikrishnan, V.
13a Mechanistic Modeling of Fast Pyrolysis of Cellulose to Predict Bio-Oil Composition
Ravikumar, G.
726d Kinetics of Biodiesel Production From Non-Edible Vegetable Oils
493a Effectiveness of Activated Carbon Adsorption for the Removal of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals In Drinking Water
529f Investigating the Mechanisms of Arsenic Removal by Microbial Layer In a Bio-Sand Filter
715e Integrated Membrane Bioreactor Process for Treatment of Reclaimed Water for Groundwater Recharge
Rawal, A.
502e Biomimetic Self-Assembling Copolymer–Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposites with the Nanocrystal Size Controlled by Citrate
Rawal, A.
757g Origins of Saccharide-Dependent Hydration At Aluminate, Silicate, and Aluminosilicate Surfaces
Rawlett, A. M.
262b Side-Chain Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization
Rawlings, J. B.
710b MPC Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Principles
Ray, A. K.
499a BIO-Refinery BASED ON Indian PAPER Industry Wastes
566c Utilization of Sugar Industry by-PRODUCTS , the Bagasse Pith for Manufacture of Furfural
675e Removal and Recovery of Dye FROM PAPER Machine Efffluents
192b Correlating Blending of Pulps of Different Qualities
338e Alternative Uses of Sugarcane Molasses and Jagerry for PRODUCTION of VALUE Added FATTY Acids,Especially Oxalic ACID
340e Coating Color Pigments for Paper - How to Evaluate Them for Agricultural Residue Base Papers ?
394b Surfce and Aging Characteristics of PAPER Coated with NANO SIZE ZINC OXIDE Pigment
675f INFLUENCE of Calendering PARAMETERS ON Coating Layers of Agri- Residue Base PAPER Formed by DIFFERENT Coating Processes
RAY, A. K.
302e Application of Multi-Objective Optimization In Polymer Reaction Engineering
Ray, A. K.
769a Dye-Sensitized Photocatalyst – a Breakthrough In Green Energy and Environmental Applications
192n STATISTICAL MODELING of Coating Colour Formulation with A LOW Cost Blend of Starch-Styrene Butadiene Latex Binder
Ray, A. K.
192p STEAM Explosion Pulping of Indian Nonwood Fibres
228d Biorefinery BASED ON Indian Distillery
228f Dewatering Characteristics of Indian Nonwood and Wood BASED PAPER Mill ETP Sludge with Chemical Conditioning
403e Evaluation of DRY Strength Additives FROM NATURAL Resources of Indian ORIGIN
Ray, M. B.
413c Volatile Sulfur Compounds Removal In Biogas Using Thermo-Oxidative Pretreatment
426b Improving Anaerobic Digestibility of Natural Estrogens by the Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes
Ray, N.
342d Synthesis of Oxide ‘Nanobowls' and ‘Armor-Coated' Active Sites by Templated ALD: a New Paradigm In Heterogeneous Catalyst Synthesis
684e Synthesis of Oxide Nanocavities for Size-Selective Catalysis
94b The Wisconsin Years: IMC and CAD
302a Bringing Broader Understanding of Step Growth Polymerization
Rayaprolu, V.
504e Paclitaxel-Conjugated Virus Nanoparticles for Targeted Breast Cancer Treatment
Rayfield, W. J.
466d Prediction of Viral Filtration Performance of Monoclonal Antibodies Based On Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis
Rayman, S.
737c Optimal Charge Rates for a Lithium Ion Cell
Raymond, A. W.
378b Out-Gassing Study and Species Measurement for Cryogenic Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage Vessels
Raymond, T.
70g CCN and Morphology Imaging of Numerous Oxidized VOCs In a Smog Chamber
70h Investigation of Hygroscopic and Morphological Properties of Atmospheric Aerosols
Rea, S.
131f Inline Supersaturation Measurement and Control to Understand and Optimize Crystallization
Rea, T.
684c Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors Under Mild Conditions
Reading, C.
724e Engineered Biosynthesis of Glycoproteins with Eukaryotic N-Glycans In Escherichia Coli
Realff, D. M.
714e Effect of Steam Explosion On Degradability and Accessiblity of Loblolly Pine In Bioethanol Applications
716c Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation of Group IB-Pd Bimetallic Catalysts Prepared by Electroless Deposition
Rechtin, T. M.
729a Proteome-Based Development of Affinity Motifs and Reduced Contaminant Strains
627a On the Performance of Centrifuge-Free Primary Recovery of Monoclonal Antibodies
Reddy, H.
278d Power Dissipation In Microwave-Enhanced In-Situ Transesterification of Algal Biomass
429b Supercritical CO2 Extraction for Algal Biodiesel Production
726e Production of Green Jet Fuel From Edible and Non-Edible Oils
433e Carbon Fiber Reinforced BioPlastics: Present Status and Future Directions
Reddy Karri, S. B.
25g Pressure Fluctuations In Fluidized Beds of Different Diameters and the Effect of Baffles and Operating Conditions
Reddy, M. R.
131a A Novel Approach to Crystallizing the Desired Form Through Solid-State Solvent Exchange
Reddy, R.
602c Numerical Investigation of Mixing Inside the Dispersed Phase In Slug Flows In Microchannel
Reddy, V.
230e Development of Anti-Tubercular Nanoscale Drug Cocktails for Targeted Therapy
Reddy, Y. S.
131a A Novel Approach to Crystallizing the Desired Form Through Solid-State Solvent Exchange
663a Nanoporous Silicon As a Novel Fuel
Redondo, A.
236a Flow-Induced Density Gradients In Microscale Flows
Reece, A.
236i Inertial Microfluidic Enrichment of Complex Fluids
Reed, J. W.
656e Soluble Amyloid-β Aggregates Modify Expression of Claudin-3 In a Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Reed, J. L.
196b Integration of Systems and Synthetic Biology for Metabolic Engineering
314d Using Multi-Omics Data to Estimate Parameters In Enzymatic Rate Laws
391a Evaluating Metabolic Network Elements Via a Forced Coupling Algorithm
425d Predicting Immediate Behaviors of Engineered Microbial Strains for Biofuel Production
590c Constraint-Based Modeling of Cyanobacterial Metabolism
692a Genome Alignment and Pair-Wise Comparison of Microbial Metabolic Networks Identifies Novel Potential Drug Targets
Reed, M.
8b Atmospheric Dispersion Using Commercially Available CFD Software
Reeder, P. J.
680c Genome-Wide Approach to Engineering Inhibitor Tolerance In E. Coli for Biofuel Applications
Reeves, G. T.
593g Interpretation of Dynamic Signals: How Genes Respond When the Signal Changes
Reeves, R. V.
760c Influence of Dry and Wet High Energy Ball Milling On Reactivity In Ni-Al Gasless Heterogeneous System
Regalbuto, J. R.
716f The Effect of Pretreatment On Electrostatically Adsorbed Noble Metal Precursors
Rege, K.
143c Polyelectrolyte-Gold Nanorod Assemblies for Transgene Delivery
216f Identification of Mitochondria Damaging Agents Using Parallel Screening
251c Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Poly (amino ethers) for Efficient Transgene Delivery
341a Thermo-Responsive Core-Shell Composite Nanoparticles Synthesized Via One-Step Pickering Emulsion Polymerization for Controlled Drug Delivery
420aa Electromagnetic Stimuli-Responsive Hybrid Nanoparticle-Biopolymeric Materials
420n Environmentally Responsive Core-Shell Composite Nanoparticles – Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications
439e Enhancement of Polymer-Mediated Transgene Expression Using Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDACi)
599f Optimization of Synthetic Methods for Preparing Polypeptide-Gold Nanorods Plasmonic Matrices As Potential Therapeutic Systems
Rege, K.
324f Polymer-Virus Hybrids for Enhanced Transgene Delivery and Cancer Cell Apoptosis
618av Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Polymers with Endotoxin Binding Activities
321a Melt and Solid-State Structures of Semicrystalline Linear ABC "Block-Random" Copolymers
402b Shear Induced Alignment of Standing Lamellar Block Copolymer Thin Films
415a Phase Behavior of "Block-Random" Copolymers
464e Block Copolymer Thin Films As Nanostructure Templates
Reguera, G.
529b The Role of Geobacterial Cytochromes In Uranium Reduction
Reh, T. A.
623bu Tissue Engineering the Retina: Soft Lithography-Patterned Microchannel PLGA Scaffolds Guide the Morphogenesis of Dissociated Newborn Mouse Retinal Cells and Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Cultures
Rehner, R.
243e Nonlinear Dynamics of Poly(β-hydroxybutyrate) Production In Microorganisms
Reich, G.
432b Combining Microwave Resonance Technology to Multivariate Data Analysis As a Novel PAT Tool to Improve Process Understanding In Fluid Bed Granulation
Reiche, S.
508c Heterogeneous Catalysts in the Dehydration of Fructose to HMF
Reichel, P.
628m High Flux and Selective Air Separation Membrane for Oxy-Fired Combustion
Reichenberg, T.
332f Analytical QbD for Biologics
Reichert, M. D.
592f The Effect of Curvature and Finite Bulk Solution Volume On Surfactant Dynamics
Reid, D.
173a Silicon Nanostructures for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
Reid, D. K.
649f Graphene As a Support for Nanocrystals
747f Luminescent CuIn(SeS)2 Nanocrystals for Diagnostic Imaging
Reid, G. L.
497d De-Risking Scale-up of a High Shear Wet Granulation Process Using Latent Variable Modeling and near Infrared Spectroscopy
Reiffel, A.
511f Development of Scaffolds with Deterministic Microstructure for the Guidance of Tissue Growth In Vitro and In Vivo
345g A Spinning Device for the Mechanical Characterization of Soft Tissues and Polymers
Reilly, M. J.
352b Intracellular Trafficking and Activity of Histone-Mimetic Gene Delivery Vehicles
Reilly, P. J.
132g Phylogenetic and Experimental Characterization of An Acyl-ACP Thioesterase Family Reveals Significant Diversity In Enzymatic Specificity and Activity
391g Kinetics and Modeling of Disproportionation Reactions Catalyzed by Clostridium Acetobutylicum and Ruminococcus Flavefaciens Endoglucanases
623n Classification of Ketoacyl Synthases by Their Primary and Tertiary Structures
Reinecke, B.
449c MoS2 Nanostructures As Efficient, Stable, and Earth-Abundant Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution In Acid
Reinholz, A.
547c Multiphase Fluid Dynamics for Materials Deposition
Reinig, M. L.
760d Vapor Pressure of RDX - Experimental and Correlation
217d Human Blood Biocompatibility of Silver Nanoparticles
Reis, C. E. R.
429e Direct Biodiesel Production From Mucor Circinelloides Fungi
Reiter, A.
193ae Characterization of Multicomponent Mixtures Based On Real Surrogate Components
193ag Validation of Surrogate Mixtures by Thermodynamic Evaluation of Phase Equilibria
Reiter, F.
506c NIR Spectroscopy with Multivariate Statistical Process Control for Selected Pharmaceutical Processes
Reiter, J. W.
378b Out-Gassing Study and Species Measurement for Cryogenic Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage Vessels
Rekczis, K.
386h Development of Pd Alloy Composite Membranes for Small Scale Hydrogen Generation
Reklaitis, G. V.
68f Real-Time Process Management and Knowledge Management for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
652d Towards Continuous Operations In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Reklaitis, G. V.
48c Challenges and Opportunities for Process Systems Engineering Approaches to QbD and Design Space
68c Automation and Control of Drug-On-Demand Technology
125d Sustainability Implications of Integrating Renewable Power Sources and Electric Vehicles Into the Grid
655c Design Space Definition Using a Variational Bayes' Approximation
700g Linking Simulation Tools Using the Pharmahub Work-Flow Management Functionality
Relue, P.
293a Methods for Simultaneous Xylose Isomerization and Separation/ Concentration of Xylose and Xylulose by Liquid-Liquid Extration
Remias, J. E.
771f Application of a Zeolite Membrane for the Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Remy, B.
131e Implementation of Supersaturation Control In Large Scale Crystallization
291f Application of a 2-D Population Balance Model to a Pharmaceutical Crystallization Process
457a Wet Flows In a Bladed Mixer: Experiments and Simulations of Monodisperse Spheres
Rémy, T.
633c Biobutanol Separation with the ZIF-8 Metal Organic Framework
688d CO2 Separations with KFI Zeolites
Ren, B.
105f Controllable Assembly of Magnetic Janus Particles and Their Electric Properties
Ren, H.
544e Isobutane/1-Butene Alkylation Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid–Superacid Coupled Catalysts
Ren, H.
97b Converting Carbon Dioxide and Water Into Hydrocarbons with Solar Engergy and Nanostructured Metal Surfaces
Ren, J.
462d Effect of the Aggregation of TiO2 Nanoparticles On Their Fate and Transport In Natural Waters
Ren, J.
372c Does a STEM Researcher's Role Orientation Affect His or Her Ethical Sensitivity to Responsible Conduct of Research?
Ren, L.
626c Microbial Production of Docosahexaenoic Acid by Marine Fungi: How to Convert Glucose to Lipid Effectively
Ren, M.
62d Medium Optimization for Enhanced Lipid Production by Chlorella Protothecoides UTEX25
Ren, Q.
109a Separation of Ginkgolide Homologues by Liquid-Liquid Extraction Using Ionic Liquid As Extractant
553g Nonaqueous Microemulsions Containing Ionic Liquid and Polar Organic Solvent As the Polar Phase
Ren, Y.
72i MD Simulations with Petaflops Sustainable Performance for Trans-Scale Study On Transport and Reaction Processes
Ren, Y.
78e Overview and Perspectives of CO2 Emission In Chinese Cement Industry
229b Kinetics Study of Calcium Carbonate Decomposition At High CO2 Environment
Ren, Y.
494c Effects of High Pulsed Magnetic Field On Enzymes and Microorganisms In Strawberry Juice
Ren, Z.
20f Microfluidic Platforms for In Situ Crystallographic Analysis
365e Concentration of DNA Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis
Renckens, T.
169f Chemisorption and Physisorption Rates On Catalysts Using Microfluidic ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy
Reneaume, J.
709b A Comparison of the Exergetic and Economic Optimization of the Catalytic Distillation, Based On a Rigorous Model. Case Study: ETBE Synthesis
Reneker, D. H.
668f Nanofibers by a Gas Jet Method
Rengasamy, R.
294f A Two-Phase Two-Dimensional Steady State Model of a Cylindrical PEM Fuel Cell Cathode
622n Model-Based Sensor Placement for Component Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis In Fossil Energy Systems
710f Control Loop Performance Assessment Using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
Renner, J. N.
336b Bioactive Peptides for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation In Cartilage Tissue Engineering
502c Characterization of Modular Resilin-Based Artificial Protein Matrices for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Rennerfeldt, D.
275e Multicomponent Polymer Networks Enhance Mechanical Properties and Cellular Response of Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Renslow, R. S.
537d Modeling Cellular Metabolism and U(VI) Immobilization In Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Biofilms
Repala, D.
766g Characterization and Surface Chemical Reactions of Model Cu-ZnO/Silica Sorbents Upon H2S Adsorption and Regeneration
Repke, J.
71c Design of Reactive Distillation Column for Non-Parameterized Components - Which Experiments Are Essential
Reppas, A. I.
515d Coarse-Graining Dynamical Networks with Intrinsic Heterogeneities
521f Integration of Production Processes, Waste Management and Energy Utility Generation In Chemical Batch Plants
Resasco, D.
111c Carbon-Nanotubes/Metal Oxide Hybrid Catalysts As Novel Reactive-Separation System In Water-Oil Emulsions
206b Anisole and Guaiacol Deoxygenation Over Pt/Sn On Monolith Catalyst Supports
206e Upgrading of Short Oxygenates From Pyrolysis Oil Via Condensation Reactions for the Refining of Biofuels
349d Direct Coupled Catalytic Upgrading of Multi-Stage Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Vapors
436c Torrefaction of Switchgrass As a Pretreatment for Catalytic Upgrading of Pyrolysis
508d The Role of Acidic Catalyst Support On the Catalytic Upgrading of Bio-Oils
508e Conversion of Furfural Over Supported Metal Catalysts
610d Catalytic Isomerization/Dehydration of Sugars On Functionalized CNT-Metal Oxide Hybrids At the Liquid-Liquid Interface of Water/Oil Emulsions
640f Co-Feeding Lignin-Derived Compounds and Hydrocarbons On Different Acid Zeolites
Resetarits, M.
215c Possible Aversion of Unsafe Situations by Semi-Automatic Operation
290f Distillation Column Time-to-Steady-State
423f On Random Packing Distributors and Systems
Restrepo, S.
10e Selection and Characterization of Acid-Stable Cellulases Against Pretreated Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch From a Colombian Extreme Environment
Restrepo, S.
64a Extrinsic Growth Signals Driving Drosophila Imaginal Cell Proliferation In Vitro
Retnamma, R.
498f Kinetics of Self-Hydrolysis of Concentrated Sodium Borohydride Solutions At High Temperatures
Retzel, E. F.
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
Reuel, N.
144f Label-Free, Single Protein Detection On a near Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Protein Microarray
Reuel, N. F.
144g Single Molecule Detection of Nitric Oxide Enabled by d(AT)15 DNA Adsorbed to near Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
615d Bi- and Tri- Layer Graphene Solutions
649d A Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube “Chaperone Sensor” for Explosive and Pesticide Compounds
510e Production of Biodiesel by Direct Transesterification of Activated Sludge Using Supercritical Methanol
629ah Development of a Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) System with On-Line Product Analyses for Conversion of Activated Sludge to Green Fuels
733a Renewable Fuel From Activated Sludge Using Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Process
Revzin, A.
77a Micropatterned Growth Factor-Containing Surfaces to Study Hepatic Response to Injury
Reyes, J. R.
181f Dynamic Separation of Magnetic Nanoparticles In a Microfluidic System with Different Flow Conditions
193n Anomalous Diffusion of Magnetic Nanoparticles On a Microfluidic Sytem Under a Variable Magnetic Field
346f Application of Core-Shell Fluorescent Nanoparticles with Magnetic and Plasmon Properties In Biotransport Studies and Photo-Ablation Cancer Therapy
385g Synthesis and Characterization of Core-Shell Fluorescent Nanoparticles with Magnetic and Plasmon Properties, for Bio-Distribution Studies and Application In Photo-Ablation Cancer Therapy
420i Gold Nanoparticle-Based Biosensor for Colorimetric Detection of Helicobacter Pylori In Water
Reyes, L. H.
680a The Visualization Evolution In Real-Time (VERT) Method As a Tool In the Study of Complex Phenotypes In Microbial Systems
Reyes-Luyanda, D.
356e Bifunctional Materials for the Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose Into Soluble Renewable Biorefinery Feedstocks
Reyniers, M.
700d Automatic Reaction Network Generation Using Chemo-Informatics
Reyniers, M.
670f Modeling the Pyrolysis of Methyldecenoate and Methyldecanoate
592g Effects of Surfactant Transport On High Internal Phase Emulsions Under Shear: A Combined Rheological and Structural Study
Reza, M. T.
90e Pellets From Pretreated Biomass
Rezac, M. E.
307e Pervaporation Membrane Reactors for Reversible Reactions: Modeling of the Membrane-Reactor Performance to System Design and Operating Conditions
510g Membrane Reactor Technology for Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Glutamic Acid
598d An Approach for Efficient Conversion of Carbohydrates to Value Added Products Using Metal Coated Polymeric Membranes
Reznik, G.
231f Integrations of Biosurfactant Production Into Advanced Biorefineries
Rezvanpour, A.
748c Design and Analysis of a Modified Electrospray Process for Fabricating Polymeric Nano- and Microparticles for Drug Encapsulation
Rhinehart, R. R.
203d Assessing Viscoelastic Properties of Chitosan Scaffolds and Unifying with the Cyclical Tests
Rhodes, M.
67c Distribution Nucleation: Quantifying the Liquid Distribution On a Particles Surface Using the Dimensionless Particle Coating Number
Riazi, M. R.
715f Efficiencies of Anhydride Based Polymers As Antiscalants In Water Desalination Plants
Ribeiro, A. J.
14c Mechanical Characterization of Adult Bone Marrow Stem Cells for Injection or Implantation
Ribeiro, Jr., C. P.
57b Relaxation Characteristics of Thermally-Modified Aromatic Polyimides and Copolymers Designed for Selective Separations
645f Fundamental Studies of Gas Diffusivity and Solubility On Molecular Transport In Thermally Rearranged Polyimides
Ribeiro, F.
654e Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis of Supported Pt and Au Nanoparticles for the Water Gas Shift (WGS) Reaction Using a Novel Operando Transmission Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Reactor
654f Ambient Pressure PES Study of Al2O3 Supported Catalysts for Water Gas Shift Reaction
Ribeiro, F.
18d Model-Based Design of Catalysts
141b In Situ and Operando X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy On Cu-Zeolite Catalysts for Fast SCR by Ammonia
206c High Pressure Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Hydro-Pyrolysis Vapor Lignin Model Compounds
302d Novel Pathways for Biomass-to-Liquid Fuel Production
349f High Pressure Fast-Pyrolysis and Fast-Hydropyrolysis for Conversion of Biomass to Liquid Fuels
436b Direct Production of Molecules In the Fuel Range by Selective Tailoring of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis
441d Ambient Pressure PES Study of CeO2 Supported Catalysts for Water Gas Shift Reaction
508f Kinetics of the Water-Gas Shift Reaction In the Liquid Phase
509a Water-Gas Shift Catalysis On Supported Au and Pt Catalysts
640b Probing the Gold Active Sites In Au/TS-1 for Gas Phase Epoxidation of Propylene In the Presence of Hydrogen
Ricart, B. G.
149c Modeling, Screening and PAT: The Development of a Pharmaceutical Crystallization
Rice, K. P.
219b Oxidation Behavior of Copper Nanocrystals
662c Seeded Growth of Shape-Controlled Wurtzite CdSe Nanocrystals: Cubes, Hexagonal Platelets, and Bullets
Rice-York, C. A.
525g Anode Catalyst Layers for Direct Liquid Fuel Cells
Rich, T.
683e Comparison of Hyper-Spectral Wide-Field and Confocal Fluorescence Microscopic Techniques
Richards, J. J.
174e Structure and Properties of Porous Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Gel Particles In Aqueous Dispersion
Richards, M. J.
775b Measurement of the Dynamic Association/Dissociation of Membrane Biomolecules to Different Lipid Membrane Phases
Richardson, B. J.
174g Synthetic Iron Pyrite (FeS2) Nanocrystals for Use In Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Solar Cells
377c Polymer-Nanocrystal Hybrid Solar Cells Using P3HT and Pyrite FeS2
309j Vapor-Phase Polymerization to Modify the Surfaces of Pre-Assembled Microfluidic Devices
21f Distributed Control System Implementation for Undergraduate Labs
Ricketts, M. D.
477a Improved Thermostability of AEH by Combining B-FIT Analysis and Structure-Guided Consensus Method
Rickman, M.
443b Membrane Filtration of Algae
480e Review of Life-Cycle and Techno-Economic Analyses for Algae Systems: Bottlenecks to Sustainability
Ricks, T. F.
490b Automated Pilot Plant System Producing 3,3-Diamino-4,4-Azoxyfurazan
Riddell, W.
384e Evaluation of the Life Cycle Emissions for Biodiesel Manufacture From Algae
Riddle, A.
747e Tailoring Surface Charge and Hydrophicity In Colloidal Quantum Dot Biosensors
Ridgley, D.
186c Properties of Self-Assembled Peptide Fibers
568f Templating Mechanism for Self-Assembly of Large Peptide Structures
Rieger, C.
476b Kalman-Based Fault-Tolerant Control (FTC) for a Pilot-Scale Cooling Loop
579b Optimal Rerouting of Traffic Flows for Resilient Management of Recharging Station Networks
Riesberg, J.
502b Dynamic Regulation of Bioactive Ligands Presented On Gold Particles
Riethoven, J. M.
251d Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles Characteristic of Successfully Transfected Cells
Rifflart, S.
358a Chemical Looping Combustion Development and Perspectives
Riffle, J.
472b Block Ionomer Complexes Containing Gentamicin to Kill Intracellular Brucella Melitensis
Riffle, J. S.
346b Temperature and Magnetic Field-Responsive Nanoparticles Based On a Superparamagnetic Magnetite Core and a Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Shell
385a Magnetic Block Ionomer Complexes for Imaging and Therapeutics
Rigby, D.
379d Combined Use of Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo for the Prediction of Thermodynamic Properties
774f Systematic MD Simulation Studies of the Glass Transition Temperatures of Styrene-Based Oligomers and Polymers
Riggleman, R.
549d Molecular Simulations of Confined Glass-Forming Polymers
View Field Theoretic Simulations of the Interfacial Properties of Complex Coacervates
Rigou, V.
153e Energy Balances for the Production of Cellulosic Ethanol
176d Multi-Scale Optical, Electrical, and Chemical Interrogation of Thiophene-Based Solar Cell Films
Rima, S.
571e Reversible Oligomerization and Irreversible Coagulation of Monoclonal Antibodies In Downstream Processing
Rimer, J. D.
266b Invited Lecture: Bio-Inspired Design of Microporous Materials
684a Tailoring the Morphology and Structure of Zeolite Catalysts Through the Use of Molecular Modifiers
Rinaldi, C.
209e Role of Rotating Magnetic Field of a Multipole Stator Winding In a Cylindrical Ferrofluid Flow
Rincon, F. D.
669d Calorimetric Estimation Employing Unscented Kalman Filtering for a Batch Emulsion Polymerization Reactor
Rinderspacher, B. C.
262b Side-Chain Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization
Ring, T.
47b On a Class of Analytical Solutions for the Population Balance Equation with Aggregation and Breakage
47f A Study of Population Balance Modeling In a Large-Eddy Simulation with Carbonate Precipitation
136c GeoEngineering - How and How Much
670e Oxy-Coal Combustion Flamelet Dynamics From High-Speed Video Analysis
Ring, T.
299f An Academic Perspective On Developing a Course Framework On Inspiring Students to Be “Innovative”
518c Activities of the Council for Chemical Research
Ríos, L.
620s Effect of Salt Addition On Extractive Distillation Process
Rios-Estepa, R.
621l An Improved Kinetic Model of Mint Essential Oil Biosynthesis That Accounts for Transport and the Early Monoterpene Metabolic Steps
Rios-Estepa, R.
621l An Improved Kinetic Model of Mint Essential Oil Biosynthesis That Accounts for Transport and the Early Monoterpene Metabolic Steps
672b Quantitative Understanding of the Aqueous Solid-Liquid Interface During Catalyst Synthesis
309d The Role of Irreversible Forces On Deterministic Lateral Displacement and Other Microfluidic Separation Methods
635f Improved Production of Biofuel Precursors From CO2 Fermentation Via Growth and Physiology Optimization of Moorella Thermoacetica
Ristic, R. I.
83a The Unexpected Nucleation/Polymorphic Transformation-Promoting Effect of Glycine on Crystallisation of L-Glutamic Acid
Ritchie, H.
167c Understanding Column Bed Heterogeneity In the Quest for Improved Separation Performance
Ritchie, S. M.
538a Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Functionalized Membranes for Antibody Adsorption
326d Development of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Spaceflight Oxygen Concentrators
370a Deviations From Plug-Flow and 1-D Thermal Behavior for Breakthrough Tests with Zeolite CaA, Water Vapor, and Carbon Dioxide
734c On the Use of a Solid Amine Sorbent for CO2 Capture by Pressure Swing Adsorption
Rittmann, B. E.
328b Development of In Situ Processes for Recovering Fatty Acid Biofuel Precursors From Photobioreactor
Rivera, A. L.
722c Micrometer Scale Guidance of Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Form Structurally Oriented Cartilage Extracellular Matrix
161a Internal Model Control, Model Predictive Control, and Shell
764c A System Identification and Control Engineering Approach for Designing An Optimized Treatment Plan for Fibromyalgia
Rivero Hudec, M. A.
587d Written Reflections In a Mass and Energy Balance Course
124e Risk Assessment Tools Use Through Process/Product Life-Cycle: Start with Questions, Not Data !
674a Biofuels Manufacturing: From Feedstocks to Manufacturing and End-Product Quality Control
Robbins, R.
728c Translating Stem Cells-Molecular Imaging of Stem Cell Transplantation In Porcine Myocardium Using Clinical MRI and PET-CT
Robert, M.
563c Structure of Rigid Hard-Ring Fluid
Roberts, C. B.
252e Laser Induced Fluorescence Studies of Solute Concentration In the Supercritical Antisolvent Precipitation Process
447a Best Practices Panel Discussion by Department Chairs
Roberts, C. C.
236g Monodisperse Droplet Generation for Microscale Mass Transfer Studies
592d Spectroscopic Investigation of Drop Mass Transfer During Buoyancy-Driven Motio
725g Creation and Characterization of Magnesium Oxide Macroporous Ceramics
Roberts, C. B.
58e Modeling the Dispersability of Polydisperse Nanoparticles In Gas-Expanded Liquids
208e Characterization of the Durability of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces Produced by Nanoparticle Vapor Deposition
265e Supercritical Adiabatic Reactor for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
281c Aldehydes and Ketones From Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
281f Synthesis of Higher Alcohols From Syngas Over a K Promoted Cu-Co-Zn Catalyst In Supercritical Hexanes
398f A Simple and Sustainable Method to Synthesize Magnetic Nanoparticles Using a “Functional Solvent”
420r Influence of Solvent Steric Effects On CO2 Induced Nanoparticle Precipitation
420v Characterization of Gas-Expanded Liquid-Deposited Gold Nanoparticle Films On Substrates of Varying Surface Energy
564c Production of Middle Distillate Range Transportation Fuels Via Fischer Tropsch Synthesis with Integrated Upgrading Under Supercritical Phase Conditions
Roberts, C. J.
7d Suppressing Protein Aggregation by Reducing Local Concentration Fluctuations
629af Feedstock-to-Tailpipe: Algae to Liquid Fuels
420t Sonolytic Synthesis of Single and Binary, Metal-Based Magnetic Nanostructured Materials
Roberts, L. R.
757g Origins of Saccharide-Dependent Hydration At Aluminate, Silicate, and Aluminosilicate Surfaces
105a Reduced-Order Model Development for Multiphase Flow Through Patterned, Orthotropic, and Structured Porous Materials
Robichaud, D.
13e A Dual-Stage Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor (LEFR) and Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) System for Studying Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification
349h Studying Effects of Inorganic Salts On Biomass Pyrolysis Using a Captive Sample Reactor
Robinson, A. S.
75c The Missing Links: Elucidating Mechanisms of Heterologous GPCR Expression and Trafficking In S. Cerevisiae
163f Using Gas Sparger Models to Determine Mass Transfer Coefficients and Bubble Area for Fermentation
256a The Exploitation of S. Cerevisiae - Improved Understanding and Optimal Yields of Single-Chain Antibody Fragment (scFv) 4-4-20
535g Single-Cell Analysis of Cellular Quality Control In S. Cerevisiae: How ‘Low' Can You Go?
701g Controllability Analysis of Protein Glycosylation In CHO Cells
724b The Role of Protein Motifs In Membrane Protein Trafficking In S. Cerevisiae
Robinson, B. H.
603d Reduced Dimensionality From Nanoengineering of Soft Matter Organic Electro-Optic Materials
Robinson, M. A.
21d Project Based Learning In Senior Unit Operation Laboratory At the University of Michigan
589b Point of Use Recyclable Bioreactor System for Bio-Agricultural Applications
Robinson, M.
547c Multiphase Fluid Dynamics for Materials Deposition
Robinson, P. J.
408e Turndown Control Structures for Distillation Columns
596b Plantwide Control of a Hybrid IGCC/Methanol Plant
Robinson, Jr., R.
193af Volume-Translated, Modified Peng-Robinson Equation of State for Coalbed Gas/Water Mixtures
505d High-Pressure Adsorption of Gases On Albany Shales: Measurements and Modeling
Robinson, R. D.
173g Binderless Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticle Films Through Electrophoretic Deposition, for Li-Ion Batteries
662b Connected but Confined: Surface Functionalization of Semiconducting Nanocrystals
703a Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Millimeter Length 2D Nanosheets of Thermoelectric Na0.7CoO2
703d The Structural Evolution and Diffusion During the Chemical Transformation From Cobalt to Cobalt Phosphide Nanocrystals
Robinson, Jr., R. L.
193t A New Algorithm for Multiphase Analysis of Gas/Water Mixture Adsorption On Coals
Robinson, S.
343c Asset Revitalization for Cleaned-up Department of Energy Sites
Roblegg, E.
149e API-Crystal Preparation In A Continuously Seeded Tubular Crystallizer
527b Preparation of Calcium Stearate Pellets by Extrusion/Spheronization: Effect of Drying Technique
Robota, H.
564e Production of Synthetic Paraffin Kerosene by Hydrocracking Fischer-Tropsch Wax
Roca, X.
8a Dispersion of Contaminants In Urban Areas: Coupling Dispersion and CFD Models
Rocco, M. A.
331c Bacterial Inner Membrane Display to Simultaneously Engineer Solubility and Antigen Binding of Intracellular Antibodies
Rochana, P.
241f N2/O2 Adsorption, Dissociation and Diffusion In Group V Metals
628r Investigation of Nitrogen Transport within Group V Metals for Nitrogen-Selective Membranes
Rochelle, G.
555f Amino Acid Solvents for CO2 Absorption
Rock, R. M.
237g Real-Time Detection of Nanoparticle Deposition by Measurement of Zeta Potential
366f Ensemble Average TIRM: Theory and Application In Imaging Amperometry
Rockstraw, D. A.
232e Continuing Our Journey to Bridge the Process Safety Gaps Between Academia and Industry
Rodenhausen, K. B.
664h Real-Time SE/QCM-D Characterization of Biomolecule Adsorption within Sculptured Thin Films
Rodgers, V. G. J.
190e Obtaining Protein Solvent Accessible Surface Area (SASA) When Structural Data Is Unavailable Using Osmotic Pressure
653g Feedback Effects of Extracellular Matrix Composition On AMPK Signaling Pathway: Pathway to Novel Drug Therapeutics Targeting Atherosclerosis
Rodrigues, A. K. O.
630n ADSORPTION of Aromatic Sulfur Molecules On Mesostructured Silica Adsorbents
Rodrigues, A. F.
623bt Integrating Functional Genomics Tools to Survey Retrovirus Production In Human Cells
Rodrigues, R. C. R.
114e Resolution of a Chiral Racemate by Batch Chromatography, Batch Chromatography with Recycle, and Two-Column Semi-Continuous Simulated Moving Bed
634f A New Multicolumn, Open-Loop Process for Center-Cut Bioseparation by Solvent-Gradient Chromatography
Rodriguez, A.
494e Furan Formation During UV-Treatment of Fruit Juices
Rodriguez, A. A.
644b Detection of Disinfection by-Products In Drinking Water Systems Via Biomimetic Metabolism
Rodriguez, F.
134f Thermodynamics of Carbon Capture Through Reversible Ionic Liquids
Rodriguez, G.
329e Simulation Study of Different Alternatives for Isoamyl Butyrate Production by Using Aspen Plus®
428f Fusel Oil Separation Process
616g Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Ethanol + Isoamyl Alcohol At 50 and 101.3kPa
629ae Esterification of Iso-Amyl Alcohol with Benzoic Acid: A Kinetic Study
629an Homogeneous Catalyzed Esterification of n-Butyric Acid with Isoamyl Alcohol: A Kinetic Study
Rodríguez, G.
189h Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium for Ethanol –Glycerol System At 101. 3, 40.0 and 20.0 Kpa
492d Fuel Alcohol Production by Extractive Distillation with Glycerol Using a Pilot Extractive Column
412e Superhydrophobic Surfaces Produced by Supercritical Fluid Technology
Rodriguez, K.
77f Optimization of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Migration In the Wound Bed
Rodriguez, L.
339b Agent-Based Modeling Analysis of Biomass Feedstock Production System Dynamics and Resilience
Rodriguez Niño, G.
159d New Tools for the Conceptual Design of Heterogeneous Reactive Distillation Columns
Rodriguez Pascual, M.
427d Optimizing Crystal Growth In An Airlift Crystallizer
Rodriguez, P. L.
472e Nanoparticles Masquerade As ″self″ to Inhibit Phagocytosis
623ab CD47 Inhibit the Immune System Response Against Nanoparticles In Vivo
Rodriguez Reartes, S. B.
620v Eutrophication Control In Lakes and Reservoirs Through Integrated 3D Ecological and Hydrodynamic Models
Rodríguez-Guerrero, J. K.
582e Effect of Sodium Hydroxide On Biodiesel Production From Castor Oil Using Sub and Supercritical Ethanol
Rodriguez-Moya, M.
388a Metabolic Flux Analysis of Escherichia Coli MG1655 Under Octanoic Acid Stress
Roeb, M.
22d HycycleS: Materials and Components for Hydrogen Production by Sulphur Based Thermochemical Cycles - Summary of Key Results From the European Collaborative Project
Rogaski, B.
743f Extending the CHARMM Force Field to Sphingolipids and Lipids with Polyunsaturated Chains
Rogeau, A.
471b Mesoporous TiO2 Beads From a Facile One-Step Template-Less, Surfactant-Free Hydrothermal Process and Derived TiO2 Bead/Xerogel Composites for High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Rogers, A.
120d Developing a Robust Isolation and Drying Protocol for An API with Unique Physical Properties
131d API Powder Property Control During Crystallization, Wet Milling, and Drying
131e Implementation of Supersaturation Control In Large Scale Crystallization
298e Solution-Phase Adsorption of 1-Pyrenebutyric Acid Using Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
Rogers, S.
88d CO2-Soluble, Non-Ionic, Water-Soluble Surfactants That Stabilize CO2-In-Brine Foams
Rogers, T. N.
737a Development and Testing of An Asymmetric Supercapacitor Based On a Carbon Foam Electrode Impregnated with Nickel Hydroxide
Rogers, W. B.
687e Direct Measurements and Models of DNA-Induced Colloidal Interactions and Binding Dynamics
32a Correlating Powder Flowability to Particle Size Distribution Using Chemometric Techniques
3do Smart Manipulation of Soft Matter for Immunobioengineering
53b Spatiotemporal Membrane Organization At the Single Molecular Level During T Cell Receptor Triggering
Rohan, A.
134f Thermodynamics of Carbon Capture Through Reversible Ionic Liquids
247a Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Reversible Ionic Liquids
461b Tunable Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
555b Towards Industrially Viable Non-Aqueous Amine Solvent Systems
Rohani, M. M.
466a Development of Surface Modified Membranes with Zwitterionic Ligands to Control Protein Transport and Fouling During Ultrafiltration
Rohatgi, A.
474j Shear Induced Gradient Diffusivity of Dilute Suspensions
771a Numerical Simulations of the Simultaneous Absorption of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide In Membrane Contactors with Typical Alkanolamine Solutions
771c Membrane Contactors for Post Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture: Wetting Resistance On Long Time Scales
Rojas, A. D.
276g Dielectrophoretic Separation of Cancer Cells Based On Metastatic Stage
Rojas, E.
191v Optimization of Double-Encapsulation System for Dermal Delivery of Macromolecules
191w Destabilization of Double Emulsions by Evaporation
Rojas-Torres, M. G.
620f Property-BASED MASS INTEGRATION Considering Efficient Property Operators
623bf Complete Cell-Free Conversion of Glucose to Hydrogen
Rollins, Sr., D. K.
99a Lessons Learned From and Economic Impacts of the Fukushima, Japan Disaster
99b The STEM Education and Its Impacts On Pipeline for Underrepresented Minorities
99c Q&A and Final Remarks
404e Forecast Intervals In K-Steps-Ahead Prediction Modeling Under Continuous-Time Monitoring with Application to Blood Glucose Inference
625h Development of a Model-Based Noninvasive Continuous-Time Glucose Monitoring Device for Non-Insulin Dependent People
669a Cause and Effect Dynamic Modeling of Real Processes Under Freely Existing Data Collection
764e Subject-Specific Multiple Input Block-Oriented Glucose Modeling of Several Type 1 Diabetic Subjects
Romagnoli, J. A.
647e A Life Cycle-Based Analysis and Optimization Framework for Designing Sustainable, Multi-Product Biomass-to-Bioproducts Value Chains
Roman, Y.
41a Keynote Speaker Abstract: Design of Hydrophobic Zeolites Containing Lewis Acid Active Sites for the Isomerization of Glucose In Aqueous Media
158c Water-Tolerant Lewis Acids for the Activation of Biomass-Derived Molecules
508b Tin-Containing Beta Zeolite Catalyst for the Isomerization of Glucose: Insights On the Mechanism and the Active Site
Romanello, M. B.
462d Effect of the Aggregation of TiO2 Nanoparticles On Their Fate and Transport In Natural Waters
Romanov, V.
88d CO2-Soluble, Non-Ionic, Water-Soluble Surfactants That Stabilize CO2-In-Brine Foams
Romanski, F.
341f Quantitative Correlation for the Stability of Pharmaceutical Nanosuspensions and Their Physicochemical Properties
716b Simulations and Experiments of Dry Catalyst Impregnation for Improved Content Uniformity
762c “Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using Electrocoagulation and Adsorption for Reuse In Industrial Processes and Green Areas”
328c A 'fully' Disposable Primary Recovery Step for Harvesting Mammalian Cell Culture Systems: Focus of Depth Filtration Technologies
Romero, R.
448b Dendrimer-Based Nanotherapeutics for Targeted Post-Natal Therapy In Cerebral Palsy: Chemistry, Mechanism and In Vivo Efficacy
475e Planning and Scheduling Under Uncertainties: Data Processing and Solution Strategy
101d Two-Phase Microfluidic Flow System for the Isolation of Circulating Melanoma Cells Detected Using Photo-Acoustics
Roomi, Y. A.
715f Efficiencies of Anhydride Based Polymers As Antiscalants In Water Desalination Plants
Root, T. W.
433f Modification of Biomass Rheology: The Influence of Physical Chemistry
Roper, D. K.
235b Plasmon-Enhanced Nanoscale Metamaterial Sensors
Rorrer, G.
178a Proposal Writing Tutorial
Ros, A.
237f pH Gradient Formation In An Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis Device Used In Protein Trapping Applications
365e Concentration of DNA Using 3D Carbon-Electrode Dielectrophoresis
365f Insulator-Based Dielectrophoretic (iDEP) Manipulation of DNA Origami In a Microfluidic System
424b Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis Applied to Immunoglobuline G and Bovine Serum Albumin Concentration
139h Study of PLA Particle Formation by Supercritical Fluid Technology for Oral Release of Active Agents
582e Effect of Sodium Hydroxide On Biodiesel Production From Castor Oil Using Sub and Supercritical Ethanol
631p Formation and Characterization of PLA/PCL Particles by Supercritical Fluid Technology for Release of Active Agents
650e Study of Asphaltene Precipitation From Brazilian Petroleum
25e Experimental Study of the Fluidization of Geldart A Type Catalyst In a Rotating Fluidized Bed In a Static Geometry
622e Robust Averaging Level Control
Rose, C.
424f Identification of Tyrosine Kinases and Their Substrates In Human Tumor Samples by 2D Gel Phosphotyrosine Western Blotting
Rose, S.
179d Subcellular Complexity, An Electrophoretic Perspective
526f Developing a Method for the Isolation of Intact Viable Giant Mitochondria Utilizing An Electric Field
507c Artificial Photosynthesis Utilizing Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
383c Thermocapillary Induced Deformation and Breakup of Partially Engulfed Drops At Non-Zero Capillary Number
459e Interfacial Viscoelasticity and the Moving Contact Line: Consequences On Tear Film Stability
Roskov, K. E.
122f Role of Triblock Copolymer On the Molecular Structure and Compatibilization of PLA/PP Blends and Core/Sheath Fibers
85g Aerosol Brownian Coagulation In a Strong Temperature Gradient
Rosowski, F.
280b Oxygen Uptake and Release Kinetics of Cu/Cu2O/CuO On Al2O3 and ZrO2-SiO2 As Materials for Chemical Looping Combustion
Ross, K. A.
139d Stability and Release of H5N1 Hemagglutinin Antigens Encapsulated In Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
448c Early T Cell Activation Events In the Context of Single Dose Vaccination with Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
Ross, P.
424g The Charge of Green Fluorescent Protein, and Its Effect On Advanced Electrophoretic Separations
Ross, S.
524b Combating Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilm Infections Using Synergistic Drug Therapies
Rossin, J. A.
326e Removal of Toxic Chlorine-Containing Chemicals by Zirconium Hydroxide-Based Sorbent Media
Rostam-Abadi, M.
613e Development and Evaluation of a Novel Hot Carbonate Absorption Process with Crystallization-Enabled High Pressure Stripping for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
613f Kinetics of CO2 Absorption Into Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Solution Promoted by Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme
630t High Performance CO2 Adsorbents for Sorption-Enhanced Water Gas Shift Reaction (SEWGS) In Coal Gasification Systems
Rotenstein, L.
145f Engineering Bioadhesive Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels for Aneurysm Occlusion
Rother, G.
776f Molecular Modeling of Ionic Liquids Combined with NMR and SAXS Studies
Rother, J.
370c New Multi-Sample Volumetric Instrument for High Throughput Adsorption Measurements
Rothschild, A.
363f High Temperature Electrolysis of CO2 for Fuel Production Using Concentrated Solar Energy
369c Removal of Nanoparticles In Semiconductor Manufacturing Effluents Using Porous Media Filtration
Rouchon, L.
613b Study of CaO Carbonation for CO2 Capture Process
Roughton, B. C.
408b Optimal Design of Ionic Liquid Entrainers for Extractive Distillation of Azeotrope Systems
767a Exploring Protein-Excipient Interactions for Optimal Design of Protein Stabilizers
Rouha, M.
698c Structure and Dynamics of a Nanoconfined Ionic Liquid
Roush, D.
466d Prediction of Viral Filtration Performance of Monoclonal Antibodies Based On Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis
Rousseau, I.
662e Electroluminescence From Colloidal Nanocrystals (Quantum Dots) Via Field-Driven Ionization
Rousseau, R.
447a Best Practices Panel Discussion by Department Chairs
533a An Author's Perspective on Teaching Material and Engineering Balances
548e Interpretation of FBRM Data At High Crystal Density
Rousseau, R. W.
26f Crystallization and Chiral Purity: Fundamentals and Advances
Rovner, J.
156c Experimental Measurement of near-Field Capillary Interactions Between Rod-Like Particles
Rowe, B. W.
3dp Influence of Confinement and Interfacial Interactions On the Behavior of Membranes and Materials for Energy Technologies
452b Influence of Confinement and Interfacial Interactions On the Structure and Transport Properties of Polymer Electrolyte Materials
Rowe, D.
172c Electrical Characterization of Silicon Nanocrystal Films
201h Efficient Luminescence From Silicon Nanocrystals: Role of the Plasma Afterglow
Rowe, D. J.
201c Plasma-Assisted Aerosol Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystals for Solar Cells
754g Modified Application of Johanson's Model towards Roller Compaction
Roweburrough, B. J.
35e Carbon Impact On Lithium-Sulfur Battery Performance
Rowley, R. L.
451d Equilibrium Phase Dome and Critical Point of 1-Pentanol From Two-Phase Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Transferability of An Ab-Initio Pair-Potential Model
676d Critically Evaluated Database of Environmental Properties
Rownagi, A.
684g Catalytic Hot-Gas Cleaning of Biomass Derived Syngas by CaMgO Nanocrystals
Roxbury, D.
661f Single-Stranded DNA-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Interactions
759e Recognition Ability of DNA for Carbon Nanotubes Correlates with Their Binding Affinity
574d Aqueous-Phase Reforming of n-BuOH Over Ceramic Oxide Based Catalysts
471f Self-Consistent Field Modeling of Microstructure Formation In Fluorinated “Block” Ionic Liquids for Photovoltaic Cells
776b Structure-Property Relationships In Protic Ionic Liquids for High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells
Roy, R.
246a Using Interfacial Manipulations to Control Ordering In Tapered Block Copolymers
Roy, S.
234a Facile Fabrication of Superior Nanofiltration Membranes Containing Carbon Nanotubes
246f Self Assembly of POSS and Sorbitol and Their Effects On the Reinforcement of Polypropylene Spun Fiber
311d Stirred Tank Dynamic Mixing Analysis; Comparison of PIV-PLIF and LES
Roy, S.
373e Molten Mixed Metal Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
718c Energy Storage with Molten Metal Oxide
Roy, U.
536h Interplay Among Shape and Magnetic Properties of Core-Shell FePt-MgO Nanomagnets for Spin-Torque Transfer Memory Devices
388a Metabolic Flux Analysis of Escherichia Coli MG1655 Under Octanoic Acid Stress
Roychoudhury, R.
472a Targeting C-Type Lectin Receptors On Alveolar Macrophages: A Novel Strategy In the Design of Intranasal Vaccines
Ruan, G.
3dq Nanoparticles for Biomedicine: Development of a Family of Novel Nanocomposites and Fundamental Research Into Bio-Transport Phenomena
341e Facile and Robust Fabrication of Sub-100nm Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Nanoparticle-Based Drug Delivery Vehicles Via Self-Assembly
346c Magnetic Quantum Dots Coupled with Magnetic Microarrays for Molecular Detection and Separation
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
Ruan, Y.
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
Ruan, Z.
626e Evaluation of Lipid Accumulation From Cellulosic Sugars by Mortierella Isabellina for Biodiesel Production
635a Comparison of General Metabolism of Rhizopus Oryzae Using Glycerol and Glucose As Carbon Sources Via Metabolic Flux Analysis
280e The Effect of Fly Ash From Different Coal Sources On the Reactivity of An Iron-Based Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion
Rubert-Nason, P. B.
284e Optimization-Based Methods for Catalysis: Developing Improved Approaches to Microkinetic Modeling and Their Application to Methanol Synthesis
Rubin, J.
7b Hofmeister Effects On Sup35NM Amyloid Formation Kinetics
Rubino, O.
607e Fluid Bed Coating Process for Modified Release Applications
Rubio-Castro, E.
330b A New Algorithm for the Global Optimization of Property-Based Water Integration In Eco-Industrial Parks
Rubright, N.
57f Tacticity Control Over Hyperbranched Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and Its Effects On Thermal Transition Temperature
Ruckes, S.
177a Influence of Electrolytes On Liquid-Liquid Separation
Rudisill, S.
106a Materials with Hierarchical Porosity for Energy Storage and Conversion
Ruditskiy, A.
105f Controllable Assembly of Magnetic Janus Particles and Their Electric Properties
Rudolph, V.
726g Coal-to-Biomethane Potential of Microbial Consortia Native to Coal Seam Formation Waters
Ruffing, C.
237b Mechanistic Study of Biosensing Using Ion Selective Membranes/Gels
Rufo, L. J.
399c Photocatalytic Decomposition of Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol by M-InVO4/TiO2 with Visible Light In Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Ruiz, D.
421ah Comparison Between MixAlco and Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation
Ruiz, J. P.
200a Using Convex Nonlinear Relaxations In the Global Optimization of Nonconvex Generalized Disjunctive Programs
Ruiz, M. P.
111c Carbon-Nanotubes/Metal Oxide Hybrid Catalysts As Novel Reactive-Separation System In Water-Oil Emulsions
Ruiz-Felix, M. N.
339f Improving the Quality of Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) As Feedstock for Biorefineries
Ruiz-Felix, N.
697b Study On Thermo-Bio-Chemical Biorefinery: Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass After Hydrolysis Pre-Treatment
Ruiz-Mercado, G. J.
124a GREENSCOPE: A Method for Modeling Chemical Process Sustainability
Ruiz-Orta, C.
756f Solid State NMR Structural Analysis of the RADA16-I Designer Self-Assembling Peptide
87f Molecular Order of Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers Studied by Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy
221b Protein Adsorption At the Air-Water Interface Studied by Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy
Rumschitzki, D. S.
53g cAMP Stimulation Regulates Aquaporin-1 Mediated Transendothelial Water Transport In Bovine Aortic Endothelium Monolayers
150e Interplay of Flow and Oncotically Active Solute Transport Across the Arterial Endothelium: Hydraulic Conductivity Masking and Relevance to Atherogenesis
250c Molecular Dynamics of Heterogeneous Vapor Bubble Growth: Exploring the Physics of the 3-Phase Contact Line
Rundell, A.
621g Gap Gene Regulation In Drosophila: A Study In Multi-Objective Optimization of Spatiotemporal Models
Rüngeler, B.
177a Influence of Electrolytes On Liquid-Liquid Separation
Rusch, K. A.
62a Optimization of a Louisiana Native Algal Co-Culture for Biofuel Production
Rush, M. N.
74c Isolating the Effects of Material Stiffness: Fabrication and Characterization of Univarient Synthetic Cell Culture Substrates
83a The Unexpected Nucleation/Polymorphic Transformation-Promoting Effect of Glycine on Crystallisation of L-Glutamic Acid
Rusli, F.
38c Novel Quaternary Ammonium Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Stable, High Capacity Si Nanowire Based Li-Ion Battery
Russ, B.
470c Molecular and Hybrid Solution Processible Thermoelectrics
Russ, D. C.
421u Industrial-Scale Mixing of High Solids Biomass Slurries
Russell, A. B.
328g Foam Recovery of Biosurfactants From Fermenters
Russell, A. G.
8c Investigating Atmospheric Inorganic Aerosol Sensitivity Relationships Through Thermodynamics and Population Dynamics
Russell, R. J.
347f Microtubule Mechanics and Centrosome Positioning - the Role of Dynein
Russell, T.
163f Using Gas Sparger Models to Determine Mass Transfer Coefficients and Bubble Area for Fermentation
Russo, M.
146a Status of the ReaxFF Reactive Force Field Method and Applications to Combustion, Catalysis and Material Failure
Russo, V.
72d GPU Accelerated Monte Carlo Simulations In the Gibbs and Canonical Ensembles
Russon, J.
676d Critically Evaluated Database of Environmental Properties
Rutkai, G.
225e Molecular Simulation Strategies for Large Scale Thermodynamic Data Generation
3dr Engineering In the Microvasculature: The Mechanical Microenvironment's Control of Systemic Metabolism
65e Endothelial Modulation of Adiponectin Oligomer Transport and Function
623ai Adiponectin Levels Mediate Recovery of Renal Function In a Novel Model of Podocyte Ablation
Rutledge, G. C.
221d Molecular Modeling of Three Phase Contact for Static and Dynamic Contact Angle Phenomena
323d Molecular Simulation of Homogeneous Crystal Nucleation of n-Alkane Melts
528a Layer-by-Layer Electrospun Mat Composite Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications
706a Free Surface Electrospinning From a Wire Electrode
Rutter, C.
63f Engineering E. Coli Whole-Cell Catalysts for Consolidated Production of Lactic Acid From Cellodextrin
Ruvinsky, I.
534g Dynamic Response of C. Elegans Reproduction to Chronic Heat Stress
Rwei, A.
144g Single Molecule Detection of Nitric Oxide Enabled by d(AT)15 DNA Adsorbed to near Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
573a Oxidation of Polyols Using Au-Pd and Au-Pt Alloy Supported Nanocrystals
Rychkova, A.
37b Development of a Coarse –Grained Model, and Its Application to Free Energy Studies In Proteins
Ryoo, R.
266e Development of Molecular and Mesoscopic Order In Mesostructured Zeolites
Ryu, H. J.
421g Bioconversion of Laminaria Japonica Using De-Alginate Process As a Pretreatment Strategy
622b Mathematical Formulation of Carbon Capture and Storage Under the Presence of Uncertainty
Ryu, S.
750a Polymers for Biomass Energy Conversion: Porous Scaffold Materials for a Continuous-Flow, Immobilized-Cell Fermentation Process