Author Index: O

O'Boyle, R. J.
256b Engineering Anti-Prion Scfv for the Treatment of Prion Diseases
O'Brien, C. P.
386a The Kinetics of H2-D2 Exchange Over H2S-Poisoned Pd-Alloy Hydrogen Separation Membrane Surfaces
O'Brien, C.
101d Two-Phase Microfluidic Flow System for the Isolation of Circulating Melanoma Cells Detected Using Photo-Acoustics
O'Brien, M. J.
485b Structure and Thermochemistry of Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
485c Phase-Changing Absorbents for CO2 Capture
O'Brien, R. A.
776a The Influence of Structural Variation On the Thermophysical Properties of Lipid-Inspired Ionic Liquids
358b Design of a Chemical-Looping Combustion System Using Solids and Gaseous Fuels
457e Numerical Study of the Segregation of Binary Mixture In Dense Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
O'Connell, D.
384e Evaluation of the Life Cycle Emissions for Biodiesel Manufacture From Algae
O'Connell, J. P.
19b Some Thoughts and Activities of Critical Thinking for Chemical Engineering Education
380b Thermodynamic Properties of Pure and Mixed Fluids From Molecular Simulation Via Fluctuation Solution Theory
O'Connor, C. M.
454b Quantitative Proteomic Discovery of the Epigenetic Mechanisms That Control Human Cytomegalovirus Infection
O'Donnell, J. M.
321e Exploring Molecular Architecture Effects On the Microstructures of Block Copolymer Liquid Crystals
341h Fabrication of Monodisperse Polyanhydride Nanoparticles by Microemulsion Polymerization
O'Grady, D.
131f Inline Supersaturation Measurement and Control to Understand and Optimize Crystallization
411a Control Emulsions, Suspensions, and Solids Separation with Inline Particle Size Measurements In Dark Crude Oil
548a Estimation and Modeling of Crystal Size and Shape Evolution Using In Situ Tools
548b Enhanced Resolution for More Accurate Inline Particle Measurements In Crystallization
O'Hern, T. J.
102a Determination of Drop Size Distribution In a Centrifugal Contactor
O'Keefe, S.
150d Identifying Novel Bacterial Proteases Involved In Enhanced Virulence During Chronic Infection
5a Engineering Anaerobic Gut Fungi for Lignocellulose Hydrolysis and Biofuel Production
O'Neil, C. P.
464f Colloidal Materials for Modulating the Immune Response
O'Neill, B. J.
81d Formic Acid Decomposition On Transition Metals: Trends Through Density Functional Theory Studies
O'Neill, H.
496c Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Small-Angle Neutron Analysis of Native and Deuterium Enriched Biomass for the Detailed Analysis of Lignocellulosic Breakdown
O'Neill, M.
491a Glycome Profiling Using Glycan-Directed Monoclonal Antibodies: Applications to Plant Cell Wall/Biomass Characterization
O'Neill, S. C.
591e Engineering Biological Conjugates of Polyethylene Oxide for Lithium Cation Transference
O'Sullivan, T.
683a Noninvasive, Optical, Continuous, Real-Time Molecular Sensing and Kinetic Modeling Using a Novel, near-Infrared, Implantable, Microfabricated VCSEL Based-Biosensor
O'Toole, A.
142b Materials-Based Approach to Implant Infection Mitigation
O. Salley, S.
726b Production of Green Diesel From Brown Grease Via Decarboxylation
236i Inertial Microfluidic Enrichment of Complex Fluids
Obando, L.
497e Advancing Quality by Design Through Diverse Uses of Latent Variable Methods In Vaccines and Biologics Manufacturing
Ober, C. A.
527a Formation of Itraconazole-Malic Acid Cocrystals In a CO2-Expanded Liquid
238c Effect of Powder Cohesion and Mixer Operation Parameters On Blend Uniformity Using a New Low Shear Continuous Tumble Mixer
310g Size Induced Segregation Inside the Feed Frame and During the Filling the Dies Using DEM Simulations
Obrzut, D. L.
191q Preventing Adhesion of Immunoassay Components to Solid Surfaces
Ochi, M.
Ochs, T.
43b The Effect of Compression and Intercooling On the Composition of a Pulverized Coal Oxycombution Flue Gas
606a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System for Flue-Gas Derived Water From Oxy-Combustion Process
Ocone, R.
550d Continuum Lumping Modelling for Polymerisation Kinetics
Odloak, D.
473d LMI-Based Multi-Model Predictive Control of An Industrial C3/C4 Splitter
622m Model Predictive Control with Gradient of a Function of the Optimizing Targets
Odom, T. W.
401b Trapping Light with Dark Plasmons In Nanoparticle Arrays
Oelker, A. M.
3df Synthetic Polypeptide Macromers: Components of a Hydrogel Toolkit for Modeling Cell-Matrix Interactions
123b Synthetic Polypeptide Macromers with Tunable Secondary Structure: Components of a Hydrogel Toolkit for Modeling Cell-Matrix Interactions
Ofoli, R.
169e Hydrogenation IN Microreactors with Immobilized Noble Nanocatalysts
247f Silica-Supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles for Hydrogenation of Pyruvic Acid In the Aqueous Phase
299g The Evolution of a Curriculum Reform Process: Vertical Integration of Computational Thinking by Incremental Steps
Ogden, K.
62d Medium Optimization for Enhanced Lipid Production by Chlorella Protothecoides UTEX25
299e Sustainable Integration of Sustainability Into Senior Design for Chemical Engineers
Ogino, C.
192i Development of Ionic Liquid-Based Consolidated Bioprocessing (i-CBP) for Bioethanol Production
Ogino, I.
684c Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors Under Mild Conditions
Ogle, B.
419a Characterizing the Dielectric Properties of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using a Quadrupole Microfluidic Device
Ogle, R. A.
476e Thermodynamic Models for Leak Detection and Inventory Verification of Natural Gas In Salt Cavern Storage
614b Sizing Safety Stock for Supply Chain Risk Management: The Sole Source Disruption Risk
624h Using Layer of Protection Analysis to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk
Ogundeji, A.
215c Possible Aversion of Unsafe Situations by Semi-Automatic Operation
290f Distillation Column Time-to-Steady-State
Ogunnaike, B. A.
653f A Novel Mathematical Model of TGF-β-Induced Apoptosis Signaling Pathways
Ogunnaike, B. A.
163e OPTIMIZING IN-VITRO FERTILIZATION TREATMENT: A Pedagogical Case Study of Random Phenomena Analysis
306c Uncovering “Hidden” Variability and Dynamic Patterns: Strategies for Analyzing High-Dimensional Data Sets
367a Optimization and Control of Heteroepitaxial Surface Morphologies
701g Controllability Analysis of Protein Glycosylation In CHO Cells
Ogunniyi, A. O.
454a Multiparametric Characterization of Actively-Secreting B Cells Reveals Dissimilarities Between HIV-1 Specific Responses In Blood and GALT
Oguntade, B.
71f Pilot Scale Liquid-Liquid Extraction Process Development for Emulsifying Viscous Organic-Aqueous Mixtures
Oh, D.
691e Development of a Pilot-Scale Forward-Osmosis Desalination Process
Oh, E. J.
388d Enhanced Xylitol Production Through Simultaneous Co-Consumption of Cellobiose and Xylose by An Engineereed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain
Oh, K. K.
421g Bioconversion of Laminaria Japonica Using De-Alginate Process As a Pretreatment Strategy
Oh, M.
626o Improvement of 2,3-Butanediol Production In Enterobacter Aerogenes Via Lactate Dehydrogenase Deletion
Oh, S.
401d Self-Assembled Plasmonic Electrodes for High-Performance Organic Photovoltaic Cells
440e Deactivation Model for Commercial Pd-Only TWCs
Ohashi, H.
501f Development of Biocathode Using Laccase and Redox-Polymer-Grafted Carbon
528f The Investigation of Water Movement and Cell Performance of Solid State Alkaline Fuel Cells Based On the Pore Filling Membrane
585f Optimization of Electrodes Based On Polymer Properties of Hydrocarbon Polyelectrolyte for PEFCs
623p Control of Enzyme Activity by Introduction of Molecular Recognition Moiety
744f Toward the Retention of Enzyme Activity In High-Surface-Area Electrode Made of Redox Polymer Grafted Carbon Black
Ohba, T.
114b Quantum Molecular Sieving of Isotopic Hydrogen and Methane: Application Potential to Control of Radioactive Elements
Ohigashi, Y.
623bc Development of Lectin Immunoassay for Detection of Glyco-Chain Conjugated with Biomarker
412e Superhydrophobic Surfaces Produced by Supercritical Fluid Technology
Ohmukai, Y.
465g Investigation of Protein Adsorption Behavior On Polymer Surfaces Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation
Ohn, K.
327b Poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) Chains Are Not "Hydrophilic" When They Exist As Polymer Brush Chains
Ohulchanskyy, T. Y.
374d Facile Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Hybrid Upconverting and Plasmonic NaGdF4: Yb3+, Er3+/Silica/Gold Nanoparticles
Okabe, H.
516a Nano- and Micro-Scale Contact Angle Measurement Under Pressure by Vertical Shift Interferometry
Okada, K.
274e Ionic Liquid Pretreatment of Wood Biomass Leading to Enhanced Enzymatic Delignification
Okajima, R.
669e Selection of Similarity Measure for Locally Weighted Partial Least Squares Regression
181ae Effects of Diameter and Orientation On Multiphase Flow Patterns
Okos, M.
357f The Effect of Excipient Viscoelastic Properties On Predicting the Tensile Strength of Pharmaceutical Compacts
244c Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Coated TiO2 Substrate
618ao Preparation and Characterization of TiO2 Thin Film on Glass Substrate for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Oktem, U.
772c Risk Analysis In the Process Industries: A Perspective
Okubo, T.
114a Simple Synthesis of Zeolites: A Seed-Assisted, OSDA-Free Approach
342f Preparation of Anisotropic Silica Nanoparticles Via One-Dimensional Assembly of Presynthesized Spherical Seeds
681c Synthesis of Ordered Porous Graphitic-C3N4 and Regularly Arranged Ta3N5 Nanoparticles by Using Self-Assembled Silica Nanospheres As a Primary Template
725b Synthesis of Uniform Silica Nanospheres In Liquid-Liquid Biphasic Systems Using Amines or Ammonia Catalyst and Their Controlled Self-Assembly
745c Hypercrosslinked Siloxane–Organic Hybrid with Hierarchical Pores and Ultrahigh Surface Area Via Self-Condensation of Functionalized Cubic Siloxane Cages
Okura, T.
765b High Performance Prediction of Molten Steel Temperature Through Gray-Box Model
Olano, A.
434e Study for Galacto-Oligosaccharides Production Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology
Olbricht, W. L.
347h Measurements of Pulsatile Hemodynamics In Brain Microvessels
Oleshko, V.
108a Dealloyed PtxNi1-x Thin Films for Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Olesik, K.
747a Carbon-Iron Oxide Fluorescent-Magnetic Nanocomposites for In Vivo Imaging
Oleson, J.
8g Optimizing Data Assimilation Parameters for Improved CMAQ PM2.5 Estimates Over the United States to Inform Epidemiological Studies
Olive, C.
150b Design and Characterization of Self-Assembling, Peptide-Based Biomaterials As Immunotherapeutics
Oliveira, R.
623bt Integrating Functional Genomics Tools to Survey Retrovirus Production In Human Cells
Olivera-Nappa, A.
623z A Kinetic Model for the Storage of Iron In Ferritin
12d Model Development and Control Strategies for Multicomponent Alloy Solidification Processes and Its Application to Solar Cell Manufacturing
Olivier, G.
176h Tunable Mirrors Made From Gold Nanoparticle Assembly At the Oil-Water Interface
Olivo, H. F.
623af Solvent-Enhanced Transformations of Steroids by Beauveria Bassiana
Ollis, D. F.
372d Celebrating the Individual: Encouraging Engineering Students to Find Their Voice
Ollis, D. F.
372g The Research Proposition and Professional Development: First Year Graduate Student Preparation
Olmos, F.
453f Theoretical Analysis of Biodiesel Production Under High Temperature and Pressure Conditions
588e Hydrogen Car Fill-up: Thermodynamic Modeling Using the Generic Cubic Equation of State
Olsen, B. D.
415g Self-Assembly of Globular Protein-Polymer Diblock Copolymers
Olsen, C.
601d Understanding Dextran Retention Data for Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membranes
Olsen, M.
129b A Comparison Study of Turbulence Statistics In the Mixing Regions of a Confined Jet and Wake
129d Vortex Characteristics In a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow
239e Investigation of Mixing In a Microscale Reactor Using Confocal μ-LIF
Olson, D. W.
101a The Effect of Disorder On DNA Dynamics In Post Arrays During Electrophoresis
Olson, L.
313g Spatial Mechanisms for the Stepwise Navigation of Neutrophils
Olson, N. K.
500c Assessing the Impact of Various Cosolvents and Sulfolane During Biomass Reactions At Subcritical and Supercritical Conditions
Olsson, L.
69c The Effect of Accelerated Hydrothermal Aging On NH3-SCR Over Cu-Hbea Catalyst
Olstad, J. L.
90b Determining and Addressing Feedstock Variability for Thermochemical Biomass Conversion
Olujic, Z.
423c Optimal Design of Energy-Efficient Integrated Distillation Processes for Multicomponent Ideal and Non-Ideal Mixtures by Use of the Vmin-Diagram
Omell, B. P.
473g Economic MPC with Infinite Horizon
Omotoso, T.
349d Direct Coupled Catalytic Upgrading of Multi-Stage Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Vapors
Ong, R. C.
54e Influence of Sublayer Structure On Concentration Polarization and Membrane Performance In FO Processes
387e Fabrication and Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy (PAS) Characterization of Cellulose Triacetate Membranes for Forward Osmosis
Ong, Y. K.
234d Thermally Rearranged (TR) Membranes for Dehydration of Biofuels and Solvents
636c The Prospects of Semi-Crystalline Poly(vinylidene fluoride) in Biofuel Separation Via Pervaporation: Membrane Formation and Fundamental Studies
Onishi, T.
421ap Efficient Fermentation of Pretreated Napiergrass to Ethanol Using Metabolically Engineered Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Ono, T.
274e Ionic Liquid Pretreatment of Wood Biomass Leading to Enhanced Enzymatic Delignification
Onyia, C.
733d Process Development for Efficient Utilization of Waste Plastic to Liquid Product for Rural Development In Nigeria: Gasification Option
Opoku, M. K.
43d High Temperature Oxygen Production
395g Impact Resistance and Adhesive Properties of a Functionally Graded Polymer Composite Interlayer
Oppezzo, O.
628a Adsorption of Arsenic, Metallic Ions and Viral Contaminants In Water Using Nanostructured Iron Oxide Membranes
Orazov, M.
45e Multiphysics Modeling of Ambient Gas Plasma-Based Wound Healing Process
Orbey, N.
163b A Web Based Reactor Design Game Used In A Freshman Introduction to Chemical Engineering Course
579e Supply Chain Planning In Oil & Gas Industry: Energy and Clean Technologies Under Uncertainty
Ordovas, L.
261f Exploring the Role of Energy Metabolism In the Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells towards Hepatic Fate
394e Bio-Nano Reinforcement of Polylactic Acid with Surface Modified Cellulose Nanocrystals
Orgill, J. J.
159a Hollow Fiber Mass Transfer and Cell Immobilization for Syngas Fermentation
Orihuela, C.
120a A Combined Experimental and Model-Based Approach to Prediction of Particle Size Attrition In Agitated Dryers
Orjuela, A.
616g Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Ethanol + Isoamyl Alcohol At 50 and 101.3kPa
629an Homogeneous Catalyzed Esterification of n-Butyric Acid with Isoamyl Alcohol: A Kinetic Study
Orkoulas, G.
12e Modeling and Control of Aggregate Thin Film Surface Morphology Using Stochastic PDEs and a Patterned Deposition Rate Profile
37e Dynamics and Control of Aggregate Thin Film Surface Morphology for Improved Light Trapping: Implementation On a Large-Scale Kinetic Monte-Carlo Simulation
52c Precise Simulation of Freezing Transitions
369a Modeling Aggregation and Size Distribution of Nanoparticles In Aqueous Suspensions
393b Modeling and Simulation of Globular Protein Crystal Growth
Orman, M. A.
197e Metabolic Response of Perfused Livers to Various Oxygenation Conditions
625l Expression Profiling Analysis Following Cecal Ligation and Puncture (CLP) Treatment In Rat Liver
625n Dynamics of the Systemic Response to Experimental Burn Injury and Sepsis: Hepatic Metabolic Flux Distribution
692h Short-Term Hepatic Gene Expression Profiling Following Thermal Injury
71d Design and Fabrication of Pilot Scale Gas/Liquid Separators
391b Robust Selection of Gene Modifications
Orsino, S.
620a A Comparative Study of Gray and Non-Gray Methods of Computing Gas Absorption Coefficients and Its Effect On the Numerical Predictions of Oxy-Fuel Combustion
Ortiz, P.
530b Hot Wire Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (HWCVD) of Niobium Nitride Thin Films
530c Effect of Process Variables On Microestructure and Composition of HWCVD Tungsten Oxides Thin Films
618be Mixing Distribution Pattern In a Glass Packed Bed As a Function of Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Surface Treatment
Ortiz, V.
540d Effect of Local Sequence On the Genomic Positioning of Nucleosomes
743c Building DNA Coarse-Grain Potentials for the Modeling of DNA-Peptide Complexes
Ortiz-Bermúdez, P.
529d Detoxification of Coffee Pulp by Ligniculous Fungi
Ortiz-Lugo, K.
618a Use of Crosslinked Hydrogels for the Control of Macromolecular Crystallization
Ortman, K. C.
17g Predicting the Orientation of Concentrated Long Glass Fiber Suspensions In Simple Shear Flow: Application to Processing Flows
361b Long Glass Fiber Orientation In Extensional Flow
Orton, R.
593a The Mammalian MAPK/ERK Pathway Exhibits Properties of a Negative Feedback Amplifier
Oryshchyn, D.
43b The Effect of Compression and Intercooling On the Composition of a Pulverized Coal Oxycombution Flue Gas
43e Design, Construction and Operation of a Pilot Scale Integrated Pollutant Removal (IPR) Process for Oxy-Combustion
606a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System for Flue-Gas Derived Water From Oxy-Combustion Process
Osaka, I.
345a Patient-Specific Design of Polymeric Delivery Vehicles for Anti-HIV Microbicides
Oshiba, Y.
623p Control of Enzyme Activity by Introduction of Molecular Recognition Moiety
Oshima, K.
434c Decomposition Kinetics of Sodium Alginate and Production of Organic Acids In High Temperature Water
Osma, J. F.
181f Dynamic Separation of Magnetic Nanoparticles In a Microfluidic System with Different Flow Conditions
657a Resonant Acoustic (Vibratory) Powder Mixing Performance
756a Self-Assembly of Switchable Colloids
Ostafin, A.
419g Dielectrophoretic Response of Perfluorocarbon Oil-Core, Chitosan, Poly-L-Lysine, CaPO4-Shell Nanoparticles
Ostermeier, M.
256e A Protein Therapeutic Modality Founded On Molecular Regulation
656f Single Molecule Characterization of Designed Ankyrin-Repeat Protein/Ligand Interaction
174f Core-Shell Nanostructures of Organic-Inorganic Nanomaterials for Hybrid Photovoltaics
Osuna-Sanchez, H.
634f A New Multicolumn, Open-Loop Process for Center-Cut Bioseparation by Solvent-Gradient Chromatography
193y Multi Window High Temperature View Cell for the Measurements of Polymer Phase Equilibria
708g Initial Stage of Foaming of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/ Carbon Dioxide / Tetraethoxysilane Ternary System
720b Phase Behavior of PMMA/CO2/Tetraalkoxysilane Ternary Systems
Otalora, C.
629ae Esterification of Iso-Amyl Alcohol with Benzoic Acid: A Kinetic Study
Otim, K.
262g Impact of Sol Molecular Weight and Network Architecture On the Strain Rate-Dependent Mechanical Properties and Fracture Behavior of Elastomeric Polysiloxanes
Otsuka, I.
246c Oligosaccharide/Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers for Lithography Applications
Ottens, M.
370d Correlation and Prediction of Adsorption of Sugars/Oligosaccharides On Solid Phase Resins by Use of GE-Models
Otto, M.
420a Solution Spinning of Neat Carbon Nanotube Fiber, Effect of Carbon Nanotube Length and Processing
Ou-Yang, H. D.
320h Low-Frequency Dielectrophoretic Response of a Single Particle In Aqueous Suspensions
366g Mapping AC Electroosmotic Flow At the Dielectrophoresis Crossover Frequency of a Colloidal Probe
Oulton, R. L.
532c Advanced Oxidation Processes with Carbon Nanotubes: Surface-Promoted Formation of Hydroxyl Radical During Ozonation
Ovaskainen, L.
412e Superhydrophobic Surfaces Produced by Supercritical Fluid Technology
Overbeek, R.
692b Insights From High-Throughput Reconstruction and Analysis of 3500 Genome-Scale Metabolic Models
Overbury, S. H.
222a In Situ Spectroscopic Investigation of the Surface Dependence of CO Oxidation Over CeO2 Nanocrystals with Well-Defined Surface Planes
Overney, R. M.
86e Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Option Network In Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Education
245f Molecular Rotational and Translational Modes - Primary Sources for Energy Dissipation In Frictional Sliding Involving Organic Systems
Overney, R. M.
603d Reduced Dimensionality From Nanoengineering of Soft Matter Organic Electro-Optic Materials
699b Enhanced Gas Transport Properties and Molecular Mobilities In Constrained Poly[1-(trimethylsilyl)-1-Propyne] Membranes
Overvelde, M.
438b Measuring the Strength of Ligand-Receptor Mediated Adhesion of Ultrasound Contrast Agent Microbubbles
Owczarz, M.
64g In Vitro Aggregation Behavior of a Lambda Light Chain Dimer Expressed In Mammalian Cells
109c Control of Microscopic Liquid Flow with Amphiphilic Fabrics
Owings, P.
586c Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhanced Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer
Oxberry, G. M.
712e Advances In the Simulation of Detailed Chemistry In Reacting Flows
451h Manganese Oxide Surface Chemistry and Adsorption of Cr(III)
563a Response of the UO2 (111) Surface to Varying Oxygen Partial Pressure
Oyama, S. T.
349c The Influence of Nickel Phosphide On the Fractional Catalytic Pyrolysis of Hybrid Poplar Wood
436d The Influence of Non-Condesible Gas Recycling On the Yield of Fractional Catalytic Pyrolysis Products
742e Molecular Modeling of Silica Based Membranes
Oyanader, M.
15f Introducing High School Freshman Students to Typical Chemical Engineering Research
166h An Integrated Curricula Approach to a Great Capstone Lab Experience and Its Potential Implementation In South America
213a Competing Forces On the Extraction of Heavy Metals In Soil Remediation
220c Effect of Morphology On Optimal Separation Times In Nanocomposite Polymer Gel Electrophoresis: Diverging Annular Pore Morphology
220d Role of Material Morphology On Electrophoresis of Bio-Molecules: Effect of Poiseuille Flow
414a Optimization of the Peng-Robinson Equation of State In the Application for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
419k Analysis of Channel Morphology for Electrophoresis of Biomolecules: Effect of Axial and Orthogonal Fields
516f Physicochemical and Hydrodynamics Aspects of Electrokinetics In Soil Remediation
587i Chilean Experience Implementing A Chemical and Environmental Engineering Program
602d Pseudo-Analytical Solution of the Power LAW MODEL for for NON-NEWTONIAN CARRIER FLUIDS IN FREE CONVECTIVE CELLS
625i The Development of A General Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Tumor Growth Based On Experimental Data
Oyanader, S.
15f Introducing High School Freshman Students to Typical Chemical Engineering Research
Oyler, K.
663a Nanoporous Silicon As a Novel Fuel
Ozcan, O. Y.
208b NANO-Structered CALCIUM Silicate Hydrate PRODUCTION
Ozdogan, E.
241f N2/O2 Adsorption, Dissociation and Diffusion In Group V Metals
628r Investigation of Nitrogen Transport within Group V Metals for Nitrogen-Selective Membranes
634e Packed Bed Adsorption of Biomolecules: A New Technique for the Retrieval of Film Mass-Transfer Coefficients
Ozkan, U. S.
3n Integrating Alternative Solvent Systems with Electrocatalysis for Energy and Environmental Applications
41b Perovskites As Alternative Catalysts for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anodes: Effect of Dopants
Ozkaya, M. O.
19f Hands-On, Remote, and Simulated Labs: Is There a Productive Synergy?
Ozturk, I.
208b NANO-Structered CALCIUM Silicate Hydrate PRODUCTION
Ozturk, S.
369e High Throughput Collection and Detection of Environmental Nanoparticles
418c Locally Triggered Nanoparticle Aggregation by Interfacial Colloidal Destabilization