Author Index: N

Na, K.
266e Development of Molecular and Mesoscopic Order In Mesostructured Zeolites
509b Nanoarchitectured Ni-ZrO2 Catalysts for Hydrogen Production From Steam Reforming of Ethanol
Na, Y.
659b Atomistic Simulation of Water and Salt Transport In RO Membrane Active Layers
Naber, J.
612g Energy Modules for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells In the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
Nabifar, A.
262a Insights Into Crosslinking Nitroxide-Mediated Radical Copolymerization of Styrene and Divinylbenzene with a Unimolecular Initiator
302c Adventures with and Insights Into the Bayesian Design of Experiments In Complex Polymerizations
Nadathur, G.
421ba Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels
Nadha, A. K.
58c The Effect of Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneities On Wetting Behavior
258a Mechanistic Modeling of Simultaneous Enzymatic Saccharification of Cellulose and Xylan Using Continuous Distribution Kinetics
Nagafuchi, K.
713e Elongation of Alanine Induced by Discharged Plasma Under Hydrothermal Condition
Nagamune, T.
623p Control of Enzyme Activity by Introduction of Molecular Recognition Moiety
Nagaraja, A.
531g Impermeable Graphenic Wrapping of Bacteria
Nagarajan, N.
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
Nagasawa, H.
632d Recovery of Copper From Etching Effluent Using Electrodialysis
Nagghappan, L.
575a Treatment of Produced Water by Ceramic Membranes
713e Elongation of Alanine Induced by Discharged Plasma Under Hydrothermal Condition
Nagle, N. J.
333d Effects of RTD On the Performance of NREL High-Solid Continuous Pretreatment Reactor
641f Secondary Thermochemical Xylo-Oligomer Hydrolysis of High-Solids Dilute-Acid Pretreatment Slurries
Nagolu, R. [. R.
537f An Area-Averaging Approach for Electrochemical Systems and It's Validity
Nagpal, P.
3dd From Photons to Excitons and Plasmons: Excited State Processes Hold the Key to New Energy Sources
107b Role of Quantized and Mid-Gap States In "Dark" Charge Transport and Photoconductivity In Semiconductor Nanocrystal Films
377f Role of Quantized and Mid-Gap States In Charge Transport In Semiconductor Nanocrystal Thin Films
401c Tailoring Thermal Emission Using Photonic and Plasmonic Metal Nanostructures
Nagpal, U.
253c Defect Probability In Block Copolymer Directed Assembly
746c Sensitive Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells by Graphene Oxide Nanoassembly
84b Quality-by-Design of the Crystal Size Distribution of An Anti-Arrhythmic Drug Using a Crystallisation Process Informatics System (CryPRINS)
548c PAT Based In Situ Monitoring and Control of the Polymorphic Purity of Pharmaceuticals In Batch Cooling Crystallization
667a A Population Balance Model Based Distribution Shaping Control for Tailored Dissolution of Crystalline Products
Nah, T.
136b Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol From the Direct Photolytic Generation of Organic Radicals
Nahmad, M.
593g Interpretation of Dynamic Signals: How Genes Respond When the Signal Changes
Naidoo, P.
606e An Investigation Into the Use of Fluorinated Hydrating Agents In the Desalination of Industrial Wastewater
720g Infinite Dilution Activity Coefficient Measurements of Various Hydrocarbon Solutes In NMP, NFM, DEG and TEG by Gas Liquid Chromatography and the Inert Gas Stripping Technique
Naik, K.
193a Effect of Membrane Fluidity On the Second Virial Coefficients of Liposomes
Naik, R. R.
277c Understanding the Properties of Biomolecular Motifs and Their Applications
704d Peptide-Assisted Synthesis and Functionalization of Nanomaterials
Naik, S. S.
397a Investigating Granular Milling In a Hammer Mill: Experiments and Simulation
Nain, A. S.
145d Control On Glioblastoma Multiforme Dynamics Using Aligned Fiber Networks
175a Mechanical Characterization of Polymeric Nanofibers Using An Integrated Approach
248d Control of Cell Migration Using a Mechanistically Tunable Fibrous Environment
395d Polymeric Nanofiber Braid Manufacturing and Characterization
618as Aligned Deposition of Polyurethane Fiber Arrays In Single and Multiple Layers
623an Do Bacteria Optimize Their Contact Area with Surfaces?
668b Poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) Nanofiber Design Space Using Spinneret-Based Tunable Engineered Parameters (STEP) Technique
Nair, B. N.
628d Porous Alumina Substrates As Supports for Zeolite Membranes
Nair, D.
618av Parallel Synthesis and Screening of Polymers with Endotoxin Binding Activities
469a Landfill Gas Clean-up Using a Flow-Through Catalytic Membrane Reactor
469e A Hybrid Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Destruction of a Chemical Warfare Simulant
Nair, N.
580c Integrated Theory and Simulation Approach for Studying Polymer Functionalized Nanoparticles In Polymer Nanocomposites
Nair, N.
144g Single Molecule Detection of Nitric Oxide Enabled by d(AT)15 DNA Adsorbed to near Infrared Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
649d A Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube “Chaperone Sensor” for Explosive and Pesticide Compounds
Nair, N.
690e Energy Storage and Generation From Thermopower Waves: Covalently Functionalized Thermal and Electrical Conduits
234c Nanoporous Layered Silicate AMH-3/Cellulose Acetate Composite Membranes for Gas Separations
241b Modeling Molecular Transport In Composite Membranes with Tubular Fillers
241e Efficient Calculation of Diffusion Limitations In Nanoporous Materials: A Tool for Identifying Materials for Kinetic Separations
374e Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotubes with Organic-Modified Interiors
681e Pure-Silica Zeolite MFI Crystals with Organic-Modified Interiors
742c Modified-Mesoporous-Silica Gas Separation Membranes On Polymeric Hollow Fibers
Nair, S. K.
20e Microfluidic Platforms for Crystallization Screening and In Situ Phasing & Structure Determination of Proteins
Najafi, A.
703g A Comparative Investigation of CO2 Removal In Two Different Hydrogen Redistribution Strategies for a Two-Stage Hydrogen-Permselective Membrane Methanol Reactor
Najera, M.
280d Evaluation of Iron Based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Dry Reforming
Nakagawa, T.
738e Design of the Smart Community Through the Use of EV In a University
Nakajima, T.
585f Optimization of Electrodes Based On Polymer Properties of Hydrocarbon Polyelectrolyte for PEFCs
Nakamura, Y.
91c Studies of Solid-Solid Mixing Behaviors In a Downer Reactor
686c Hydrodynamic Behaviors of Sand Particles In a Large-Scale Triple Bed Combined Circulating Fluidized Bed
Nakanishi, H.
172h Electrical Properties of Metallic Nanoparticle Films
Nakano, A.
237f pH Gradient Formation In An Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis Device Used In Protein Trapping Applications
424b Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis Applied to Immunoglobuline G and Bovine Serum Albumin Concentration
Nakashima, K.
192i Development of Ionic Liquid-Based Consolidated Bioprocessing (i-CBP) for Bioethanol Production
Nakashima, K.
264g High Quality Biodiesel Fuel Production From Crude Jatropha Oil without Upstream and Downstream Processing
Nakhla, G.
334a Application of Ultrasound with Various Pretreatments to Improve Biological Hydrogen Production From Food Waste
413c Volatile Sulfur Compounds Removal In Biogas Using Thermo-Oxidative Pretreatment
426b Improving Anaerobic Digestibility of Natural Estrogens by the Application of Advanced Oxidation Processes
Nakkash, N. B.
561f RATE-BASED MODEL and EXPERIMENTAL Investigation to Produce Ethyl TERT-Butyl Ether FROM TERT-Butanol and Ethanol USING Batch Packed REACTIVE Distillation
Nakod, P.
620a A Comparative Study of Gray and Non-Gray Methods of Computing Gas Absorption Coefficients and Its Effect On the Numerical Predictions of Oxy-Fuel Combustion
Nalbandian, M. J.
532c Advanced Oxidation Processes with Carbon Nanotubes: Surface-Promoted Formation of Hydroxyl Radical During Ozonation
Nalbantoglu, T.
208b NANO-Structered CALCIUM Silicate Hydrate PRODUCTION
Nallamothu, S. K.
754e Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods for Quality by Design Framework for Exploring Design Space of a Fermentor
Nam, H.
630c Experimental Validation of a Modified Four-Zone SMB Process for Ternary Separation
440e Deactivation Model for Commercial Pd-Only TWCs
Namdee, K.
584e Hemodynamics-Driven Design of Carriers for Imaging and Drug Delivery In Atherosclerosis
Namkhang, P.
201f Low Temperature Synthesis of N-TiO2 Particles by Hydrazine-Assisted Aerosol Pyrolysis of Titanium Tetraisopropoxide Nitric Solution
Nan, J.
234e Design Strategies for the Preparation of Metal-Organic Framework Membranes
Nana-Sinkam, S. P.
352c MicroRNA Delivery by Cationic Lipoplexes for Lung Cancer Therapy
Nanda, A.
420aa Electromagnetic Stimuli-Responsive Hybrid Nanoparticle-Biopolymeric Materials
599f Optimization of Synthetic Methods for Preparing Polypeptide-Gold Nanorods Plasmonic Matrices As Potential Therapeutic Systems
Nandakumar, K.
151c Parallelization of Three-Dimensional Discrete Particle Model for Dense Gas-Solid Flows On Unstructured Mesh
236c Enhanced Electrokinetic Micromixing by Optimal Patterning of Heterogeneous Surface Charge
602c Numerical Investigation of Mixing Inside the Dispersed Phase In Slug Flows In Microchannel
711d A Novel Approach to Designing Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts
764c A System Identification and Control Engineering Approach for Designing An Optimized Treatment Plan for Fibromyalgia
Nangia, S.
743d Viscoelastic Properties of Bacterial Biofilms Using Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Nanney, L. B.
203b Injectable Polyurethane Composite Scaffolds Delay Wound Closure and Support Cellular Infiltration and Remodeling In Rat Excisional Wounds
730c Effects of Scaffold Mechanical Properties On the Delivery of Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 From Polyurethane Scaffolds In Rat Cutaneous Wounds
Nantz, M. H.
308c A Novel MEMS Preconcentration Approach for Analysis of Ketones and Aldehydes In Breath
683f Tailoring Fluorescence Emission Level of Optical Contrast Agents by Gold Nanoparticles
Nap, R. J.
642d Stability of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles At Different pH Values: Molecular Theory and Experiment
Napasindayao, T.
710g Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of Particulate Processes with Sampled and Delayed Measurements
620d Optimization of the Biofouling Control In Integrated Desalination/Power Plants
Narang, A.
85e A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach to the Scale-up of High-Shear Wet Granulation
Narani, A.
421al Dissolution of Cellulose
Narasimhan, B.
139d Stability and Release of H5N1 Hemagglutinin Antigens Encapsulated In Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
143b High Throughput Evaluation of the In Vivo Biodistribution and Dispersion of Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants
341h Fabrication of Monodisperse Polyanhydride Nanoparticles by Microemulsion Polymerization
353c Award Submission: Rational Design of Pathogen Mimicking Amphiphilic Nanoparticle Adjuvants
371b "Pathogen-Mimicking" Nanoparticles for Prevention and Treatment of Respiratory Infectious Diseases
448c Early T Cell Activation Events In the Context of Single Dose Vaccination with Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
472a Targeting C-Type Lectin Receptors On Alveolar Macrophages: A Novel Strategy In the Design of Intranasal Vaccines
524d Synthesis of Polyanhydride Particles As An Antibiotic Delivery Platform Against Intracellular Pathogens
543f Controlled Delivery of Functional Antibody From Amphiphilic Polyanhydride Nanoparticles
570b Rational Design of Pathogen Mimicking Amphiphilic Nanoparticle Adjuvants
625t A Novel Vaccine for Streptococcus Pneumoniae Using Polyanhydride Nanoparticle Adjuvants
704e Design of Nanoparticle-Based Platforms for Multi-Enzyme Co-Localization
748d Scale-up of Polyanhydride Particle Synthesis Methods and Their Effect On Drug Release Kinetics
Narayanan, S.
549c Non-Contact Measurements of "Stiffness" In Confined Polymer Films by Fluorescence and X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Nargund, S.
197d Metabolic Flux Analysis Using Designed Isotope Labeling Experiments Reveals Effects of Light On Metabolic Fluxes In Heterotrophic Plant Suspension Cells
Narváez, A. R.
191q Preventing Adhesion of Immunoassay Components to Solid Surfaces
181ad Heat Transfer and Drag Reduction for Water/NaSal/Ethoquad In a Mock Aviation Coolant Loop
Nascimento, C. O. D.
140e Molecular Models Using VBA to Optimize the Process of Petroleum Refining
Nashin, S.
193h Vent Size Design Applied to Oil Field Corrosion Inhibitors
Nason, J. A.
369b Stability of Engineered Nanoparticles In Aqueous Systems: Elucidating the Roles of Capping Agents and Natural Organic Matter
399d Advanced Oxidation for Water Processing In Microstructured Reactors
Nasoordeen, H.
618x Synthesis of Anisotropic Porous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films by Using Scaffolds of Magnetically Aligned Microparticles
Nasr, M.
48a Quality by Design (QbD) Opportunities, Challenges and Future Direction
Naswali, E.
718a Lifetime and Efficiency Studies of Zinc/Bromine Electrochemical Energy Storage In Large Scale Renewable Energy Applications
Natarajan, V.
696a Use of Single-Use Technologies In Downstream Purification of Mabs - A Case Study
Nathan, V.
477g Engineering a Ligand-Free Molecular Switch In Bacterial Flagellar Motor
181ae Effects of Diameter and Orientation On Multiphase Flow Patterns
National Science Foundation, C.
486c Presentations by NSF CBET Program Managers
486d Break-Out Session with NSF Program Managers
Naughton, M. S.
373d Development and Testing of a Novel Cu-Based ORR Catalyst within An Acidic Fuel Cell
629ab Behavioral Analysis of Heterogeneous Catalysts Type Zeolite (HZSM-5 and HBETA) on the Transesterification of Soybean Oil Modified with Fatty Acids
Navarro, M.
358e Comparison of Bench-Scale Fixed-Bed Units for Chemical-Looping Combustion
Navath, R.
448b Dendrimer-Based Nanotherapeutics for Targeted Post-Natal Therapy In Cerebral Palsy: Chemistry, Mechanism and In Vivo Efficacy
Naviaux, D.
718a Lifetime and Efficiency Studies of Zinc/Bromine Electrochemical Energy Storage In Large Scale Renewable Energy Applications
Nayak, S.
378f Can a Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank BLEVE?
Nayhouse, M.
52c Precise Simulation of Freezing Transitions
393b Modeling and Simulation of Globular Protein Crystal Growth
599a Harnessing Self-Assembly to Design Functionalized Nanotube-Lipid Hybrid Structures
Nazem-Bokaee, H.
623g Host Selection for Synthetic Pathways Using a Genome-Scale Model Database
626aa Genetic Regulation of the Cellulosome In Clostridium Acetobutylicum
Nazli, C.
385h Encapsulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles within Biofunctional Poly (ethylene glycol) Hydrogel Formed Via Surface Initiated Photopolymerization
651c PEG Based Hydrogels with Permeability Gradients for Enhanced Cell Function
Nazockdast, E.
209g Theory of Microstructure and Rheology of Nonequilibrium Colloidal Dispersions: Shear Flow and Active Microrheology
500c Assessing the Impact of Various Cosolvents and Sulfolane During Biomass Reactions At Subcritical and Supercritical Conditions
Neal, L. M.
297g Development of Palladium Oxide Catalysts Supported On Nanoparticle Oxides for C-H Activation and C-C Coupling Reactions
Nealson, K. H.
453a Removal of Selenite with Microbial Fuel Cells Utilizing Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1
529c Evaluation of Non-Growth Biokinetic Models for Chromate Reduction with Shewanellae
Neathery, J. K.
280e The Effect of Fly Ash From Different Coal Sources On the Reactivity of An Iron-Based Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion
771f Application of a Zeolite Membrane for the Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
625e Effects of Convective Flow and Extracellular Inhibitors On EGFR Signaling – Mathematical Modeling
91a Flow Regime Identification In Fluidized Beds Based On Statistical Analysis of Both Pressure Fluctuations and Optical Probe Data
140c Multiobjective Optimization of a Spouted Bed Reactor
541a Flow Regime Identification In Different Two-Phase Reactors Based On Extraction of Various Entropies From Gauge Pressure Fluctuations
598c Investigation of the Effect of Fluidized Bed Scale On the Solid Dynamics Using Sophisticated Optical Probe
598e Characterization of the Degree of Turbulence In Bubble Columns Based On Chaos Analysis of CARPT Data
Neely, B. J.
189f Generalized Activity Coefficient Models for VLE Mixture Predictions
193x Improved Nonlinear Models for the Refractive Index (RI) of Organic and Inorganic Materials
225d Computer-Aided MOLECULAR Design: Methodology & APPLICATIONS
595b In Silico Prediction of Cancer GI50
758g A New Auto-Ignition Temperature Model for Pure Hydrocarbons
Nefcy, E.
299c Comparison of Expert and Novice Solution Approaches to An Industrially Situated Process Development Project
Neff, J. A.
623bj Effect of UV Curing On Peptide Antimicrobials and Considerations for Incorporation In Polymeric Coatings
Negoda, A.
623aq Effect of Surface Functional Groups On Interactions of Engineered Nanomaterials with a Lipid Bilayer
Nei, J.
737b Effects of Annealing On Zr8Ni19X2 (X = Ni, Mg, Al, Sc, V, Mn, Co, Sn, La, Hf) for Ni/MH Battery Operation
Neikirk, C. C.
558f Can Supramolecular Interactions Be Used to Create Stable Polymer Nanoparticles?
Neimark, A. V.
119e Incremental Gauge Cell Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Calculating Chemical Potential of Chain Molecules
242c Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Capillary Condensation Hysteresis In Overlapping Spherical Cavities
326a Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Nanoporous Materials: From MMS to MOF
353d Award Submission: Fabrication of Nanocarbon Fibers for Neural Tissue Engineering
392a Heterogeneous Cavitation of Metastable Nitrogen In Spherical Pores with Non-Wetting Defects
444a QSDFT Method for Characterization of Mesoporous Carbons
676a Interactions of G-Agents and Their Simulants with Water and the Components of Permselective Polyelectrolyte Membranes
Nejati, S.
622o Mathematical Modeling of a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
Nel, A. E.
217c Evaluation of the Toxicity of Nanomaterials Based On Knowledge Extraction From High Throughput Screening of Biological Toxicity Data
Nelson, C. M.
722b Mechanical Properties of the Microenvironment Regulate Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
Nelson, J. L.
448d Delivery of a Phospholipid Agent From a Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens
Nelson, K. C.
269f Analysis of Energy, Carbon, and Nutrients Through 1,800 Households In the Twin Cities
Nelson, M.
421ba Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels
Nelson, M. C.
73f Microbial Utilization of Hydrothermally Treated Algae Biomass Aqueous Co-Product
Nelson, N.
322c Super-Resolution Surface Mapping Using the Trajectories of Molecular Probes
Nelson, R.
764d Experimental Design of Systems Involving Multiple Fluorescent Reporters
Nelson, R.
35d Evaluation of Ni-Mo Oxide (Ni-MoOx) Electrocatalyst for Li-Air Battery
Nembrini, C.
464f Colloidal Materials for Modulating the Immune Response
Nemer, M. B.
236g Monodisperse Droplet Generation for Microscale Mass Transfer Studies
592d Spectroscopic Investigation of Drop Mass Transfer During Buoyancy-Driven Motio
Nemser, S.
307e Pervaporation Membrane Reactors for Reversible Reactions: Modeling of the Membrane-Reactor Performance to System Design and Operating Conditions
Nenes, A.
8c Investigating Atmospheric Inorganic Aerosol Sensitivity Relationships Through Thermodynamics and Population Dynamics
70c On the Nature of Water-Soluble Organic Aerosols In the Southern California Region
70e Compositional and Mixing State Impacts On Size-Resolved CCN Concentrations In Atlanta, Georgia, During 2008-2009
70f Dynamical Equilibrium States In Low Temperature Cirrus
Neng, J.
591b Synthesis and Functionalization of Gold Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Biosensors
Neogi, P.
414c Free Volume Estimates of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Heavy Oils with CO2
754c Harnessing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Guide Reliable Scale-up of Pharmaceutical Processes
Nestorov, S. E.
18c Materials Design Workbench: An Open-Access Database for Materials and Molecular Design
Nettleton, D. S.
571b Proteomics Approach for Predicting Separation Behavior of a Mixture of Proteins During Downstream Purification
Neugebauer, M.
537h Suffocating On a Plastic Bag? Modeling Hypoxia In Porous Polymer-Cell Constructs
Neumann, T.
251a Structure and Application of Nucleic Acid-Surfactant Films for Transfection In Human Cells
64f Effect of Operating Parameters On the Product Quality of Monoclonal Antibody
Neurock, M.
211f A First Principles Analysis of the Selective Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Ketones: Influence of Hydrocarbon Structure
222f Consequences of Composition and Acid Strength for Catalysis On Solid Acids
375b Particle Size Effects On the Selective Dehydrogenation of Cyclohexane Over Pt Particles
449b A First-Principles Comparison of Heterogeneous and Electrocatalytic Alcohol Oxidation Over Au and Pt Catalysts
510a First Principles Analysis of the Selective Hydrogenolysis of Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol Over Rh and ReOx Modified Rh Surfaces
585b First Principle Insights Into the Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Ethanol Over Pt and PtMo Surfaces
Neville, T. P.
368a The Investigation of Aluminium Wastes Encapsulated In the Individual Phases of Ordinary Portland Cement
Newbloom, G.
750d Structure-Property Relationships In Organogels of Polythiophenes
136g Simultaneous Reduction of NOx, Solid, and Semi-Volatile Particles Using 4-Way Catalyzed Filtration Systems
Newsome, D.
379a Development and Validation of ReaxFF Forcefields for Mo – Ni – O – S – H Interactions Under High Pressure Conditions
Neyshtadt, S.
377d Correlating Interfacial Interactions and Macroscopic Photovoltaic Properties of Self-Assembled Hybrid Materials
Ng, C.
626o Improvement of 2,3-Butanediol Production In Enterobacter Aerogenes Via Lactate Dehydrogenase Deletion
Ng, H. T.
642a Effect of Nonionic Surfactants On the Dispersion Stability of Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment Nanoparticles In Aqueous Solution
Ng, H. Y.
644f Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Based Biosensor for Continuous Measurement of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) In Wastewater
596a Dynamical Analysis of Sucker-Rod String In Artificial Lift Systems for Control Applications
Ng, K. Y. S.
110d Graphene Supported Bifunctional Catalysts for Oxygen Electrodes In Rechargeable Lithium-Air Batteries
278a A New Generation of Zirconia Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts for Converting Low Grade Renewable Feedstocks to Biodiesel
421a Cooperative Effect of H+ and Solid Acids In the Process of Converting Acidic Oils Into FAME
496e A New Generation of Zirconia Supported Metal Oxide Catalysts for Esterification of Free Acid Feedstocks
726b Production of Green Diesel From Brown Grease Via Decarboxylation
Ng, P. K.
30c Chromatography Applications In the Purification of Whey Proteins
Ng, S. K. Y.
106d MnO2 Doped Graphene As Electrodes in Supercapacitor
173c Sn/SnOx /Graphene Nanocomposites: Synthesis and Anode Performance In Lithium- Ion Batteries
278c Biojet Production From Hydrocracking of Vegetable Oil
429a Study of Culture Strategies of Microalgae In a Continuous Photobioreactor System for Biofuel Production
737b Effects of Annealing On Zr8Ni19X2 (X = Ni, Mg, Al, Sc, V, Mn, Co, Sn, La, Hf) for Ni/MH Battery Operation
5g Uncovering the Mechanisms of Methotrexate-Mediated DHFR Amplification In Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Through Transcriptome Analysis
Ng, T.
36f A Design Rule for Prediction of the Just Suspended SPEED of Mixed Slurries
Ng, W. K.
397c Mitigating Electrostatic Chargeability of Ibuprofen by Wet Co-Milling with Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Ngai, L.
601b Nanoparticle Only Layer by Layer Surface Modification of Microfiltation/Ultrafiltration (MF/UF) Membranes
Ngale, K. N.
190y Molecular Simulation of the Nucleation and Growth of C60 Nanoparticles From the Supersaturated Vapor and From the Undercooled Liquid
Nghiem, N.
583c Pretreatment of Corn Stover for Bioethanol Production Using Low-Moisture Anhydrous Ammonia (LMAA); Ammoniation and Pretreatment
257g Adsorptive Separation In the Downstream of the Oxidative Methane Coupling Process
Ngo, S. I.
686e Hydrodynamics In a Semi-Dual Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasifier
Ngo, T. Q.
544a Lignin Depolymerization and Deoxygenation In Ionic Liquids
Nguyen, H.
733b Simultaneous Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) and Lipid Production by Activated Sludge Via Fermentation of Glucose
Nguyen, H. V.
300f Computational Screening of Sorbents for Mercury Capture At Elevated Temperatures
Nguyen, H. D.
677c Self-Assembly of Peptide Amphiphiles Into Hydrogel Via Multiscale Simulations
759a Molecular Dynamics Simulations of 2D Self-Assembled Peptide Monolayers
Nguyen, H. X.
719a Engineered Cells That Detect and Kill a Pathogen: a Novel Synthetic Biology-Based Antimicrobial Strategy
Nguyen, H.
298d Heat Transfer Through a Dual-Walled Carbon Nanotube
Nguyen, L.
485e Low-Cost CO2 Capture Using Enzyme Catalysis
Nguyen, N.
517e Swarming Structure In Thermal Self-Propelled Colloids
Nguyen, P.
531f Detecting Molecular Motion On Graphene: An Opto-Electromechanical Logic Device
181u Turbulence Structures In Poiseuille-Couette Flow That Lead to Drag Reduction
Nguyen, T. D.
52g Rigid Body Constraints In Molecular Dynamics Simulations Optimized for Graphics Processing Units
72e HOOMD-Blue, General-Purpose Many-Body Dynamics On the GPU
191b Self-Assembly of Imperfect Tetrahedra
193ad Simulation Study of Self-Assembly of Polydisperse Nanoparticles Into Highly Uniform Aggregates
Nguyen, T. V.
218a Hydrogen-Bromine Flow Battery for Large-Scale Electrical Energy Storage
Nguyen, V. T.
237f pH Gradient Formation In An Insulator-Based Dielectrophoresis Device Used In Protein Trapping Applications
Ni, B.
191a Surface Tension and Density of Pure Ionic Liquids EMIAc and Binary Mixtures with Water
Ni, J.
251a Structure and Application of Nucleic Acid-Surfactant Films for Transfection In Human Cells
Ni, Y.
714a The Role of Cellulose Accessibility On Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocelluloses
Niazi, A. A.
676h Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Phase Behavior of [BMIM]Cl-Water Mixtures
Nice, J.
150d Identifying Novel Bacterial Proteases Involved In Enhanced Virulence During Chronic Infection
Nichols, K. L.
706c Modulus Enhancement and Orientation In Die-Drawn PP-Talc Composites
Nicholson, D. M.
190s A Coarse-Grained Model for Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Polymer
Nicodemus, G. D.
455a Not Lecturing In a Material and Energy Balances Course
Nicola, M.
699h Investigation of Transport and Mechanical Properties of Hollow Fibers Containing Ionic Liquids for Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture
Nicolas, A.
523b Isoconversional Methods Applied to Kinetic Modeling Oxidative Alkaline Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse
Nicolau, F.
623af Solvent-Enhanced Transformations of Steroids by Beauveria Bassiana
Nie, L.
640f Co-Feeding Lignin-Derived Compounds and Hydrocarbons On Different Acid Zeolites
Nie, S.
3dq Nanoparticles for Biomedicine: Development of a Family of Novel Nanocomposites and Fundamental Research Into Bio-Transport Phenomena
Nie, Y.
557a Study On the Capture of Carbon Dioxide with Porous Covalent Triazine-Based Frameworks
Nie, Y.
400c Integrated Scheduling and Dynamic Optimization of Batch Processes Using State Equipment Networks
Nie, Z.
690a Development of New Redox Flow Battery Systems
420e Kinetically Trapped Uniform Nano-Size Unilamellar Vesicles Made of Thermodynamically Stable Multilamellar Vesicular Phospholipid Solutions
472g Targeted MRI and Optical Molecular Imaging Using Gadolinium Loaded Small Unilamellar Vesicles
Nielsen, D. R.
623bs Characterization of Short Chain Alcohol Dehydrogenases From Lactobacillus Brevis
Nielsen, D. R.
328b Development of In Situ Processes for Recovering Fatty Acid Biofuel Precursors From Photobioreactor
388c Pathway Engineering for the Biosynthesis of Styrene From Renewable Resources In Escherichia Coli
633d Application of Polymer Resins for Solid Phase Extraction of Long Chain Fatty Acids From Aqueous Solutions
Nielsen, P. M.
421bo Continuous Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel in CSTRs in Series
Niemi, T.
208f Raman Spectroscopy On Size Segregated Nanoparticles From a Flame Generator
Niemoeller, A.
80c Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Poly(butadiene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) Nanocomposites Above and Below the Percolation Threshold
389f Further Studies of Micromixing: Scale-up, Baffling and Feed Pipe Backmixing
767d Multiscale Approach to Colloidal Systems (emulsions) Design
Nieto, D. R.
300a The Factory of the Future: Integrating Multiscale Modeling and Experiments to Produce New, Better Nanocomposite Materials
Nieto, M.
716f The Effect of Pretreatment On Electrostatically Adsorbed Noble Metal Precursors
Nieto-Franzoni, J. A.
419f Theoretical and Experimental Approach On Simultaneous and Continuous Separation and Concentration of Particles On An iDEP Platform
233b Exploiting the Synergy Between Liquid Extraction and Other Solvent Driven Separations
Nieves, A. M.
323f An Unified Energy Landscape View of Crystal Melting
Nigam, K. D. P.
368c Comparative Study of Performance of Different Chelating Agents for Extraction of Ni From Spent Catalyst
Nigim, K.
468e Modeling and Control of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System
Nigra, M.
684c Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors Under Mild Conditions
711c Gold Catalysis Using Calixarene-Bound Nanoparticles
Nihar, M.
531f Detecting Molecular Motion On Graphene: An Opto-Electromechanical Logic Device
Niimura, S.
114b Quantum Molecular Sieving of Isotopic Hydrogen and Methane: Application Potential to Control of Radioactive Elements
Niitsoo, O.
360a Electrostatically Controlled Assembly of Colloidal Particles Into Densely Packed Films
757f Electrostatically Driven Adsorption of Silica Nanoparticles On Functionalized Surfaces
Nijemeisland, M.
312b CFD Based Simulation of Heat Transfer In a Fixed Bed Reactor Tube
671d Rotating Foam Reactors for Fine Chemical Synthesis
Nijmeijer, A.
461a New Design for Advanced Zero Emission Power Plant Concept
771g Pre-Combustion Fuel Decarbonization with Pure Palladium and Palladium Alloy Membranes
Nikbin, N.
81g Molecular Investigation of Catalytic Isomerization of Glucose to Fructose
Nikfar, F.
631j Study Effect of Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Grade and Foam Quality On Foam Granulation of a High Drug Load Formulation
Nikkanen, J.
208f Raman Spectroscopy On Size Segregated Nanoparticles From a Flame Generator
Nikolakis, V.
81g Molecular Investigation of Catalytic Isomerization of Glucose to Fructose
Nikolakis, V.
442g Investigation of Liquid Phase 1,2-Propanediol Dehydration Using Zeolite Catalysts
Nikolakopoulos, A.
675b BIOCORE - On a Paradigm for the Design and Synthesis of Real-Life Biorefineries
Nikolaou, M.
468c Decision Making for Unconventional Natural Gas Production: A Multivariate Analysis Approach
596c Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing In Horizontal Wells for Unconventional Gas Production
772a Automated Real-Time Diagnostics of Model Predictive Control Actions
Nikolau, B. J.
132g Phylogenetic and Experimental Characterization of An Acyl-ACP Thioesterase Family Reveals Significant Diversity In Enzymatic Specificity and Activity
421ba Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels
Nikolla, E.
41a Keynote Speaker Abstract: Design of Hydrophobic Zeolites Containing Lewis Acid Active Sites for the Isomerization of Glucose In Aqueous Media
508b Tin-Containing Beta Zeolite Catalyst for the Isomerization of Glucose: Insights On the Mechanism and the Active Site
650d Phase Behavior of Asphaltenes + Organic Diluents
Nilam, R.
734d A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
Nili Ahmadabadi, M.
620b Distillation Column Conceptual Design In the Presence of Uncertain Parameter Using Bayesian Network
Nilsen, K. M.
129d Vortex Characteristics In a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow
Nilsson, M.
514d Chemical Activities and Non-Ideal Behavior for Organic Solvents In Treatment of Used Nuclear Fuel
Nimlos, M. R.
13e A Dual-Stage Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor (LEFR) and Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) System for Studying Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification
117f The Effects of Water On Sugar Reactions
154d Numerical Investigation of Flow/Chemistry Interactions During Biomass Gasification In a Fluidized Bed Reactor
349h Studying Effects of Inorganic Salts On Biomass Pyrolysis Using a Captive Sample Reactor
560c Dissecting the Cellulosome Enzyme Complex: Assembly and Function
Ninawe, P.
171a Drug Loading Into and Drug Release From pH- and Temperature-Responsive Cylindrical Hydrogels
524c Drug Delivery Using Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Gel Spheres
Nino, J. C.
146f The Role of Van Der Waals Interactions In Predicting the Band Gap of BiI3
212d Dielectric Properties of Bismuth Pyrochlores From First Principles Calculations
Niotis, V.
68d Dynamic Flowsheet Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Nir, A.
383c Thermocapillary Induced Deformation and Breakup of Partially Engulfed Drops At Non-Zero Capillary Number
474e Dynamics of Deformation and Breakup Mechanisms of Slender Drops and Bubbles In Extensional Flow
Nishimura, N.
347h Measurements of Pulsatile Hemodynamics In Brain Microvessels
Nishimura, T.
519g Rule of Thumb for Simulating Biomass Pyrolysis In Packed Bed Reactor
Nitsche, L. C.
595c A Mesoscopic Membrane Model for the Investigation of Mechanisms Underlying Caveolae-Mediated Endocytosis
717a Self-Assembled Toroidal-Spiral Particles: Parallel Pathways for Multi-Drug Release
Niu, F.
671e Economic and Process Engineering Evaluations of Polymer-Grade Terephthalic Acid Production In A Spray Reactor
Niu, Y.
49e Hydrogenation of Cellulose to Sorbitol Over Sulfated Zirconia Supported Ru Catalysts
Nixon, E.
247a Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Reversible Ionic Liquids
705a Fundamental Studies On the Radical Initiated Grafting of Vinyltrimethoxysilane Onto Polymeric Models
Nixon, M.
404a Use of Principal Components with Parallel Coordinates for Early Detection of Compressor Surge
Nizamidin, N.
705e Micromolding Surface-Initiated Polymerization: A Versatile Route for Microscale Replication Onto a Solid Support
Noble, D.
592d Spectroscopic Investigation of Drop Mass Transfer During Buoyancy-Driven Motio
Noda, M.
765c Performance Monitoring of Industrial Plant Alarm Systems Using Event Correlation Analysis
765d Event Correlation Analysis of Plant Operation Data with Large Variance In Time Lag for Alarm System Rationalization
Nogueira, G. M.
3de Interdisciplinary Biomaterial Research
74d Stable Microwell Arrays As Platforms for Long-Term Tissue Culture
Nokes, S. E.
10d Inhibition of ENZYMATIC Hydrolysis by Soluble Sugars ON MODEL CELLULOSE Thin Film USING QUARTZ CRYSTAL Microbalance
635e Hydrogenase Inhibition AS the Mechanism of Product Selectivity by Clostridium Thermocellum IN High-Pressure Cultures
573b Selective Dehydration of Polyols to Commodity Chemicals
Nolan, R. P.
133f Dynamic Model for CHO Cell and Process Engineering
Noll, H.
50b Design Optimisation In Liquid Membrane Permeation with Supported Membranes
50c Application of Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM) Technology In Recycling of Li+ From Battery Scrap Leachate
327a Humidity Swelling Hysteresis In Electrostatically Crosslinked Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films
Noone, C. J.
286d Design and Optimization of Solar Thermal Systems
Nopens, I.
313d Heterogeneous Microbial Populations: Using Flow Cytometric Data for Building Dynamic Distributed Models
467a Modeling the Residence Time Distribution In a Batch Fermentor: Comparison of CFD Prediction with Experiment
Nørby, M.
315a Modelling of a Spray Drying Process
Nordblad, M.
421bo Continuous Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel in CSTRs in Series
Nordham, D.
301b Navy Shipboard Desalination
Nordstrom, F. L.
120a A Combined Experimental and Model-Based Approach to Prediction of Particle Size Attrition In Agitated Dryers
Norinaga, K.
267d Pyrolysis of Cellulose with the Use of Ionic Liquid for Efficient Production of Levoglucosenone
Noritake, Y.
192i Development of Ionic Liquid-Based Consolidated Bioprocessing (i-CBP) for Bioethanol Production
Norris, B.
496f Visualization and Temperature Analysis of Alternative Fuel Particle Combustion In a Drop Tube Furnace
Norris, D. J.
39a Towards Quantum-Dot Solar Cells From Abundant Nontoxic Materials
285c First Principles Calculation of the Raman Spectra of Cu2ZnSnS4, a Promising New Photovoltaic Material
536b Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Solar Cells
542c Thermal Plasmonics As a Route to Photovoltaics?
Nørskov, J.
18c Materials Design Workbench: An Open-Access Database for Materials and Molecular Design
449d Electrocatalysis for CO2 Reduction to Hydrocarbons: Theory-Driven Design Principles Developed From Transition Metals
Nortier, F. M.
450a Bulk Production of Generator Parent 72se At the Los Alamos IPF Using a NaBr Target
Norton, H.
256d Engineered Monospecific and Bispecific Proteins That Target Tumor Vascular Receptors As In Vivo Imaging Agents
Norton, I. T.
546c Oil In Water Emulsions Using Confined Impinging Jet Mixer
726a Biodiesel Production From Waste Cooking Palm Oil In a Continuous Reactive Distillation Column Catalyzed by Superacid Heteropoly Acid: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Nossal, R.
345f A Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Study of Hindered Probe Diffusion In Complex Media
41d Supports As Co-Catalysts for Activating Molecular Oxidation Catalysts
222e Surface Speciation and Alkane Oxidation with Fe(III) Sites On Alkali-Modified Oxide Supports
297c Dispersed Ta(V): A Site-Isolated Epoxidation Catalyst and Unexpected Reactivity In Selective Hydrogenation / Hydrodenitrogenation
342d Synthesis of Oxide ‘Nanobowls' and ‘Armor-Coated' Active Sites by Templated ALD: a New Paradigm In Heterogeneous Catalyst Synthesis
375d Well Defined, Supported MnOx Oxidation Catalysts Via Controlled Decomposition of Coordination Complexes
488b Recovery of n-Butanol From Dilute Aqueous Solution with Grafted Calixarenes
671a Supported Manganese Triazacyclononane Cis-Dihydroxylation Catalysts
684e Synthesis of Oxide Nanocavities for Size-Selective Catalysis
688a CO2 Chemisorption On Isolated Amines Grafted On SiO2 and Ti-SiO2
738e Design of the Smart Community Through the Use of EV In a University
Nour Eldin, M. B.
97f Optimizing Energy Consumption In Gas Oil Separation Plant Using Lean Six Sigma Methodology
103f Molecular Dynamics Simulations of An Oxidized Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber and Vinyl Ester Resin Interactions Leading to a Possible Interphase Formation In the Cured Nanocomposite
706e Designed Experimental Study of Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber/Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites with Focus On the Effects of Formulation and Processing Factors On the Nanocomposite Dynamic Mechanical Properties Over a Wide Temperature Range
Nouri Dariani, M.
563c Structure of Rigid Hard-Ring Fluid
Nova, I.
69e Mechanistic Transient Kinetic Analysis of the NH3-NO/NO2 SCR Reactions Over a Cu-Zeolite Catalyst for Automotive Applications
Novais, A.
498f Kinetics of Self-Hydrolysis of Concentrated Sodium Borohydride Solutions At High Temperatures
Novak, M.
87f Molecular Order of Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers Studied by Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy
116d Economic Objective Function In Process Flow Sheet Optimization – Do We Know Everything about It?
Ntim, S. A.
234a Facile Fabrication of Superior Nanofiltration Membranes Containing Carbon Nanotubes
Ntunka, G.
561a Synthesis of Cost-Reducing Ternary Distributed Feed Distillation Columns Using Column Profile Maps
Nuchitprasittichai, A.
519b Optimization of CO2 Capture Process with Aqueous Amines – a Comparison of Two Simulation-Optimization Approaches
Nugent, N. J.
436b Direct Production of Molecules In the Fuel Range by Selective Tailoring of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis
Nuhn, L.
570d Combinatorial Synthesis of Chemically Diverse Core-Shell Nanoparticles for siRNA Delivery
Nunan, J.
227e Advanced Emission Control Strategies for Gasoline Engines with Special Emphasis on the Development of Pd-Based Technologies
Nunes, S.
View Programs At King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Nuñez, M. T.
623z A Kinetic Model for the Storage of Iron In Ferritin
Nunez, S.
187e Roofing Materials As Effective Means to Decrease Heat Loads On Buildings
Nunley, R. K.
706d Surface Infusion Micropatterning of Elastomeric Substrates: A Novel Processing Method for Microfluidic Device Fabrication
142b Materials-Based Approach to Implant Infection Mitigation
303e Barrier-Mediated Pulsed Release
Nwosu, S. O.
713b Ionic Liquid Production In CO2-Expanded DMSO
Nyce, M.
110c Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
218e Gas Evolution In a Flow-Assisted Zinc-Nickel Oxide Battery
Nyden, M. R.
451e Polymer Decomposition Mechanisms for Polyethylene Determined From Reactive Molecular Dynamics
120b Investigation of Acoustic Dryer for API Processing