Author Index: J

J., D.
616e Application of Scaled Particle Theory to Ethyl Acetate - Ethanol - Salt System
Jabbarzadeh, E.
625s Poly (lactide-co-glycolide)/Carbon Nanotube Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
625v Control of Cell Adhesion and Migration Using Nanoengineered Substrates
109d Droplet-Based Liquid Liquid Extraction In a Milli-Fluidic Device with High Efficiency Continuous Passive Droplet Recovery
315c Continuous Passive Recovery of Hydrophilic Microparticles
618g A Microfluidic Method to Evaluate Small Molecule Uptake and Elution In Hydrogels
Jablonski, W.
265d Thermal Processing Techniques to Improve Metal Sulfide Mixed Alcohol Catalyst Performance
Jablonski, W. S.
279f Pilot Scale Evaluation of Ni-Based Reforming Catalyst Performance for Syngas Production
Jack, D. S.
21b Scale-up of Membranes for Separation of Hydrogen From Syngas for Carbon Capture
Jackson, G.
189b Modeling the Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of Organic Compounds with the SAFT-g Mie Group Contribution Approach
Jackson, G.
193u On the Impact of Using a Pressure Solver On the Solution of P,T Phase Equilibrium with Equations of State
Jackson, J. E.
206d Aqueous Phase Hydrogenation and Hydrodeoxygenation of Bio-Oil Model Compounds Under Mild Temperature and Pressure
247f Silica-Supported Ruthenium Nanoparticles for Hydrogenation of Pyruvic Acid In the Aqueous Phase
Jackson, K.
157f Mechanistic Inhibition of Alzheimer's-Associated Aβ Aggregation by Gold Nanoparticles
Jackson, S. W.
90c Variability of Switchgrass, a Dedicated Bioenergy Crop
Jacob, K.
357a Flowability of Binary Mixtures: Effect of Fines Concentration
479a Challenges In the Solids Processing of Biomass
5g Uncovering the Mechanisms of Methotrexate-Mediated DHFR Amplification In Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Through Transcriptome Analysis
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
692d Comparative Transcriptome Analysis In Baby Hamster Kidney Cells Through High Throughput Sequencing
Jacobs, C.
602e Interaction Between An Elastic Filament and the Vesicle Membrane
Jacobs, G.
281b Effect of Ammonia In Syngas On the Fischer–Tropsch Behavior of a Precipitated Iron Catalyst
Jacobsen, K. W.
18c Materials Design Workbench: An Open-Access Database for Materials and Molecular Design
Jacobsen, M. G.
215f Active Constraint Regions for Economically Optimal Operation of Distillation Columns
Jacot, J. G.
651b Multilayered, Self-Assembled Polycaprolactone and Gelatin-Chitosan Scaffold for
Jae, J.
3bw Production of Renewable Fuels From Lignocelluosic Biomass by Catalytic Technologies
356d Production of Green Aromatics From Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Jagota, A.
661f Single-Stranded DNA-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Interactions
759e Recognition Ability of DNA for Carbon Nanotubes Correlates with Their Binding Affinity
241a CO2 Transport Through Hollow Fiber Membranes
Jahim, J.
421o Alternative Source of Cellulosic Biofuel In Malaysia: An Initial Assessment of Rice Straw
424g The Charge of Green Fluorescent Protein, and Its Effect On Advanced Electrophoretic Separations
Jahnke, J. P.
377d Correlating Interfacial Interactions and Macroscopic Photovoltaic Properties of Self-Assembled Hybrid Materials
Jahoda, M.
467f Experimental Measurement and CFD Modelling of Bubble Size Distribution in An Aerated Stirred Tank
333c Using D-Optimal Design to Obtain Kinetic Parameters for Pretreatment of Lignocellulose
191w Destabilization of Double Emulsions by Evaporation
Jain, M.
3br Modeling and Design Optimization for Development of High Performance Microfluidic Devices
236c Enhanced Electrokinetic Micromixing by Optimal Patterning of Heterogeneous Surface Charge
Jain, N.
385a Magnetic Block Ionomer Complexes for Imaging and Therapeutics
472b Block Ionomer Complexes Containing Gentamicin to Kill Intracellular Brucella Melitensis
Jain, P.
620aa Energy Systems Integration Using Reduced Order Methods
738c Modeling and Optimization of Cathode Layer Microstructures In Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Jaishankar, A.
347j Rheology of Globular Protein Solutions: Apparent Bulk Yield Stress and Interfacial Viscoelasticity of Bovine Serum Albumin Solutions
Jaiswal, A.
462b Enabling In Situ Real-Time Characterization of Interfaces with Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring
Jaiswal, R.
334f Catalytic Hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane Using Co-B Nanoparticles Embedded In Mesoporous Silica Particles: a Very Efficient Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
586f Improved Photocatalytic Activity Under Visible Light Irradiation of Nanosized-TiO2 Co-Doped with Vanadium and Nitrogen
453d Landfill Gas Utilization In Gas Turbines: Experimental Results for Combustion of Landfill Impurities In Premixed Flames
Jalali Farahani, F.
412a Considering Probability In Process Optimization Using Bayesian Network Approach: MTBE Production Case Study
620b Distillation Column Conceptual Design In the Presence of Uncertain Parameter Using Bayesian Network
Jalali, F.
98f Speakers Panel Session
15a An Introductory Course Planning In Chemical Engineering
Jalan, A.
393e Multiphysics Model of Diesel Injector Deposit Formation
551d Progress towards Capturing Solvent Effects In Automatic Mechanism Generation
64c Breaking the Habit: Overcoming Acute Sensitivities of Antibody-Producing Mammalian Cell Lines to pH and Raw Materials
Jaluria, P.
467b Mixing It up: Probing Cell Culture Bioreactors Using CFD Modeling
Jamadagni, S.
756b Understanding Hydrophobic Effects In Interfacial Environments
759f Quantifying the Hydrophobicity of Protein Surfaces At the Nano-Scale: A New Perspective
121c Computationally Derived Rules for the Persistence of C60 Nanowires On Recumbent Pentacene Bilayers
James, G. K.
282b Measurement of the Hydrodynamic Drag Force On a Microparticle Approaching a Flat Plate In a Nanoparticle Dispersion – Observation of a Separation-Dependent Effective Viscosity
James, J.
695f Modeling and Experimental Design of Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogel Extracellular Matrix Mimics Formed by Free-Radical Photopolymerization
James, W.
528e Electrolyte Development and Selection for Membrane Electrode Assemblies In Alkaline Fuel Cells
Jameson, C.
775e Investigations On Permeation of Functionalized Nanoparticles Through Lipid Bilayers Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Jan, K.
53g cAMP Stimulation Regulates Aquaporin-1 Mediated Transendothelial Water Transport In Bovine Aortic Endothelium Monolayers
150e Interplay of Flow and Oncotically Active Solute Transport Across the Arterial Endothelium: Hydraulic Conductivity Masking and Relevance to Atherogenesis
Jana, S. C.
246f Self Assembly of POSS and Sorbitol and Their Effects On the Reinforcement of Polypropylene Spun Fiber
361c Hybrid Model and Application In the Study of Interfacial Properties of Nanocomposites
381e Exploiting Chaos: Should Polymerization Reactors Be Chaotic?
668f Nanofibers by a Gas Jet Method
705c Functionalization of Syndiotactic Polystyrene Aerogels by Incorporation of Functionalized Atactic Polystyrene
103f Molecular Dynamics Simulations of An Oxidized Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofiber and Vinyl Ester Resin Interactions Leading to a Possible Interphase Formation In the Cured Nanocomposite
Jang, G.
235b Plasmon-Enhanced Nanoscale Metamaterial Sensors
Jang, H. R.
618w Effect of Dual Templates On Texture Properties of Mesoporous Alumina Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis
Jang, K.
742c Modified-Mesoporous-Silica Gas Separation Membranes On Polymeric Hollow Fibers
Jang, N.
329d Development of Fuzzy Based - Inherent Safety Performance Indices Integrated with Process Simulators
Jang, S. S.
38e Mechanism of Li Adsorption On Carbon Nanotube-Fullerene Hybrid System: A First-Principles Study
452f Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study On Sulfonated Polystyrene Membrane with Different Sulfonate Groups: Effect of Acidity
Jang, S.
563e Force Field Parameterization and Monte Carlo Simulation of Alkoxy-Ethanol Surfactant
Jang, Y.
618bu Syntheses, Acidichromic and Hg2+-Sensing Properties of Novel Naphthalimide Derivatives
Janik, M.
190al Parameterization of ReaxFF Force Field for Pd-Ceria From First Principles DFT Calculations
Janik, M. J.
147f Role of Ceria In Ti0.9Ce0.1O2 Materials for Adsorptive Desulfurization
Janik, M. J.
190ak Evaluation of Density Functional Theory (DFT+U) to Describe Doped Cerium Oxide Surfaces
222g Density Functional Theory Evaluation of Rare-Earth Oxides for Biomass Gasification Effluent Cleanup
284f Computational Characterization of Pd/Ceria Catalysts Using DFT+U and ReaxFF
585e Computational Modeling of Electrolyte/Cathode Electrocatalytic Interface In PEM Fuel Cells
Janik, M. J.
190u Multi-Scale Modeling of a Cathode/Electrolyte Interface In Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
Jankovic, V.
3bs Core|Shell Optical Nanoantenna
360e Core|Shell Optical Antenna
3bx Novel Methods for Simulating the Self-Assembly of Complex Particles
517e Swarming Structure In Thermal Self-Propelled Colloids
580d Algorithms for Partition Function Calculation Applied to Self-Assembly of Patchy Particles
Janorkar, A. V.
123g Synthesis and Characterization of Elastin-Like Polypeptide and Polyelectrolyte Conjugates for Tissue Engineering
730d Elastin-Based Scaffolds for Local Delivery of Antibiotics and Proteins
Janosi, L.
702g Molecular Simulations of Sequence-Specific Association of Transmembrane Proteins In Lipid Bilayers
Janssen, A. E.
196g Membrane Cascading for Downstream Processing of Proteins
Janssen, C. H. C.
380f Ionic Liquid Desalination: Salt Extraction Versus Ion Exchange
116b Thermal Integration of Reboilers Positioned Close to the Pinch Point of a Process
Janz, E. E.
36b Suspension of Solid Mixtures by Mechanical Agitation
239a Effective Single-Impeller Turbulent Blending In Tall Vessels
Jao, T.
13g Low Temperature Gasification of Impregnated Biomass Feedstock
Jaquet, B.
571e Reversible Oligomerization and Irreversible Coagulation of Monoclonal Antibodies In Downstream Processing
530b Hot Wire Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (HWCVD) of Niobium Nitride Thin Films
530c Effect of Process Variables On Microestructure and Composition of HWCVD Tungsten Oxides Thin Films
Jaramillo, M.
14e Correlating Effect of Gel Microstructural Features with Specific Differentiation Patterning of Embryonic Stem Cells
261e Endothelial Cell Co-Culture Helps Maturation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell (HESC) to Pancreatic Islet-Like Cell
314c Analyzing Pathways of Endoderm Induction of hESC by Identification of Co-Regulated Genes
449c MoS2 Nanostructures As Efficient, Stable, and Earth-Abundant Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution In Acid
507a Electrocatalytic Conversion of CO2 to Fuels On Metal Surfaces
525d Double Gyroid Nanostructured Platinum As Highly Durable Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalyst
Jarboe, L.
388a Metabolic Flux Analysis of Escherichia Coli MG1655 Under Octanoic Acid Stress
421be 13C –Based Metabolic Flux Analysis of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Under Octanoic Acid Inhibition
Jarenmark, L. M.
541e Directed Evolution of Metalloenzymes for Organic Synthesis
Jaroszeski, M. J.
439b Using Gold Nanoshells to Enhance Electroporation and Uptake Through the Cell Membrane
Jarrell, K.
231f Integrations of Biosurfactant Production Into Advanced Biorefineries
Jarvis, M. W.
13e A Dual-Stage Laminar Entrained Flow Reactor (LEFR) and Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) System for Studying Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification
349h Studying Effects of Inorganic Salts On Biomass Pyrolysis Using a Captive Sample Reactor
Jasinski, J.
665d Homo- and Hetero-Epitaxial Growth On Nanowire Substrates
Jason, H.
131e Implementation of Supersaturation Control In Large Scale Crystallization
Jasuja, K.
531f Detecting Molecular Motion On Graphene: An Opto-Electromechanical Logic Device
745b Synthesis of Solvent Dispersed Ultrathin Sheets of Boron Nitride
Javadekar, A. D.
373e Molten Mixed Metal Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
718c Energy Storage with Molten Metal Oxide
Javidpour, L.
623j Confinement Can Destabilize Alpha-Helix Folding Proteins by Stabilizing the Beta Structures
Javier, A. E.
29b Simultaneous Electronic and Ionic Conduction In Block Copolymers
Jawor-Baczynska, A.
250d Nanoscale Clustering and Nucleation In Aqueous Glycine Solutions
Jayakumar, A.
373e Molten Mixed Metal Anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
718c Energy Storage with Molten Metal Oxide
Jayalakshmi, S.
623f Mathematical Modeling of the Amensal Relation Between Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Micrococcus Luteus – Experimental and Simulation Studies
692d Comparative Transcriptome Analysis In Baby Hamster Kidney Cells Through High Throughput Sequencing
Jayaraman, A.
430a Adsorbents for Biogas Fueled Fuel Cells
Jayaraman, A.
517a Monte Carlo Simulations of the Assembly of Copolymer Functionalized Nanoparticles
580c Integrated Theory and Simulation Approach for Studying Polymer Functionalized Nanoparticles In Polymer Nanocomposites
702a Molecular Simulations of Macromolecular Materials for Non-Viral Gene Delivery
Jayaraman, A.
216f Identification of Mitochondria Damaging Agents Using Parallel Screening
251b Analysis of siRNA Transport and Delivery within 3-Dimensional Collagen Matrices
764d Experimental Design of Systems Involving Multiple Fluorescent Reporters
Jayaraman, J.
331b Motif-Grafted Domain Antibodies Selectively Recognize Amyloidogenic Conformers
Jayaraman, K.
706c Modulus Enhancement and Orientation In Die-Drawn PP-Talc Composites
706f Nonlinear Viscoelasticity and Recovery of Polypropylene-Clay Nanocomposite Melts
Jayaraman, S.
758f Thermophysical Property Estimations of Molten Salts
Jayawickrama, D. A.
631a Modeling of Power-Blending Using Real-Time NIR Data
Jayne, J. T.
136b Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol From the Direct Photolytic Generation of Organic Radicals
Jayswal, A. V.
421bb Sustainability Assessment and Root Cause Analysis of Poly-Generation Systems
521d Incorporating Safety and Efficiency Considerations In Sustainability Assessment of Poly-Generation Systems
Jebaraj, J.
87a Electrodeposition of CuGaSe2 From Thiocyanate-Containing Electrolytes
Jeffery, S. B.
432a Taking PAT From the Laboratory to Commercial Manufacturing
Jellema, E.
741d On-Demand, Targeted Drug Delivery Using Magnetic Thermosensitive Nanocomposites
Jena, B. P.
721f Understanding the Role of Calcium In Membrane Fusion
Jena, H. M.
457f Analysis of Phase Holdup Characteristic of a Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed by CFD Simulation and Experiment
Jeng, E. S.
609a Exciton Engineering with Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Solar Energy Conversion: From Exciton Antennae to Nano-Heterojunctions
Jeng, E. S.
609d Photoelectrochemical Complexes for Solar Energy Conversion That Dynamically, Reversibly and Autonomously Self-Assemble
622l Separating the Identifications of Nonlinear and Linear Parts In Block-Oriented Nonlinear Models Using Subspace Identification Approach
Jenkins, J.
704c Development of Methods to Engineer Microbial Biocatalytic Coating Microstructure for Optimal Reactivity
Jenkins, P.
276a Time-Resolved Measurement Used In Flow Cytometry
639g Fluorescence Lifetime Sorting with A Frequency Domain Analysing Flow Cytometer
Jennewein, H.
748b Formation of O/W Emulsions by Static Mixers and Production of Microparticles for Pharmaceutical Applications
Jennings, G. K.
245c Effect of Surface Topography and Superhydrophobicity On Friction
253e Composite Fluorocarbon Membranes by Surface-Initiated Polymerization
705e Micromolding Surface-Initiated Polymerization: A Versatile Route for Microscale Replication Onto a Solid Support
Jensen, A. D.
313d Heterogeneous Microbial Populations: Using Flow Cytometric Data for Building Dynamic Distributed Models
467a Modeling the Residence Time Distribution In a Batch Fermentor: Comparison of CFD Prediction with Experiment
480b Engineering Involvement In Green School Development
Jensen, K. F.
169a Online Kinetic Analysis of Reactions In a Microreactor System
671b Reaction Development for Bench Scale, Continuous Synthesis of a Drug Substance
Jensen, L.
516c Green Gas Hydrate Inhibitors
Jensen, L.
732g Plasmonic Nanodisk Dimers and Cusp Nanostructures: Fabrication Using Self-Assembled Colloidal Doublets
Jensen, R.
210c Remendable Interfaces for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites
Jentoft, F. C.
375f Adsorption and Subsequent Surface Reactions of Bifunctional Compounds From Bio-Oil Vapors On Oxide Supports
Jeoh, T.
258d Effects of Mixing Quality On the Kinetics of Biomass Liquefaction
Jeon, C.
704f Nanoscale Enzyme Reactors and Enzyme Precipitate Coatings of Glucose Oxidase for Biosensor and Biofuel Cell Applications
Jeon, J.
354b Modeling and Optimization of Natural Gas Liquefaction Process for Reducing Energy Consumption
622c Optimal Design of Acid Gas Removal Unit In LNG Plant
629s Synthesis of Mesoporous Aluminosilicates From Commercially Available Ferrierite and Application for Catalytic Reaction
Jeon, J.
702c Sequence Landscapes In Peptide Oligomerization and Self-Assembly
Jeon, J.
595g A Lattice-Based Computational Model of Microscopic Bone Resorption In Cortical Bone Multicellular Units
Jeong, H.
600d Synthesis of Zeolite Imidazolate Framework Films and Membranes On Metal Modified Supports
Jeong, J. H.
74b Controlling the Dependency Between Hydrogel Rigidity and Permeability with the Inflexibility of a Polymer Cross-Linker
142e Investigations of the Strengths of Elliptical Nanoparticles In Drug Delivery Application
651g Tuning the Dependency Between Stiffness and Permeability of Cell-Encapsulating Hydrogel with Hydrophilic Pendant Chains
685b Assembly of 3D Tumor Spheroids by Tuning Matrix Mechanics
770e Independent Control Stiffness and Permeability of a Cell-Encapsulating Hydrogel; Integration of Bio-Inspired Material Chemistry and Microfabrication
Jeong, K.
Jeong, S. M.
629ao Deactivation and Regeneration of Commercial SCR Catalyst Used In a Coal-Fired Power Plant
Jerden, J. L.
514b Recycling of Used Nuclear Fuel
Jermann, S.
167d The Theory and Practice of Delta-Shocks In Nonlinear Chromatography
Jernigan, A. C.
429g Algal Genotyping for Biofuel Production
Jerri, H. A.
545c Naturally-Functionalized Antimicrobial Sand (f-sand) Using Moringa Oleifera Seeds
Jessop, J. L.
337b Dual Photo and Thermally Polymerizable Monomers Derived From Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oils
566b Dual Photo and Thermal Polymerizable Monomers Derived From Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oils
749f Conversion Control In Acrylate-Epoxide Hybrid Photopolymerizations with Hydroxyl-Containing Acrylates
Jevremovic, T.
552a Developing Experimental and Computational Nuclear Forensics Signals of Fast Neutron Irradiation Facility At TRIGA Reactor
552b Monte Carlo Simulation of Tritium Generation Signals In the Utah TRIGA Reactor for Nuclear Forensics
552d GEANT4 Model for Nuclear Forensic Analysis of Nuclear Detonation In Urban Environments
552e New Nuclear Forensics Education Program and Research At the University of Utah
Jevremovic, T.
552c GEANT4 Simulation of Irradiation Facilities and Neutron Sources At University of Utah TRIGA for Nuclear Forensics and Detection
3bv Exploiting Synthetic Materials to Study and Direct Immune Response
150a Engineering the Lymph Node Microenvironment with Controlled Release Polymer Particles for Enhanced Vaccination
618az Materials-Based Strategies for Controlling the Route of Cell- and Tissue-Level Drug Delivery
Jewett, M. C.
724d Toward Development of a Scalable Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Platform From Yeast Extract
Jeyaseelan, K.
54a Incorporation of AquaporinZ Via Binary-Lipid Langmuir Monolayers
54b Planar Biomimetic Aquaporin-Incorporated Triblock Copolymer Membranes On Porous Solid Supports
54c Ultrafast Water Permeation of Biomimetic Membranes Embedded with Aquaporin for Water Reuse and Desalination
628c Preparation and Characterization of Pore-Suspending Biomimetic Membranes Embedded with Aquaporin Z
Jha, R.
247a Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Reversible Ionic Liquids
631f Recycling Homogeneous Catalysts: Tunable Solvents for the Hydroformylation of p-Methylstyrene
705a Fundamental Studies On the Radical Initiated Grafting of Vinyltrimethoxysilane Onto Polymeric Models
713c Selective Removal of Protecting Groups Using Water At Elevated Temperatures
Jhon, M. S.
104f Multiscale Modeling of Perfluoropolyether Lubricants with Functional Endgroups
181w Porous Media Flow Simulation Via Lattice Boltzmann Method with Representative Elementary Volume Method
420o The Rheological Responses of Binary Blended Perfluoropolyether Nano Film
620aa Energy Systems Integration Using Reduced Order Methods
628h Atomistic/Molecular Scale Modeling of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
738c Modeling and Optimization of Cathode Layer Microstructures In Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Jhong, M.
525f Linking Electrode Performance with Structure Using X-Ray Tomography
Ji, G.
173e Graphene-Encapsulated Hollow Fe3O4 Nanoparticle Aggregates As a High Performance Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
Ji, J.
492f Gas Velocity In a HIGEE of Rotating Zigzag Bed
Ji, J.
283d Improvement In Ionic Conductivity and Mechanical Properties Observed In Multi-Functional Block Copolymer Modified Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Li+ Ion Batteries
618bg A Solid Polymer Electrolyte with Comprehensively Enhanced Performance for Lithium Ion Battery
643c Significant Enhancements In Bio-Compatibility of a Soy-Polymer Blend Via a Facile Approach
Ji, L.
710b MPC Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Principles
Ji, S.
364b The Effects of Cationic Polyelectrolyte On the Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Stover
667d Dynamic Change In Polymer Particle Shape and Size by Simple Emulsion-Diffusion Process
Ji, S.
687c Effects of Highly-Charged Nanoparticles On the Interaction Force Between Weakly-Charged Nanoparticles and Surfaces
Ji, W.
618ba Biodegradable Graft Polymer-Drug Conjugate
Ji, W.
610b Experimental and Theoretical Study of Lignin Extraction by Ionic Liquids From Straw
Ji, Y.
295g A Simple Approach of Mass Transport On Gas-Liquid Interface by Statistical Rate Theory
192g Evaluation and Optimization of Biofuel Production Fromsunflower Hulls Using Central Composite Design Analysis
421as Evaluation Kenaf As a Renewable Source for Green Chemicals and Fuels
Jia, F.
704e Design of Nanoparticle-Based Platforms for Multi-Enzyme Co-Localization
Jia, H.
283e Electrocatalysis of Sandwich-Structured Pd/Polypyrrole/Pd Composites towards Formic Acid Oxidation
Jia, S.
188a Removal of Cr(VI) In Aqueous Solution by Fe3O4 Nanoparticles In the Presence and Absence of Mn(II)
385i In Situ Synthesis of Amino-Functionalized Magnetite/Silica Nanoparticles In Microemulsion and Their Application for Immobilization of Catalase
Jia, W.
11h Ultra-Sensitive Glucose Detection Using Copper Nanowires
87e Vertically Aligned Ag Nanostructure and Its Application In SERS
Jia, W.
3bt Nanostructured Functional Materials for (Bio)Sensing and Energy-Related Applications
Jia, X.
129h Simulation of the Thermal Plume Around a Seated Mannequin
471f Self-Consistent Field Modeling of Microstructure Formation In Fluorinated “Block” Ionic Liquids for Photovoltaic Cells
Jia, Z.
564b Pilot Test for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Using a Fixed Bed Compact Heat Exchange Reactor
763d Compact Heat Exchange Reactors for Process Intensification
Jian, G.
181d Liquid-Continuous Impinging Stream Used for Cell Disruption and Its Flow Field Simulation
Jian, Z.
629as Precious Metal Based Perovskites for Methanol Partial Oxidation
Jiang, B.
360f Large-Scale Colloidal Self-Assembly by Doctor Blade Coating
Jiang, B.
80f Influence of Wall Number and Surface Functionalization of Carbon Nanotube On Its Antioxidant Behavior In High Density Polyethylene
315b Diffusion Measurements of Isopentane, Hexene, Cyclohexane In Polyethylene Particles
Jiang, D.
460a Electric Double Layers At the Interface of Ionic Liquids/Onion-Like Carbon: Capacitance Enhancement Originating From Spherical Curvature
576d Novel Porous Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Separation of CH4/CO2 and CH4/H2 Mixtures
Jiang, H.
237d Dielectrophoretic Cell Sorters for High Purity and Throughput
Jiang, J.
489b Effects of Residual Solvent On Membrane Structure and Gas Permeation In a Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity: Insight From Atomistic Simulation
699d Effects of Functional Groups In Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity On Gas Permeation and Separation: A Combination of Molecular Simulations and Ab Initio Calculations
Jiang, L.
618by Development of DDGS Based Renewable Composites
Jiang, M.
548a Estimation and Modeling of Crystal Size and Shape Evolution Using In Situ Tools
Jiang, P.
39f Development of a Scalable Bottom-up Nanomanufacturing Platform for Highly Efficient Photovoltaics
235a Integrated Plasmonic Biosensors with Microfluidics
360f Large-Scale Colloidal Self-Assembly by Doctor Blade Coating
465c Hierarchical Nanoporous Filtration Membranes Enabled by a Roll-to-Roll Compatible Bottom-up Technology
Jiang, Q.
771f Application of a Zeolite Membrane for the Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Jiang, S.
570d Combinatorial Synthesis of Chemically Diverse Core-Shell Nanoparticles for siRNA Delivery
Jiang, S.
3bj Biomolecular Interfaces: Understanding and Design of Zwitterionic Materials for Biomedical Applications
74a A Smart Material with Both Sticky and Non-Sticky Properties
142c On the Design of Biocompatible Zwitterionic Surfaces: Does Chaotrope Have Lower Friction Than Kosmotrope?
156e Water Mobility: A Bridge Between the Hofmeister Series and the Friction of Zwitterionic Surfaces In Aqueous Solutions
216d Model-Based Clustering Applied to Combinatorial Libraries
511e Synthetic Challenges for Zwitterionic-Based Biomaterials
540a The Free Energy of a Salt Bridge From Simulations
568e Data Mining Nature to Design New Peptide Based Biomaterials
618k Drug Delivery Nanoparticles Modified by Zwitterionic Polymers
676c Molecular Simulation Study of Zwitterion-Ion Association
695d Photopolymerized Carboxybetaine Hydrogels with a Carboxybetaine Dimethacrylate Crosslinker for Functionalization and High Mechanical Strength
759g Comparison of Poly (ethylene glycol) and Zwitterionic Materials for Their Interactions with Proteins: a Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Jiang, S.
11e Ultra-Low Fouling Zwitterionic Carboxybetaine Antibody Microarrays for Cancer Diagnostics Directly From Human Blood
324c Highly Efficient DNA Vaccine Based On Hydrolytic Cationic Ester Particles
345b Multifunctional Zwitterionic Nanogels for Targeted Drug Delivery and Renal Clearance
463a Magnetic Plasmonic Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Fast Condensation and Detection of Bacteria Using SERS
501b Ultra-Low Fouling and Antibody Functionalization Properties of Zwitterionic Carboxybetaine Polymer Films for Biosensing Applications
Jiang, T.
151e Effects of Concentration, Interaction and Shape Anisotropy On Dynamics of Colloidal Mixtures
Jiang, X.
625j Cytomic Analysis and Fatty Acids Profiling of the Snow Algae Chlamydomonas Nivalis by NaCl Stress Using Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, Flow Cytometry and GC-MS
Jiang, X.
460e Dynamics of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids Under Large External Forces
165d Multienzyme System Construction and Multienzyme Catalytic Conversion
Jiang, Y.
763f Continuous Flow Reactors: Process Intensification of An Industrial Case
Jiang, Y.
52a A Fast Hybrid Molecular Dynamics Method for Estimating Gas Diffusion In Polymeric Glasses
Jiang, Y.
623u Monte Carlo Methodologies for the Structural Characterization of Globular Proteins
Jiang, Y.
620i Systematic Approach to Chemical Process Design: Application to Ethanol Production From Ethylene
Jiang, Z.
549c Non-Contact Measurements of "Stiffness" In Confined Polymer Films by Fluorescence and X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Jiang, Z.
586b Study of the Photodeposition of Noble Metal On BiOCl for the Photocatalytic Decomposition of Rhodamine B
586d Visible-Light-Driven Photodegradation of Contaminants In Water Over Surface-Engineered BiOBr Semiconductor Micro/Nano-Structures
Jiang, Z.
165d Multienzyme System Construction and Multienzyme Catalytic Conversion
191z Designing and Fabricating Highly CO2-Selective Composite Membranes Inspired by Iron-Fortified Mussel Adhesive System
601f A Solvent-Free Approach to Prepare Antifouling, High-Flux polyHEMA Membrane
Jiao, Y.
614f Planning and Long-Term Scheduling of Single-Stage Multi-Product Continuous Lines with a Complex Recycling Structure
Jimenez, A. C.
275b PDMSstar-PEG Hydrogels for Directed MSC Differentiation
620s Effect of Salt Addition On Extractive Distillation Process
620t Dynamic Behavior of a Thermally Coupled Distillation Column Implemented On a Reactor-Separation-Recycle System
Jimenez del Val, I.
133g Towards the Implementation of QbD to the Production of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies with Desired Glycosylation Patterns
Jiménez, L.
316g Systematic Methods for the Elimination of Redundant Life Cycle Assessment Metrics In the Multi-Objective Optimization of Industrial Processes
735g Global Optimization of Detailed Non-Linear Kinetic Models of Metabolic Networks Through Recasting Into Canonical Power-Law Representation
Jiménez, L.
620q Simultaneous Environmental and Economic Optimization of Reverse Osmosis Plants Coupled with Solar Rankine Cycles
620r Combined Use of Simulation Packages, Multi-Objective Optimization and Statistical Tools for the Environmentally Conscious Design of Thermodynamic Cycles
626y Natural Prebiotics As Encapsulating Agents for Probiotic Microencapsulation by Spray Drying
623q Engineering Galactose Metabolism for Improved Cell Growth of CHO Cells In Culture
Jiménez, Y. P.
629ae Esterification of Iso-Amyl Alcohol with Benzoic Acid: A Kinetic Study
Jiménez-Gutiérrez, A.
620d Optimization of the Biofouling Control In Integrated Desalination/Power Plants
Jimenez-useche, I.
420g Effects of DNA Methylation On the Self-Assembly of a Chromatin Fiber
Jin, B.
569b Nanoparticle Induced Pore Formation On Supported Lipid Bilayer
Jin, J.
494c Effects of High Pulsed Magnetic Field On Enzymes and Microorganisms In Strawberry Juice
Jin, K.
245b Hard Carbon Spheres As Micro-Bearings for Water-Based Lubrication
568b The Fabrication of Dry Adhesives Mimicking the Gecko Adhesive System
Jin, L.
266d A Tetrahedral Lattice Model for Simulating the Formation of Ordered Nanoporous Materials
Jin, M.
10f Effect of AFEX Pretreatment Degradation Products On Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Microbial Fermentation by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST)
231a A Novel SHF Process for Conversion of AFEX-CS to Ethanol Featuring High Ethanol Productivity, Enzyme Recycling, and Yeast Cells Reuse
Jin, M.
405a Inflamed Leukocyte-Mimetic Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging of Inflammation: Application to Detection of Tumor and Acute Inflammation
Jin, S.
618bo Silver Nanowire Embedded In P3HT:PCBM for High Efficiency Hybrid Photovoltaic Device Applications
234e Design Strategies for the Preparation of Metal-Organic Framework Membranes
Jin, X.
729g High-Throughput Continuous Magnetic Sorting of Unlabeled Red Blood Cells (RBC) and Analysis by Cell Tracking Velocimetry (CTV)
Jin, X.
705d One Pot Synthesis of Ethoxylated Bisphenol A Acrylate Macro Monomer From Bisphenol A Acrylate and Ethylene Oxide
442a Activity and Selectivity of Bimetallic Catalysts In Hydrogenolysis of Sugars and Sugar Alcohols
Jin, Y.
181n Visualization of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer and Reaction Inside a Single Droplet Using PIV and PLIF Technique
236b Experimental Study of Reactive Liquid Mixing with Multiple Components In a T-Shaped Microchannel by Laser-Induced fluorescence Technique
335c Rapid Coal Pyrolysis to Acetylene In Thermal Plasma Reactor
Jin, Y.
388d Enhanced Xylitol Production Through Simultaneous Co-Consumption of Cellobiose and Xylose by An Engineereed Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain
421z Co-Fermentation of Cellobiose and Galactose by An Engineered Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain
425a Optimal Strain Design of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae for Bioethanol Production
Jin, Z.
92c A Simple Model for Complex Fluids: The Challenges with Long-Range Interactions
702i Polyelectrolytes In Viral Capsids: Predictions From the Density Functional Theory
Jin, Z.
615d Bi- and Tri- Layer Graphene Solutions
Jing, D.
336e Guided Cardiogenic Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells In Static and Stirred-Suspension Cultures
Jing, F.
132g Phylogenetic and Experimental Characterization of An Acyl-ACP Thioesterase Family Reveals Significant Diversity In Enzymatic Specificity and Activity
Jing, M.
179e Applications of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis
Jing, S.
578a Reduction of Neptunium In Synthetic High Level Liquid Waste
Jintao, W.
291a Study of Granular Material Multscale Character Based On Complex Networks Perspective
Jo, B. H.
626m Biological Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Chemicals
Jo, D. H.
294g Improvement of the PEMFC Performance Under Low Humidification Condition by Using the Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Double Micro Porous Layer In a Cathode Gas Diffusion Layer
Jo, S.
630c Experimental Validation of a Modified Four-Zone SMB Process for Ternary Separation
630d Application of Carousel Process Packed with Metal Ion-Imprinted Polymer for Continuous Separation of Copper Ions From a Mixture of Heavy Metal Ions
56a Solvent Selection Techniques for Pharmaceutical Processes
263d Novel Solvent Selection and Solvent Recycling for CO2 Capture In Pulverized Coal Plant
409a Synapse: Software for Chemical Product Design
Joffe, A. M.
623bn Developing a Miniaturized Assay for Label-Free, High-Throughput Biomolecule Analysis
Joffe, M. E.
197d Metabolic Flux Analysis Using Designed Isotope Labeling Experiments Reveals Effects of Light On Metabolic Fluxes In Heterotrophic Plant Suspension Cells
Joglekar, G.
68f Real-Time Process Management and Knowledge Management for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
652d Towards Continuous Operations In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Jogwar, S. S.
214b A Graph Theoretic Approach for Model Reduction and Control of Complex Energy Integrated Process Networks
316d Hierarchical Control of Networks Featuring Large Solvent Recycle
622q Energy Integration In Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems Under Different Steam Reformer Conditions: a Design and Control Approach
646a Dynamics and Control of High Duty Counter-Current Heat Exchangers
Johannes, A. H.
3b An Empirical Boundary Layer Based Model to Predict Contamination in Multiproduct Refined Petroleum Pipelines
295c A Fundamental Convective-Diffusion Based Model to Explain Interfacial Mixing In Multiproduct Pipelines
638e Effect of Scaffold Positioning On Tissue Thickness In a Batch Tissue Culture Reactor
Johannes, T.
132b Engineering the Microalgae Strain Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii for Xylose Utilization
Johansen, J.
424f Identification of Tyrosine Kinases and Their Substrates In Human Tumor Samples by 2D Gel Phosphotyrosine Western Blotting
Johansen, K.
772d A Systematic Methodology for the Assessment and Troubleshooting of Control Strategies and Operational Problems In Distillation Systems
Johansen, S. J.
313d Heterogeneous Microbial Populations: Using Flow Cytometric Data for Building Dynamic Distributed Models
310f Predicting Segregation In Handling Processes Using Hybrid Discrete and Continuum Approaches
479c Measurement of Unconfined Yield Strength In Small Size Cells
479d Theoretical and Experimental Study of Bulk Strength of Fibrous Biomass Materials
John, K. D.
450a Bulk Production of Generator Parent 72se At the Los Alamos IPF Using a NaBr Target
John, V. T.
245b Hard Carbon Spheres As Micro-Bearings for Water-Based Lubrication
460g Pickering Emulsion of Water-In-Trichloroethylene Stabilized by Monodisperse Carbon Spheres
John, V. T.
399f Adsorptive-Reactive Nanoparticulate Systems for the In Situ Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
439c Anticancer Effect of Curcumin Liposomes Against Osteosarcoma and Synergistic Effect of Curcumin with Ceramide 6
524a The Effects of Hydrophobically Modified Chitosan On Liposomes
664g Breath Figure PLGA Films for Controlled Drug Delivery Applications
Johnsen, P.
305d Pennycress-Derived Jet Fuel and Diesel LCA: Sustainable Advanced Biofuels
Johnson, B.
192c Identification and Quantification of Sugar and Oil From Arkansas-Native Algae
Johnson, B. N.
126e Elucidation of Isobutanol Tolerance In Escherichia Coli Through Targeted Genome Engineering
Johnson, B.
618f Self-Assembling Biomimetic Hydrogels with Bioadhesive Properties for Tissue Engineering Applications
Johnson, D. K.
641b A Method for Rapid Screening of Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass Intermediates
Johnson, D. K.
117f The Effects of Water On Sugar Reactions
Johnson, J. K.
146d Noble Gases On Metal Surfaces: New Insights On Adsorption Site Preference
Johnson, J. R.
742c Modified-Mesoporous-Silica Gas Separation Membranes On Polymeric Hollow Fibers
Johnson, J.
123a Surface Modified Electrospun Fibers for Investigating the Relative Influence of Chemical and Topographical Cues On Tumor Cell Migration
Johnson, J.
312f A Parameterized Iron-Zeolite SCR Model Calibrated to Reactor Data
Johnson, J.
421ad Enhanced Biocrude Production by Activated and Anaerobic Digester Sludges Via Cultivation In Sugar-Fed Aerobic Bioreactors
Johnson, J.
699f Polyimide Membrane Materials Development for Sour Gas Separations
Johnson, K.
28c Deliquescence Behavior of Sodium Borohydride and Steam
134g First Principles and Classical Simulations of Ionic Liquids for Carbon Dioxide Capture
392d Adsorption of CO2 In a Spin-Crossover Metal Coordination Polymer
456e A Computational Study of Steam Hydrolysis of NaBH4
498f Kinetics of Self-Hydrolysis of Concentrated Sodium Borohydride Solutions At High Temperatures
528b Proton Transport Across a Hydroxyl Functionalized Graphene Membrane
559a Adsorption and Reaction of Porphyrinic Metal Organic Frameworks: DFT and Simulations Study
576d Novel Porous Carbon Nanotube Membranes for Separation of CH4/CO2 and CH4/H2 Mixtures
133a The Genome Sequence of the Chinese Hamster:Ushering In An Era of CHO Genome Engineering
692d Comparative Transcriptome Analysis In Baby Hamster Kidney Cells Through High Throughput Sequencing
Johnson, K.
497f Insights Into Lactate Metabolism Through Multivariate Analysis of Cell Culture Bioprocess Data
Johnson, L. E.
603d Reduced Dimensionality From Nanoengineering of Soft Matter Organic Electro-Optic Materials
Johnson, L. M.
385a Magnetic Block Ionomer Complexes for Imaging and Therapeutics
472b Block Ionomer Complexes Containing Gentamicin to Kill Intracellular Brucella Melitensis
431e Failure Mode Analysis of Continuous Process with Process Models
Johnson, M. D.
431b Development of a Continuous Process for Tasisulam Sodium
631i Dispersion In Plug Flow Tube Reactors Used for Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Johnson, M.
97b Converting Carbon Dioxide and Water Into Hydrocarbons with Solar Engergy and Nanostructured Metal Surfaces
Johnson, M.
626n Engineering E. Coli for 2,3-Butanediol Production From Cellodextrins
Johnson, P. A.
420y The Investigation of Polymer Coated Magnetic Nanocomposites for the Immobilization of Carbonic Anhydrase for CO2 Capture
591b Synthesis and Functionalization of Gold Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Biosensors
Johnson, P.
303f The Transdermal Delivery of Biologics Using 3M's Microstructed Transdermal System (MTS)
Johnson, P. M.
421t Engineering Sustainable Polymers Through Biology
Johnson, R. D.
550e Stress Cracking of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Beverage Bottles: Mechanism, Structure/Property Relationships, and Methods of Prevention
382d The Ohio State University Process Safety Education
Johnson, T. A.
286a Liquid Fuel Production Using Solar-Thermal Energy: Process Development and Technoeconomic Evaluation
Johnson, T. W.
401d Self-Assembled Plasmonic Electrodes for High-Performance Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Johnson, V.
66a Ionic Liquids: A Potential Role In the Sulfur Family of Thermochemical Cycles
Johnson, II, W.
141g Mechanistic Investigation of Ethanol SCR of NOx Over Ag/Al2O3
40b High Oxygen Reduction Activity From Electroless Co-Deposition of Ag and MnOx Nanodomains On Carbon
747d Gold Nanoclusters with Strong near Infrared Absorbance for Biomedical Imaging
748a Low Viscosity Highly Concentrated Dispersions of Stable Protein Nanoclusters for Subcutaneous Injection
228b ECOwall Systems - Using Recycled Paper for Interior Partition Systems In Commercial Buildings
Johnston, T.
479b Nrel's Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility - Pilot Scale Solids Handling Risk Mitigation
Jones, A. D.
10f Effect of AFEX Pretreatment Degradation Products On Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Microbial Fermentation by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 424A(LNH-ST)
Jones, A.
613e Development and Evaluation of a Novel Hot Carbonate Absorption Process with Crystallization-Enabled High Pressure Stripping for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
613f Kinetics of CO2 Absorption Into Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Solution Promoted by Carbonic Anhydrase Enzyme
Jones, A. J.
731f Consequences of Solvation and Acid Strength for Catalysis by Faujasite Zeolites
Jones, A. R.
405d Isolation and Characterization of Novel Antibodies That Target the Blood-Brain Barrier
Jones, B. S.
614g Agent-Based Chemical Supply Chain Models Assessing Dynamic Disruptions
Jones, C.
77a Micropatterned Growth Factor-Containing Surfaces to Study Hepatic Response to Injury
Jones, C. N.
77b Microfluidic Assay for Neutrophil Chemotaxis towards Chemoattractant Gradients
Jones, C. W.
111d Hybrid Sulfonic Acid Catalysts Based On Silica -Supported Poly(Styrene Sulfonic Acid) Brush Materials and Their Application In Ester Hydrolysis
206a Depolymerization and Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Switchgrass Lignin with Formic Acid As a Hydrogen Source
241b Modeling Molecular Transport In Composite Membranes with Tubular Fillers
281e Mixed Oxide Supports Derived From Layered Metal Hydroxides to Reduce Methanol Selectivity In the Catalytic Synthesis of Higher Alcohols Over Potassium-Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts
374e Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotubes with Organic-Modified Interiors
613d Engineering Amine-Based Solid Adsorbents for Carbon Capture From Dilute CO2 Streams
633f Effect of Amine Structure On CO2 Adsorption From Ultra-Dilute Gas Streams Such As Ambient Air
640c Bifunctional Mesoporous Silica for Cooperative Catalysis Prepared Through Sequential Grafting of An Organic Base and An Organic Acid
688e Amine-Functionalized Mesoporous Alumina for CO2 Capture From Flue Gas or Ambient Air: Preparation, Capture Capacity and Stability
734g Modeling Adsorption Processes for Direct Capture of CO2 From Ambient Air
742c Modified-Mesoporous-Silica Gas Separation Membranes On Polymeric Hollow Fibers
745a Vapor-Phase Transport As a Novel Route to Prepare Hyperbranched Aminosilica Hybrids
Jones, D.
372e Gender Similarities and Differences In Belonging Among Engineering Graduating Seniors At Two Universities
Jones, D. D.
155f Modeling and Optimization of a Modified Claus Process As Part of An Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant with CO2 Capture
Jones, E. N.
335f Investigation of Minimum Stability Factor for Plate Grid Distributors
Jones, F.
582f The Effect of Phase and Temperature On the Kinetics of Biodiesel Production and Microreactor Design
Jones, J.
484c Cross-Flow Filtration of Plasma From Blood From a Microchannel
Jones, J. K.
239a Effective Single-Impeller Turbulent Blending In Tall Vessels
Jones, L.
10a Fermentation Cost Improvement Through Propagation Advances for a Commercially Relevant Biomass-to-Ethanol Process
Jones, L.
375c Synthesis, Characterization, and Testing of Shaped PtAg Nanoparticle Catalysts
Jones, M. G.
55f Investigation of Pressure and Energy Consumption In Bypass Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Jones, M.
18d Model-Based Design of Catalysts
Jones, M. J.
149b Crystallization-Based Integrated Process for the Resolution of a Pharmaceutically Relevant Intermediate
Jones, P. V.
101b Bioparticle Capture In a Sawtooth Dielectrophoretic Microchannel
Jones, W.
208e Characterization of the Durability of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces Produced by Nanoparticle Vapor Deposition
Jones, W. A.
564e Production of Synthetic Paraffin Kerosene by Hydrocracking Fischer-Tropsch Wax
Jonsson, H.
70c On the Nature of Water-Soluble Organic Aerosols In the Southern California Region
Joo, J.
682c Effects of Ammonia Substitution On Stability Limits and Emissions of Premixed Hydrogen/Air Flames
Joo, K. I.
3bu Biomaterials for Modulating Dendritic Cell-Derived Immune Responses
142f Injectable Thermosensitive Hydrogels Containing Cytokines for Modulating Dendritic Cell-Derived Immune Responses
504f Site-Specific Modification of AAV2 Vector by Using the Genetically Encoded Aldehyde Tag
Joo, S. W.
220h Field Effect Control of DNA Nanoparticle Electrokinetic Translocation Through a Nanopore
526e A 3D Bulk Microelectrode Array for High Throughput Cell Electrofusion
Joo, Y. L.
23b Structure Formation In Nanofibers: Modeling, Experiments and Applications
121b A Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Study On the Effect of Nanoparticles On Cylindrical Confined Assembly of Symmetric and Asymmetric Block Copolymers
244b Inorganic Catalytic Nanofibers for the Production of Hydrogen Via Alkaline Hydrolysis of Biomass
34b The Legal System As a Driver for Innovation In Energy Technology
Jorge, M.
190d Accurate Prediction of the n-Hexane/Water and 1-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients of Complex Chemicals Using Molecular Simulation
Jorgensen, E. L.
421bf Added Methane In Steam-Biomass Gasification Using Concentrated Solar Energy
522d Co-Utilization of Methane In Steam-Biomass Gasification Using Concentrated Solar Energy
Jorgensen, M.
490a Scale-up Methodologies When Handling Extremely Dangerous Intermediates and Products
490b Automated Pilot Plant System Producing 3,3-Diamino-4,4-Azoxyfurazan
Jørgensen, S. B.
772d A Systematic Methodology for the Assessment and Troubleshooting of Control Strategies and Operational Problems In Distillation Systems
Jose, A.
421ba Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels
696f At-Line NIR Spectroscopy As a Simple and Effective PAT Monitoring Technique In Mab Cultivations During Process Development and Manufacturing
José, H. J.
199a Gasification of Orange Residue Chars In CO2
Josell, D.
87c Three Dimensionally Structured Electrodeposited CdS/CdTe Solar Cells
Joseph, B.
108e In-Situ FTIR Spectroscopy to Study the Size Effect of Cobalt Nanoparticles On Carbon Monoxide Oxidation
231e Fischer Tropsch Synthesis Via Biomass Derived Synthesis Gas
312d Modeling the Start-up Phase of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis In a Fixed Bed Reactor: Strategizing the Optimum Operation
359f The Role of Added Promoters In Reducing the Deactivation of Co Catalyst Used In Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
478c Influence of Pt Promoter On Fischer-Tropsch Initiation Pathways Over Cobalt Catalysts
591a Ag-Cu Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Metal Enhanced Luminescence (MEL)
Joshi, A.
703f High Efficiency Rare Earth Doped Core-Shell Nanophosphors for Energy Applications
Joshi, A. A.
702b Fundamental Properties of Liquid Crystals From Multiscale Simulations
Joshi, A.
613c Multiphase Porous Medium Adsorption/Desorption Model for CO2 Capture Applications
Joshi, D. H. N.
160f Implementation of QbD Paradigm In Sterile Dosage Form Packaging – Some Practical Considerations
Joshi, K.
146a Status of the ReaxFF Reactive Force Field Method and Applications to Combustion, Catalysis and Material Failure
Joshi, S.
617d CFD Modeling of Solid Suspension In a Stirred Tank for Pharmaceutical Application
150e Interplay of Flow and Oncotically Active Solute Transport Across the Arterial Endothelium: Hydraulic Conductivity Masking and Relevance to Atherogenesis
Joshi, S.
717f Thermodynamic Framework Based On the Consistent Application of Regular Solution Theory to Model ITC Data
Joss, L.
688c Characterization of Novel Adsorbent Materials for a CO2 Capture Pressure Swing Adsorption Process
Jovanovic, G.
456a Temperature Distribution In Activated Carbon Bed During Adsorption of Nitrogen (model gas for hydrogen); Experiment & Mathematical Model
Jovanovic, G. N.
181i Investigation of Fluid Flow Maldistribution in Microchannel-Based Hemodialysis Using Residence Time Distribution Analysis
378d Removal of Heat From a Hydrogen Storage Media by a Novel Microscale-Based Heat Exchanger
399d Advanced Oxidation for Water Processing In Microstructured Reactors
Jove-Colon, C. F.
236g Monodisperse Droplet Generation for Microscale Mass Transfer Studies
Joy, D. C.
379e Nano-Particle Adhesion In PEM Fuel Cell Electrodes
420k Electron Beam Induced Radiation Damage In Nafion and the Lifetime of Fuel Cells
Ju, X.
337a Monodisperse Core-Shell Chitosan Microcapsules for pH-Responsive Burst Release of Hydrophobic Drugs
618e Microfluidic Preparation of Multicompartment Microcapsules for Co-Encapsulation and Controlled Release of Multiple Components
Ju, X.
714c Kinetics and Mechanism of Cellulase Hydrolysis of Nanocrystalline Cellulose
151g Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow and Separation In An Spray Granulating Tower
240f Numerical Simulation of Flow Characteristic and Coking Analysis In An FCC Disengager
Juarez, G.
347d Fluid Filament Thinning, Drop Breakup, and Extensional Rheology of DNA Suspensions In Microchannels
Juárez, J. J.
360c Feedback Control of Electric Field Mediated Colloidal Assembly
446a Energy and Diffusivity Landscapes From a Smoluchowski Analysis of Colloidal Crystallization Dynamics
Jülicher, F.
390b Pattern Formation In the Acto-Myosin Cortex: An Active Reaction-Diffusion-Advection Process
Juluri, B. K.
732g Plasmonic Nanodisk Dimers and Cusp Nanostructures: Fabrication Using Self-Assembled Colloidal Doublets
Jung, C. D.
381e Exploiting Chaos: Should Polymerization Reactors Be Chaotic?
Jung, D.
623az Recombinant Shematrin: Silk-Like Protein From the Ocean
623bb Marine Silk Protein From Sea Anemone
Jung, H. C.
526d Nanoelectroporation and Its Comparison with Micro and Bulk Electroporation
Jung, H. W.
181y Operability Coating Windows In Two-Dimensional Slot Coating Flow: Effect of Die Lip Configuration and Comparison with Viscocapillary Model
650a Physical Properties and Rheological Characteristics of Deasphalted Oil Produced From a Solvent Deasphalting Process
Jung, K. T.
700h Computer-Aided Design for a Demonstration-Scale Packed-Bed Tubular Reactor Producing Epichlorohydrin
Jung, K. Y.
618w Effect of Dual Templates On Texture Properties of Mesoporous Alumina Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis
436g Pyrolysis of Marine Biomass in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
Jung, M.
626o Improvement of 2,3-Butanediol Production In Enterobacter Aerogenes Via Lactate Dehydrogenase Deletion
Jung, S.
625r Preparation and Confirmation of Fla-B Conjugated Capsular Polysaccharide of Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Jung, S.
421e Green Ethanol Production From Soybean Lignocellulosic Biomass
Jung, S.
87c Three Dimensionally Structured Electrodeposited CdS/CdTe Solar Cells
Jurgensmeyer, A.
419e Rapid Estimation of the Most Probable Number (MPN) of Viable Bacteria In Water Samples
Jurisson, S. S.
450a Bulk Production of Generator Parent 72se At the Los Alamos IPF Using a NaBr Target
Juskeviciute, E.
89b A Systems Approach to Identify Effects of Chronic Alcohol Intake On the Dynamic Gene Regulatory Response Patterns During Liver Regeneration
Just, S.
666b Investigation of Tablet Coating Processes Using Discrete Element Method Simulations
Justiniano, E.
421ba Bioengineering a System for the Direct Production of Biological Hydrocarbons for Biofuels