Author Index: I

Iacovella, C. R.
72c Simulation of Nano-Confined Fluids and Colloids Using GPUs
212f The Formation of Polytetrahedral Structures In Elongated Gold Nanowires
246b Self Assembly of Soft Matter Quasicrystals and Their Approximants
446h The Effect of Molecular Adsorption On the Structural and Electrical Behavior of Elongating Gold Nanowires
Iacovella, C. R.
660g Determining Absolute Free Energy of Heterogeneous Molecular Solids
Iamazaki, E. T.
650e Study of Asphaltene Precipitation From Brazilian Petroleum
Iannuccelli, M.
138b An Integrated Quality by Design (QbD) Approach towards Prediction of Protein Degradation In Heated Mixing Vessels by Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ibañez, E.
434e Study for Galacto-Oligosaccharides Production Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology
419n Degradation of Kappa-Casein In Aqueous Solutions by Pulsed Corona- Based High Oxidation Method: Further Studies
Ibbini, J.
213c Attenuation of Tetrachloroethylene In Groundwater by Bioremediation
Ichikawa, T.
66e Thermochemical Hydrogen Production by Alkali Metal Oxides
Ida, J.
618an Low-Temperature Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide and Its Characterization
628l Effect of Synthesis and Template Removal Condition On the Quality of Mesoporous Silica Membrane
632f Application of SPCP (Surface corona discharge-induced Plasma Chemical Process) Reactor for Aeration Treatment of Polluted Water and Its Characterization
Idso, M.
76e Quasi-3D Plasmonic Nanostructures for Strain Specific Identification of Marine Bacteria Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Using SERS
Ierapetritou, M.
202f A QbD Approach to Improve Tablet Coating Uniformity
614d Integrated Planning and Scheduling of Multisite Production and Distribution Facilities
Ierapetritou, M. G.
68d Dynamic Flowsheet Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
475b Integration of Scheduling and Control with Closed Loop Implementation
506d Optimizing Continuous Powder Mixing Processes Using Periodic Section Modeling
506f Model-Based Control of An Integrated Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
608b Comparison of Performances for Diesel Fuels and Biodiesel In HCCI Engine Using Detailed Mechanism with On-the-Fly Reduction
625l Expression Profiling Analysis Following Cecal Ligation and Puncture (CLP) Treatment In Rat Liver
692h Short-Term Hepatic Gene Expression Profiling Following Thermal Injury
735e Simulation Based Optimization of Expensive Flowsheet Models for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
754f Scaling up Strategy for Continuous Powder Mixing Process
Ierapetritou, M. G.
197e Metabolic Response of Perfused Livers to Various Oxygenation Conditions
621c Multivariate Analysis and Reduced Order Modeling Based On Discrete Element Method (DEM) Simulations for a Powder Blender
625n Dynamics of the Systemic Response to Experimental Burn Injury and Sepsis: Hepatic Metabolic Flux Distribution
Iezzi, R.
303a Ocular Nanotherapeutics for Targeting Neuroinflammation for the Treatment of Retinal Degeneration
Iftode, C.
618f Self-Assembling Biomimetic Hydrogels with Bioadhesive Properties for Tissue Engineering Applications
Iglesia, E.
40a “Finding the Right Fit”: Catalysis and Confinement At the Nanoscale
222f Consequences of Composition and Acid Strength for Catalysis On Solid Acids
279b Exocyclic and Endocyclic C-C Bond Cleavage – Mechanism and Site Requirements
731f Consequences of Solvation and Acid Strength for Catalysis by Faujasite Zeolites
655e Dynamic Design Space As An Integrated Component of Quality by Design
Iisa, K.
267f Effect of Pressure and Heating Rate On Biomass Devolatilization and Gasification
349h Studying Effects of Inorganic Salts On Biomass Pyrolysis Using a Captive Sample Reactor
Iizuka, A.
413f Membrane Separation of Ethanol From Bio-Ethanol Containing Gasoline
594c Development of Waste Water Treatment Process with Sorbents Derived From Waste Concrete Sludge
632d Recovery of Copper From Etching Effluent Using Electrodialysis
Ikenberry, M.
435c Cellobiose Hydrolysis Using Acid-Functionalized Nanoparticles
745b Synthesis of Solvent Dispersed Ultrathin Sheets of Boron Nitride
Ikeno, F.
728c Translating Stem Cells-Molecular Imaging of Stem Cell Transplantation In Porcine Myocardium Using Clinical MRI and PET-CT
Ikeo, M.
626i Identification of the Cellulase Component That Contributes to the Efficient Saccharification of Cellulose At Low Enzyme Loadings
Ilias, S.
640a Manipulation of the Hydrocarbon Pool for Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons On H-ZSM-5
Im, J.
377b Hybrid ZnO Complexes From a Simple Thiol Modification Process: Understanding Electro-Optical Properties
Imerman, P.
524d Synthesis of Polyanhydride Particles As An Antibiotic Delivery Platform Against Intracellular Pathogens
Imhof, P.
279g Accelerated Catalytic Processing of Fossil and Biorenewable Feedstocks Using Avantium's Technology and Methodologies
Immer, J.
43a Modelling Acid Gas Reactions In Air Products Sour Compression Process
Immer, J. G.
279d Supported Palladium Catalysts for Decarboxylation of Fatty Acids
682d Low-Pressure Hydrogenolysis of Vapor-Phase Glycerol Over Heterogeneous Catalysts
Impellitteri, N.
695c Invited: Bioinspired Hydrogels That Regulate Growth Factor Signaling
Imran Alsous, J.
428d The Cultivation of Algae and Its Conversion to Biodiesel
Inamori, Y.
720d Phase Equilibria for Water + p-Xylene + 1-Methylnaphthalene System At 573 to 653 K
354e Cost Minimization Model for Heat Recovery for Hydrogen Production From Biomass Steam Gasification
Ingale, N.
110c Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
698g Effect of Additives In the Electrodepositon of Aluminum From Ionic Liquids for Application to the Development of Secondary Rechargeable Batteries
Ingavle, G. C.
275e Multicomponent Polymer Networks Enhance Mechanical Properties and Cellular Response of Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Ingersoll, D.
725g Creation and Characterization of Magnesium Oxide Macroporous Ceramics
Ingram, D. B.
449e Composite Plasmonic Metal/Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for Overall Water Splitting
Ingram, L.
522c Reducing Process Complexity for Cellulosic Ethanol
Ingram, T.
293f Thermodynamic Modeling for Surfactant Based Separation Processes
Inoue, G.
482b Dry-Type off-Gas Treatment Technology of Exhaust Gases From the Semiconductor Industry for Fluorine Recycling
Iqbal, U.
472g Targeted MRI and Optical Molecular Imaging Using Gadolinium Loaded Small Unilamellar Vesicles
687b Modified AO Potentials for Micellar, Nanoparticle, and Macromolecular Mediated Depletion Attraction & Colloidal Phase Behavior
Iracki, T. D.
446a Energy and Diffusivity Landscapes From a Smoluchowski Analysis of Colloidal Crystallization Dynamics
Iranshahi, A.
659a Static Mixing Spacers for Spiral Wound Modules
Iranshahi, D.
412b A Novel Recuperative Configuration for Enhancement of Ethylene Oxide Production Via Integration of Ethylene Oxidation Process and Cyclohexane Dehydrogenation
Iranshahr, A.
445a Equation-of-State Based Tie-Simplex Parameterization for Multiphase Thermal-Compositional Simulation
Iretskii, A. V.
510e Production of Biodiesel by Direct Transesterification of Activated Sludge Using Supercritical Methanol
Irimia, D.
77b Microfluidic Assay for Neutrophil Chemotaxis towards Chemoattractant Gradients
Irin, F.
693d Polymer-Stabilized Graphene Dispersions At High Concentrations In Organic Solvents for Nanocomposite Production
Irvine, D. J.
150a Engineering the Lymph Node Microenvironment with Controlled Release Polymer Particles for Enhanced Vaccination
570a Interbilayer-Crosslinked Multilamellar Vesicles As Synthetic Vaccines for Potent Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses
618az Materials-Based Strategies for Controlling the Route of Cell- and Tissue-Level Drug Delivery
Irving, D.
503d DNA-DNA Competitive Surface-Based Hybridization Through Target Displacement Under Constant Surface Potential Bias
503e Kinetic Modeling of Surface-Based Hybridization Through Electrostatics, Secondary Structures, and Probe-Probe Interactions and the Comparison with Langmuir and 2nd Order Langmuir Kinetic Models
Isaksson, A. J.
622e Robust Averaging Level Control
669c Data Mining of Historic Data for Process Identification
523a Comparison of Chemical and Biological Delignification of Cardboard
Isele-Holder, R. E.
183e Linking the COSMO-RS Model to Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Iser, R. L.
607a CMC Reviewer Expectations for ANDAs Using QbD Approaches
Ishida, K.
751a Reconfigurable Bacterial Polyester Nanocomposites Exhibiting Soft Shape Memory
Ishida, N.
192i Development of Ionic Liquid-Based Consolidated Bioprocessing (i-CBP) for Bioethanol Production
465g Investigation of Protein Adsorption Behavior On Polymer Surfaces Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation
Ishizuka, M.
91c Studies of Solid-Solid Mixing Behaviors In a Downer Reactor
686c Hydrodynamic Behaviors of Sand Particles In a Large-Scale Triple Bed Combined Circulating Fluidized Bed
Iskra, T.
444f Characterising the Fouling of An Industrial Anion Exchange Polishing Step During the Manufacturing Process of a Commercial Therapeutic Protein
Islam, M. A.
173g Binderless Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticle Films Through Electrophoretic Deposition, for Li-Ion Batteries
457b CPFD Flow Pattern Simulation In Downer Reactors
Islam, M. F.
292f Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Enter Cells by Endocytosis and Not Membrane Penetration
Ismail, A. E.
183e Linking the COSMO-RS Model to Molecular Dynamics Simulations
318g Structure and Diffusion of Furans and Other Cellulose-Derived Compounds In Solvents Via MD Simulation
676h Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Phase Behavior of [BMIM]Cl-Water Mixtures
459g Effect of the Wall Surface Texture Treatments On the Wetting Flows
Israelachvili, J.
33a Recent Progress In Understanding the Hydrophobic Interaction: Is There a Generic Hydrophobic Interaction Potential?
127b Theoretical Insights Into the Multiscale Nature of the Hydrophobic Force
162b Non-Equilibrium (rate, time, hysteretic, and history-dependent) Interactions In Polymer and Biopolymer Systems
164a Novel Electrochemical Surface Forces Apparatus and Electrochemical AFM Setups for the Study of Interfacial Phenomena
245a Effects of Surface Roughness and Electrostatic Surface Potentials On the Forces Between Dissimilar Surfaces In Aqueous Solutions
322e Measurements of off-Axis Friction Forces
350b Model Myelin Membranes: Asymmetry, Domains, Miscibility and Equilibrium
438a The Importance of the Interfacial Redox In the Mussel Protein Adhesion
568a Developing a Bio Inspired Gecko Adhesive System
618ar Gecko-Inspired Dry Adhesive for Robotic Applications
698a Impact of Ionic Liquid Molecular Structure On Intersurface Forces In Nano-Confined Films
756c Direct Measurement of Light-Modulated Intra- and Inter- Aggregate Forces
757g Origins of Saccharide-Dependent Hydration At Aluminate, Silicate, and Aluminosilicate Surfaces
775a Extracting the Line Tension and Dipole Density Difference From the Domain Distributions of Model Cytoplasmic Myelin Lipid Monolayers
Israelachvili, J.
569d Control of Adhesion and Fusion of Model Myelin Bilayers Using Structured Polymers
Issa, Z. K.
721f Understanding the Role of Calcium In Membrane Fusion
25g Pressure Fluctuations In Fluidized Beds of Different Diameters and the Effect of Baffles and Operating Conditions
Istivan, S.
365b Rapid, Gel-Free Electrophoretic Separation of DNA Oligonucleotides Using Surfactant Systems: Extended Read Frame by Buffer Design
756g Self Assembly and Solubilization Dynamics Revealed by Electrophoresis of Alkylated DNA In Dilute Micellar Solutions
Itabashi, K.
114a Simple Synthesis of Zeolites: A Seed-Assisted, OSDA-Free Approach
Ito, T.
623p Control of Enzyme Activity by Introduction of Molecular Recognition Moiety
Ito, Y.
110c Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
218e Gas Evolution In a Flow-Assisted Zinc-Nickel Oxide Battery
Itoh, T.
114b Quantum Molecular Sieving of Isotopic Hydrogen and Methane: Application Potential to Control of Radioactive Elements
Ivory, C. F.
366c Size Exclusion Electrofocusing In Nanochannels
Iwamoto, Y.
628d Porous Alumina Substrates As Supports for Zeolite Membranes
Iwasa, Y.
482b Dry-Type off-Gas Treatment Technology of Exhaust Gases From the Semiconductor Industry for Fluorine Recycling
Iwuchukwu, E. A.
334d Optimization of Photosynthetic Hydrogen Yield From Platinized Photosystem I Complexes
Iwuchukwu, I. J.
334d Optimization of Photosynthetic Hydrogen Yield From Platinized Photosystem I Complexes
Iyer, B.
661d DNA Folding and Regulation: From Nucleosomes to Chromatin to Chromosomes
517b Molecular-Thermodynamic (MT) Modeling of Ellipsoidal Micelles to Predict Surfactant Micellization Properties In Aqueous Solution
717c Molecular-Thermodynamic (MT) Modeling of the Micellization of Binary Mixtures of Fluorocarbon-Based and Hydrocarbon-Based Surfactants In Aqueous Solution
Iyer, S.
755d Mimicking the Myelin Sheath: Stable and Fluid Multilayer Phospholipid-Silica Thin Films:
Iyer, V.
618s Electrochromical Window and Spectroelectrochemical Study of Diphenylamine End-Group Polymer/WO3 Nanoparticles Composite Films
Izadi, M.
537g Mixing Improvement of Fluid Flow Using Lagrangian Coherent Structures
Izamis, M.
306e A Fitness Index for Transplantation of Perfused DCD Rat Livers
648g A Novel Tissue-Engineered Liver Using Heparin-Immobilized Decellularized Liver Matrix
Izvekov, S.
52f Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations Involving Chemical Reactions
104a Particle Based Multi-Scale Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-s-Triazine (RDX): Constant Energy Dissipative Particle Dynamics with Coarse-Grained Density Dependent Potentials