Author Index: F

Fab, H.
104g Nanoparticles At the Water-Decane Interface: Evidence of Emergent Behavior From Equilibrium Multi-Scale Simulations
497a Transferring Monitoring Models Between Different Scales Through Multivariate Statistical Techniques
219g Soret and Dufour Effects On Double Diffusive Convection In a Square Cavity Totally Filled with Porous Material Using the Multigrid Method
295f Laminar MIXED Convection IN A DOUBLE LID-Driven Square Cavity Totally FILLED with POROUS Material
708f TGA and TEM Analysis of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and Maleated Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE-g-MA) Infused with Nanoclay In Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Fadhel, A. Z.
631f Recycling Homogeneous Catalysts: Tunable Solvents for the Hydroformylation of p-Methylstyrene
Faeder, J.
393d A Generalized Runge-Kutta Framework for Explicit Tau-Leaping Algorithms
Fagan, J. A.
298c Determination of Co-Surfactant Coverage Density and Location for Density Gradient Ultracentrifugation Based Metallic-Semiconducting Separation of Carbon Nanotubes Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation
531c Structural Stability of Transparent Conducting Films Assembled From Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Purified by Electronic Type
642e Determination of the Hydrated Surfactant Shell Density On Empty and Water-Filled Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Analytical Ultracentrifugation
693f Advanced Separation of Empty and Water-Filled Nanotubes
Fager, A.
223e Hybrid DNS-LES of Nanoparticle Nucleation: The Effects of Small-Scale Fluctuations On Metal Nucleation
Faghihnejad, A.
156g Understanding the Molecular Interactions of Lipopolysaccharides During E. Coli Initial Adhesion with a Surface Forces Apparatus
Faheem, M. M.
284c Development and Application of a Hybrid QM/MM Method for the Computational Investigation of Reactions At Metal/Water Interfaces
Fahey, D.
354c Ethylene Oxide Production without CO2 As Byproduct: Is the Homogeneous H2O2-Based Catalytic Process Practically Viable?
Fahlenkamp, H. G.
77e Comparing Monocyte Adhesion and Transendothelial Migration Between a 3D Vascular Tissue Model and a 2D Cell Culture System Under Normal Conditions and Activated with TNF-&alpha
761d A Novel Method to Distribute Cells within the Void Volume of a 3D Chitosan-Collagen Scaffold
Fahmi, I.
647c Process Synthesis of Biodiesel Production Plant Using Artificial Neural Networks As the Surrogate Models
Fahrenholtz, M.
531g Impermeable Graphenic Wrapping of Bacteria
Fahrenkopf, M. A.
365b Rapid, Gel-Free Electrophoretic Separation of DNA Oligonucleotides Using Surfactant Systems: Extended Read Frame by Buffer Design
419m Optimal Design of Microfluidic Capillary Networks for Rapid Gel Free DNA Separation
Fahy, E.
306f Comparative Analysis of Transcriptome and Lipidome of RAW 264.7 and Primary Macrophages
Fairbrother, H. A.
532c Advanced Oxidation Processes with Carbon Nanotubes: Surface-Promoted Formation of Hydroxyl Radical During Ozonation
Fairchild, S. B.
420u In Situ XPS Study of the Influence of Water Vapor On Catalytic Decomposition of Ethylene During Carbon Nanotube Growth
Fajalia, A. I.
717b Interpolymer Complexes: Effect of Solvent Quality On Structure
Falco, N.
193b Volumetric Properties of Carbon Dioxide + Ethyl Acetate Binary Fluid Mixtures At High Pressures
Falconer, J.
374c Atomic Layer Deposition As a Catalyst Synthesis Technique for Nickel Nanoparticles
455a Not Lecturing In a Material and Energy Balances Course
629h Atomic Layer Deposition for In-Situ Fabrication of Catalyst Supports
773d In-Situ Fabrication of a Novel Microstructured Reactor by Atomic Layer Deposition
390g A Systems Biology Approach to Identify Immune Targets That Control Tuberculosis Granuloma Function
Faller, R.
660a Pressure Profiles Across Oil-Water Interfaces – A Molecular Modeling Study
Falzarano, G.
188f Field Sampling of Water/Sediments for Atrazine and Amoxicillin Contaminations In the Rio Grande Basin
Fan, F.
367b Valuation of Chemical Processes Subject to Stochastic Price Uncertainty
Fan, G.
664c Intracellular Delivery of Transcription Factors Using Polymeric Nanocapsules
Fan, H.
238g Mixing of Solid Particles In Coarse Particle Fluidized Beds
Fan, J.
238g Mixing of Solid Particles In Coarse Particle Fluidized Beds
Fan, J.
305d Pennycress-Derived Jet Fuel and Diesel LCA: Sustainable Advanced Biofuels
421n Life Cycle Assessment of Pyrolysis-Based Biofuels From Diverse Biomass Feedstocks
Fan, L. -. S.
91b Effects of Fine Powder Accumulation and Interstitial Gas Flow Rate On the Formation of Particle Bridging In a Moving Bed
236f Numerical Study On Droplet Formation and Cell Encapsulation Process In a T-Junction
263c Coal Gasification by Conventional Versus Calcium Looping Process – A Life Cycle Energy, Global Warming, Land Use and Water Assessment
280f Investigation of Oxygen Diffusivity within Oxygen Carrier In Chemical Looping Process
280g The Status of Chemical Looping Processes Developed At the Ohio State University
335a Chemical Looping Technology for Fossil Energy Conversion - Solids Flow Issues
396e Chemical Looping Gasification - Challenges and Opportunities
736a Process Integration and Analysis of Chemical Looping Based Power and Fuel Generation Systems
124d Sustainable Supply Chain Design by the P-Graph Framework
317d Stochastic Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation of Bacterial Disinfection: Generalized Approach
Fan, L.
358f Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for High Purity Hydrogen Production From Coal: Results From Sub-Pilot Scale Carbonator Testing
557d High Temperature CO2 and Sulfur Removal Using Carbonation-Calcination Reaction (CCR) Process: Results From Computer Simulations and Experiments
266f Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zeolite with Three Dimensionally Ordered Mesoporous-Imprinted (3DOm-i) Structure
Fan, X.
229b Kinetics Study of Calcium Carbonate Decomposition At High CO2 Environment
611d Thermodynamics Studies of Metal Oxides Conversion for CO2 Sequestration In Steel Industry
576c Gas Permeation In Cation-Exchange Polymer Membranes
Fan, Y.
724e Engineered Biosynthesis of Glycoproteins with Eukaryotic N-Glycans In Escherichia Coli
Fan, Y.
191g Study of the pH-Induced Self-Assembly of Conjugated Linoleic Acid/Conjugated Linoleate In An Aqueous Solution
Fan, Y.
623be Production of Islet Cell Progeny From Human Pluripotent Stem Cells In Microcarrier Cultures
Fan, Z. (.
421ae Fermentation Optimization of Cellobiose Dehydrogenase Catalyzed Production of Cellobionate for Fuels and Chemicals Production
421p A Novel Biochemical Platform for Fuels and Chemicals Production Through Sugar Aldonates As the Reactive Intermediates: Process Optimization
Fane, A. G.
601e Online Detection of Compromised Hollow Fiber Modules Using Membrane Integrity Sensor
Fang, L.
75d Computational and Experimental Study of Palmitate Binding to the IRE1 Protein
Fang, W.
489b Effects of Residual Solvent On Membrane Structure and Gas Permeation In a Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity: Insight From Atomistic Simulation
699d Effects of Functional Groups In Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity On Gas Permeation and Separation: A Combination of Molecular Simulations and Ab Initio Calculations
Fang, Y.
618bi Micromachined High Surface Area Structures for Energy Storage Applications
Fang, Y.
191c Sulfonating Modification of Available Benzalkonium Chloride to Synthesize Sulfobenzyl Betaine and Its Application
191e Process Development of Preparing a Novel Gemini Surfactant Bis(Sodium Nonylphenol Sulfonate) Methane From Nonylphenol
191f Process Development of Preparing a Novel Gemini Surfactant Bis(Sodium O-Methyl-Nonylphenol Sulfonate) Methane From Nonylphenol
191g Study of the pH-Induced Self-Assembly of Conjugated Linoleic Acid/Conjugated Linoleate In An Aqueous Solution
191h Synthesis and Surface Activity of Long-Chain Alkylbenzenemethanol Polyether
340b Synthesis of Alpha-Carboxyl Undecylamine Oxide From Renewable Lauric Acid
403f One-Step Alkoxylation of Anhydride to Synthesize Glycol Di-Ester In High Yield
420d Organic Vesicles Captured by In-Situ Reduction of Gold
618l Controlled Synthesis of Gold Branched and Porous Plates In Polyethyleneglycol Solutions
665f Synthesis of Gold Nanowires with 2-D Network Structure Using Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose by Self-Reduction Method
673g Novel Skeleton Intermediates Derived From Bisphenol A Available for Preparing Bola, Gemini or Polymerizable Surfactants
705d One Pot Synthesis of Ethoxylated Bisphenol A Acrylate Macro Monomer From Bisphenol A Acrylate and Ethylene Oxide
Fang, Y.
504f Site-Specific Modification of AAV2 Vector by Using the Genetically Encoded Aldehyde Tag
Fantini, C.
609a Exciton Engineering with Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Solar Energy Conversion: From Exciton Antennae to Nano-Heterojunctions
Farabaugh, J.
138a Linkage of Critical Quality Attributes Across a Multi-Unit Operation Process Train Using a High-Shear Wet Granulation Design of Experiment
Farach-Carson, M. C.
653f A Novel Mathematical Model of TGF-β-Induced Apoptosis Signaling Pathways
421f Seawater Floating Photobioreactor for Microalgae Growth In Wastewater
Faraji, S.
630b CO2 Capture In Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework (ZIF)
Faraudo, J.
463e Precision Magnetophoresis Separation of Superparamagnetic Colloids
Farber, L.
432d Experimental and Theoretical Study of Lyophilization From a Packing of Vials: Using of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for Process Monitoring and Model Calibration
Farberow, C. A.
211e Mechanistic Studies of Oxygen Reduction by Hydrogen On PdAg(110)
Faria, J. A.
111c Carbon-Nanotubes/Metal Oxide Hybrid Catalysts As Novel Reactive-Separation System In Water-Oil Emulsions
610d Catalytic Isomerization/Dehydration of Sugars On Functionalized CNT-Metal Oxide Hybrids At the Liquid-Liquid Interface of Water/Oil Emulsions
Farina, R.
577a Interfacial Energy of Polypeptide Complex Coacervates Measured Via Capillary Adhesion
577b Phase Behavior and Coacervation of Aqueous Polyelectrolyte Solutions
Farnan, D.
332f Analytical QbD for Biologics
Farnoud, A. M.
27b Effects of Charged Polymeric Nanoparticles On Pulmonary Surfactant Function
191p Lung Hysteresis: Its Origins and the Role of Pulmonary Surfactant
Farooq, S.
257b CO2 Capture From Post-Combustion Flue Gas On a Carbon Molecular Sieve
370f Discrete Equilibrium Data From Dynamic Column Breakthrough Experiments
734d A Pilot Plant Study of a VSA Process for CO2 Capture From Power Plant Flue Gas
Farrauto, B.
280b Oxygen Uptake and Release Kinetics of Cu/Cu2O/CuO On Al2O3 and ZrO2-SiO2 As Materials for Chemical Looping Combustion
421h The Effect of Chlorine On a Rh/γAl2O3 Catalyst for Reforming Landfill Gas to Syngas
441c Steam Reforming of Ethanol/Gasoline Mixtures: Deactivation, Regeneration and Stable Performance
Farrell, J. T.
316g Systematic Methods for the Elimination of Redundant Life Cycle Assessment Metrics In the Multi-Objective Optimization of Industrial Processes
Farrell, S.
166c A Drug Delivery Experiment Using Alginate Microspheres
Fasano, J. B.
36b Suspension of Solid Mixtures by Mechanical Agitation
239a Effective Single-Impeller Turbulent Blending In Tall Vessels
Fassbender, M. E.
450a Bulk Production of Generator Parent 72se At the Los Alamos IPF Using a NaBr Target
339e Coupled Optimization and Simulation for Multi-Biomass Source-to-Biorefinery Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
Faull, J. D.
21b Scale-up of Membranes for Separation of Hydrogen From Syngas for Carbon Capture
Favelukis, M.
474e Dynamics of Deformation and Breakup Mechanisms of Slender Drops and Bubbles In Extensional Flow
393g Kinetic Modeling of Solid-Gas Reactions At Reactor Scale: a General Approach
613b Study of CaO Carbonation for CO2 Capture Process
771a Numerical Simulations of the Simultaneous Absorption of Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide In Membrane Contactors with Typical Alkanolamine Solutions
Favre, E.
489d Modeling Transient Diffusion of Gases In Glassy Polymers by the Dual Mode Model: Is the Local Equilibrium Hypothesis Necessary?
742f Cyclic Membrane Gas Separation Processes Assessment
771h An Energetic Analysis of CO2 Capture On a Gas Turbine Combining Flue Gas Recirculation and Membrane Separation
Favre, E.
771c Membrane Contactors for Post Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture: Wetting Resistance On Long Time Scales
Fechtmann, M. C.
174d Combinatorial Organic Photovoltaic Microfluidic Device
Fee, C.
114d Side-by-Side Comparison of Protein Adsorption and Transport In Macroporous Cation Exchangers with and without Polymeric Surface Extenders
Feenstra, P.
41c Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis: Development of Highly Structured Multifunctional Silicon Surfaces
431f Novel Concepts for Continuous Purification of APIs Using Electro- Chromatography
Fei, L.
173d A Facile Way to Fabricate MoO3 /Graphene Composite Anode for Lithium Ion Battery
278b Preparation of Mesoporous Silica-Supported Palladium Catalyst for Biofuel Upgrade
536e A Novel Polymer-Assisted Hydrothermal Approach to Metal-Oxide Thin Films
Feig, M.
75d Computational and Experimental Study of Palmitate Binding to the IRE1 Protein
279f Pilot Scale Evaluation of Ni-Based Reforming Catalyst Performance for Syngas Production
Feiner, R.
436f Formation of Liquid and Solid Products of Liquid Phase Pyrolysis
Feiner, R.
278e Value Added Products From Lignocellulose Based Biochar
Feist, R. K.
536d Sputter Deposition of Semi-Crystalline Tin Dioxide Films for CIGS Solar Cells
Feldblyum, J.
432g Process Analytical Technology for Recombinant Pandemic Flu Vaccines: Viral Ultrastructure, Aggregation, and Binding
Feldhauser, B.
421aw Characterization of Fast Pyrolysis Products From Michigan Based Feedstocks Using GC/MS
Feldman, M. D.
747d Gold Nanoclusters with Strong near Infrared Absorbance for Biomedical Imaging
Felinger, A.
167a Optimizing Preparative Chromatography
674a Biofuels Manufacturing: From Feedstocks to Manufacturing and End-Product Quality Control
Felsovalyi, F.
438d Towards the Generation of a Predictive Model of Protein Desorption Behavior
Feng, G.
460a Electric Double Layers At the Interface of Ionic Liquids/Onion-Like Carbon: Capacitance Enhancement Originating From Spherical Curvature
Feng, G.
698f Electrical Double Layers In Neat and Hybrid Ionic Liquids Electrolytes
Feng, H.
146b First-Principles Calculations of the Role of PVP In the Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Ag Nanostructures
Feng, H.
83c Optimal Control of Antisolvent and Cooling Crystallization
Feng, J. J.
View Moving Contact Lines: From Giant Slip on Textured Substrates to Water Striders
Feng, J.
3av Tailoring Morphologies and Properties of Soft Materials: Insight From Modeling and Simulation
361c Hybrid Model and Application In the Study of Interfacial Properties of Nanocomposites
Feng, R.
431d Efficient and Cost Effective Dehydration of Pharmaceutical Streams by Pervaporation
Feng, S.
236a Flow-Induced Density Gradients In Microscale Flows
Feng, X.
618bl Significant Enhancement of Lithium Intercalation Into Mesoporous Titania with Trace TiO2-B On Surface
Feng, X.
132c Kinetic Modeling of Isobutanol Fermentation by Recombinant Escherichia Coli
623e MicrobesFlux: a Web Based Platform for Reconstruction and Analysis of Genome-Scale Metabolic Models
Feng, Y.
475e Planning and Scheduling Under Uncertainties: Data Processing and Solution Strategy
Fenster, M.
497b Implementation of Genetic Algorithms In the Generation of High-Order Statistical Models
Ferens, A. R.
108c Decomposition of Isopropanol As a Probe for Acidic and Basic Sites On Graphite Nanofibers
18c Materials Design Workbench: An Open-Access Database for Materials and Molecular Design
Ferguson, T.
244a Carbon Negative Biomass Refining System Based On Alkaline Hydrothermal Treatment Technology
244b Inorganic Catalytic Nanofibers for the Production of Hydrogen Via Alkaline Hydrolysis of Biomass
Ferguson, W. S.
623bn Developing a Miniaturized Assay for Label-Free, High-Throughput Biomolecule Analysis
Fermeglia, M.
300a The Factory of the Future: Integrating Multiscale Modeling and Experiments to Produce New, Better Nanocomposite Materials
Fernandes, L. S.
629al Long CARBON Chain ESTERS FROM Babassu Biodiesel USING Mesoporous Silica AS CATALYST
Fernandes, P. A. L.
296f Axisymmetric Drop Shape Shape Analysis with Anisotropic Stress Distribution In Quasi-Static Fluid/Fluid Interfaces: a Metric for Nanomembrane Mechanics
Fernandes, R.
3aq Biofabrication of Bacteria-Based Biohybrid Devices and Self-Folded 3D Hydrogels
Fernandes, R.
259e Synthesis of Ru Nanoparticles Supported Over Carbon Film by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Hydrolysis of NaBH4
334f Catalytic Hydrolysis of Ammonia Borane Using Co-B Nanoparticles Embedded In Mesoporous Silica Particles: a Very Efficient Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Fernandez, E. E.
86g BioEMB Project - Introducing New Curricular Areas Into Undergraduate Education
157e Structure-Function Analysis of the Novel Small Molecule Modulators of Amyloid-Beta Aggregation and Cytotoxicity
Fernandez, P.
754b Improved Process Understanding Through Implementation of QbD Methodologies
Ferranti, D. C.
101h Scanning Helium Ion Microscope (HIM)-Milled Solid-State Nanopores: Fabrication and Application to Biomolecule Detection
Ferrari, D.
281e Mixed Oxide Supports Derived From Layered Metal Hydroxides to Reduce Methanol Selectivity In the Catalytic Synthesis of Higher Alcohols Over Potassium-Promoted Molybdenum Sulfide Catalysts
3as Nano Materials for Microelectronics and Energy Sciences
536h Interplay Among Shape and Magnetic Properties of Core-Shell FePt-MgO Nanomagnets for Spin-Torque Transfer Memory Devices
Ferrer-Giné, J.
659c Dynamic Data-Driven Models of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems
Ferri, J. K.
296f Axisymmetric Drop Shape Shape Analysis with Anisotropic Stress Distribution In Quasi-Static Fluid/Fluid Interfaces: a Metric for Nanomembrane Mechanics
618d Biaxial Mechanics of Biocomposite Thin Films Supported On Polydimetylsiloxane (PDMS)
625ab Decoupling Adhesion From Cohesion In Biofilm-Substrate Composites
Ferrin, P.
753b Structure Sensitivity of Dimethyl Ether Electro-Oxidation
Feshitan, J.
156a Gadolinium-Bound Microbubble Shells for MRI Biosensors
Fichthorn, K.
146b First-Principles Calculations of the Role of PVP In the Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Ag Nanostructures
517c The Role of Solvent In the Shape-Controlled Synthesis of One-Dimensional Colloidal Nanostructures
660e Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Droplets On a Nanopatterned Solid Surface
757b Droplet Wetting Modes On Textured Surfaces
462d Effect of the Aggregation of TiO2 Nanoparticles On Their Fate and Transport In Natural Waters
628a Adsorption of Arsenic, Metallic Ions and Viral Contaminants In Water Using Nanostructured Iron Oxide Membranes
628j Comparative Assessment of Fouling of Iron Oxide Ceramic Membranes by Organic Compounds
628n Towards AN IMPROVED Design for Nanoporous Polymeric MEMBRANES for Liquid Separations
Fieback, T. M.
370c New Multi-Sample Volumetric Instrument for High Throughput Adsorption Measurements
Fiegel, J.
27b Effects of Charged Polymeric Nanoparticles On Pulmonary Surfactant Function
191p Lung Hysteresis: Its Origins and the Role of Pulmonary Surfactant
472c Evaluation of a Nanoparticle Delivery Vehicle with Bacterial Targeting Ligand for Respiratory Treatment
524b Combating Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilm Infections Using Synergistic Drug Therapies
768a Introducing Biomaterial Concepts Through Pharma- and Cosmeceuticals
Field, J. A.
292c Oxidation of Biomolecules by Emerging Inorganic Nanoparticles
Fielding, A. S.
751d Crystallization and Biodegradation of Poly(lactic acid)/Clay Nanocomposites Prepared by Solid-State Shear Pulverization
Figueroa, I.
202a Application of Design Space Mapping Accounting for Model Uncertainty and Common Cause Variability In Drug Substance Development
Filler, M. A.
38c Novel Quaternary Ammonium Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Stable, High Capacity Si Nanowire Based Li-Ion Battery
176a Crystal Structure Engineering of Semiconductor Nanowires
665b The Surface Hydrogen-Controlled Crystal Structure of Si Nanowires
90c Variability of Switchgrass, a Dedicated Bioenergy Crop
Find, J.
564g High Throughput Experimentation As Efficient Tool for the Testing of Hydroprocessing Catalysts
Findlay, J. G.
260g Cluster Characteristics of Polydisperse Group B Particles In a CFB Riser
Fink, J.
547c Multiphase Fluid Dynamics for Materials Deposition
Finney, C. E. A.
154e Mixing and Segregation of Biomass Particles In a Bubbling Bed
Finney, W.
45c High Efficiency Chemical Synthesis Using Pulsed Plasma Gliding Arc Reactors with Water Spray
179a Diffusionless Particle Separation In Coherent Arrays of Flow Perturbers
Firoozabadi, A.
418b Controlling Aggregation In Non-Polar Environments: Applications for Energy and Enhanced Oil Production
673b Molecular Thermodynamic Modeling of Three Component Microemulsions
Firouzi, A.
110c Secondary Manganese Dioxide Electrodes for Grid-Scale Batteries
First, E. L.
731c Optimization of Reaction Networks In Zeolites
Fischer, A.
139f Nanocomposites Preparation Through Aggregation and Controlled Breakage
Fischer, G. A. G.
140b Fast NMPC Applied to Industrial High Purity Propylene Distillation
Fischer, J.
145g Influence of CD151 Expression and Endothelial Cell Phenotype On Selectivity of Cancer Cell Adhesion to Endothelial Monolayers
Fisher, A. C.
724e Engineered Biosynthesis of Glycoproteins with Eukaryotic N-Glycans In Escherichia Coli
Fisher, G. B.
141g Mechanistic Investigation of Ethanol SCR of NOx Over Ag/Al2O3
574f A Review of the Effect of Fuel Type and Sulfur Compound Variation on the Performance of Partial Oxidation Reforming Catalysts
Fisher, J. C.
479b Nrel's Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility - Pilot Scale Solids Handling Risk Mitigation
Fisher, J. P.
543d Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Drug Release From 3D Poly(propylene fumarate) Scaffolds
502d Melanic Hydrogels As Novel Biomaterials
599g Synthetic Tannins for Self-Assembled Nanocomplexes
Fisher, R. J.
667b Continuous Crystallization for Production of Drug Nanosuspensions
Fisher, S.
269e Sustainability Assessment of Alternate Urban Food Production Regime
Fissan, H.
136f Online Measurements of Structure and Mass Concentration for Airborne Nanoparticle Agglomerates
Fissore, C.
269f Analysis of Energy, Carbon, and Nutrients Through 1,800 Households In the Twin Cities
300c Molecular Modeling of a Key Step In Metal-Mediated Controlled Free Radical Polymerization of Acid Monomers
Flack, K.
134f Thermodynamics of Carbon Capture Through Reversible Ionic Liquids
461b Tunable Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
555b Towards Industrially Viable Non-Aqueous Amine Solvent Systems
Flagan, R. C.
70c On the Nature of Water-Soluble Organic Aerosols In the Southern California Region
3at Elucidating Reaction Mechanisms and Identifying Bottlenecks In Catalytic Processes
279b Exocyclic and Endocyclic C-C Bond Cleavage – Mechanism and Site Requirements
509c Mechanism for the Water-Gas Shift Reaction On Pt(111) and Catalyst Deactivation
Flamm, M. H.
243c Patient-Specific Predictions of Thrombosis
387c Polybenzimidazole Forward Osmosis Membranes Functionalized to Impart Surface Charge and An Increase In Hydrophilicity
Fleming, W.
541d Trickle-Bed Reactor Studies for Selective Oxidation of Glycerol to Dihydroxyacetone Over Pt-Bi/C Catalyst
629ak Selective Oxidation of Glycerol to Dihydroxyacetone In a Trickle-Bed Reactor
Fletcher, N.
236i Inertial Microfluidic Enrichment of Complex Fluids
Flickinger, M.
704c Development of Methods to Engineer Microbial Biocatalytic Coating Microstructure for Optimal Reactivity
Florence, A. J.
410c Monitoring of Polymorphic Outcome In Cooling Crystallization of Carbamazepine Under Various Flow Conditions
Flores, A. M.
643a Comparison of Polymer-Microcrystalline Cellulose Composites with Polymer Nanocomposites Made with Carbon Nanotubes or Graphite: Processing by Solid-State Shear Pulverization
623aw Structural Elucidation of Unknown Alkaloids Present In Catharanthus Roseus by Precursor Ion Fingerprinting
Flores, K. A.
623ar Effect of the Electrostatic Potential On the Internalization Mechanism of Cell Penetrating Peptides
Florez-Cruz, J.
356e Bifunctional Materials for the Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose Into Soluble Renewable Biorefinery Feedstocks
238c Effect of Powder Cohesion and Mixer Operation Parameters On Blend Uniformity Using a New Low Shear Continuous Tumble Mixer
Floudas, C. A.
7a A First Principles Based Structure Prediction Algorithm for Beta and Mixed Alpha/Beta Proteins
135a Global Optimization of Mixed-Integer Quadratically-Constrained Quadratic Programs (QCQP) Through Piecewise-Linear and Edge-Concave Relaxations
153c Nationwide Energy Supply Chain Analysis for Transportation Fuels
306d An Improved De Novo Peptide Sequencing Framework Using Decomposition and Integer Linear Optimization
330a Global Optimization of Thermochemical-Based Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids Processes Via Lograthmic Partioning Schemes
331e Prediction Framework and Experimental Validation of Peptide Binding to Three MHC Class II Alleles
400b Integrated Operational Planning and Medium-Term Scheduling for Large-Scale Industrial Semicontinuous/Continuous Processes
405f De Novo Protein Design of Agonists and Antagonists of the C3a Receptor: Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Validation
424c PILOT_PROTEIN: A High-Throughput Method for In Silico Discovery of Peptides, Proteins, and Post-Translational Modifications
520a Uncertainty Set Induced Robust Linear and Mixed Inter Linear Optimization and Their Probabilistic Guarantees: New Results and Comparative Study
520e Scheduling of Crude Oil Operations Under Uncertainty: A Robust Optimization Framework Coupled with Global Optimization
581d Robust Optimization of the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Under Demand Uncertainty
647b Optimization Framework for the Process Synthesis and Simultaneous Heat and Power Integration of a Thermochemical Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids Facility
661i Loop Structure Prediction for Fixed-Stem Geometries In Proteins
731c Optimization of Reaction Networks In Zeolites
Flowers, C.
327d Directed Deposition of Functional Polymers Onto Porous Substrates Using Metal Salt Inhibitors
Floyd-Smith, T.
181af Comparison of Microfluidic and Traditional Techniques for Cooling High Heat Flux Microelectronic Systems
372e Gender Similarities and Differences In Belonging Among Engineering Graduating Seniors At Two Universities
643f Microfluidic Synthesis of Non-Spherical Polymeric and Composite Particles
Flythe, M. D.
10d Inhibition of ENZYMATIC Hydrolysis by Soluble Sugars ON MODEL CELLULOSE Thin Film USING QUARTZ CRYSTAL Microbalance
635e Hydrogenase Inhibition AS the Mechanism of Product Selectivity by Clostridium Thermocellum IN High-Pressure Cultures
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
40c Monometallic Gold, Palladium and Bimetallic Gold-Palladium Catalysts for the Methanol Steam Reforming Reaction
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
227a Session Introduction
441f Sulfur-Resistant Lanthanide Oxysulfide Catalysts for the High-Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction
672e Modification of Carbon Supports for Novel Platinum-Based Water-Gas Shift Catalysts
Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, M.
108f Na-Promoted Pt Catalysts In Core-Shell Structure for the Low-Temperature Water-Gas-Shift Reaction
441a Hydrogen Generation by Formic Acid Decomposition Over Sub-Nm Gold Species
Fogler, H. S.
650b Asphaltene Instability Measured by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
694c Destabilization and Aggregation Kinetics of Asphaltenes
Foley, H. C.
629t Platinum Nanoparticles Embedded In Nanoporous Carbon Spheres As Shape Selective Catalyst
Foley, H. C.
420x Studying the Adsorption Mechanism of Hydrogen On the Carbon Based Adsorbents for Storage Purposes
444d Dynamics of High Pressure Gas Adsorption On Carbon Based Adsorbents and Its Application In Separation Processes
684f Synthesis and Characterization of Microporous Carbon Spheres Based Catalyst for Liquid Phase Hydrogenation Reactions
Foley, T.
702c Sequence Landscapes In Peptide Oligomerization and Self-Assembly
Folkert, G.
481e A Platform Biocatalyst for the Developing Biofuel and Biochemical Markets
674a Biofuels Manufacturing: From Feedstocks to Manufacturing and End-Product Quality Control
696f At-Line NIR Spectroscopy As a Simple and Effective PAT Monitoring Technique In Mab Cultivations During Process Development and Manufacturing
Folsom, J. P.
390a Proteomic, Physiological, and In Silico Testing of Economic Tradeoffs In Metabolic Networks
Fong, H.
499f Lignin-Based Carbonaceous Nano-Fibrous Felts
Fong, S. S.
126d Dynamic Metabolic Engineering for Lactate Production
495a Designing Novel Cellulase Systems Through Agent Based Modeling and Global Sensitivity Analysis
Fonseca, L. M.
709b A Comparison of the Exergetic and Economic Optimization of the Catalytic Distillation, Based On a Rigorous Model. Case Study: ETBE Synthesis
Fontenot, J.
145e Platelet Adhesion to Fibrinogen Patterned Substrates
Foo, J. L.
623al Engineering E. Coli for Improved Efflux of Fuel Molecules
Forbes, N.
439a Hollow Gold Nanoshells for Gene and Drug Delivery
543b Photothermally Triggered Drug Release From Temperature Sensitive Liposomes
148e Liquid/Vapor Equilibrium Via Equations of State for First Semester Sophomore Students
193a Effect of Membrane Fluidity On the Second Virial Coefficients of Liposomes
293g Effect of Glycosylation On the Partition Behavior of a Human Antibody On Aqueous Two-Phase Systems
756d Kinetics of Bovine and Human Insulin Amyloid Fibril Formation In Bulk and In the Presence of Solid/Liquid Interfaces
3aw Use of Conducting Polymers As Biomaterials for Neural Tissue Engineering Interfaces
437c Increased Schwann Cell Migration Speed and Directionality Occurs During Electrical Stimulation Through Polypyrrole Substrates
Ford, C.
391g Kinetics and Modeling of Disproportionation Reactions Catalyzed by Clostridium Acetobutylicum and Ruminococcus Flavefaciens Endoglucanases
Ford, D.
128f Characterization of Phase Behavior In Thermodynamically Small Systems Using Windowed Monte Carlo Umbrella Sampling
443d Removal of Organic Acids From the Aqueous Fraction of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils Using Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Ford, G.
39c Band Gap Tuning with CZTS-Based Nanocrystal-Ink Solar Cells
Ford, J. P.
279d Supported Palladium Catalysts for Decarboxylation of Fatty Acids
Ford, R. M.
181a Chemotactic Effect on Bacterial Migration to a Low Permeable Contaminated Zone in a Heterogeneous Porous Microfluidic Device
Ford Versypt, A. N.
537a Modeling of Dynamic Hindered Diffusion of Drugs From Biodegradable PLGA Microspheres with Evolving Porous Structure
Forman, J. M.
690e Energy Storage and Generation From Thermopower Waves: Covalently Functionalized Thermal and Electrical Conduits
Fornari, T.
434e Study for Galacto-Oligosaccharides Production Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology
Forney, B. S.
246d Photopolymerization In Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Templates for Improved Mechanical and Transport Properties
Forrey, C.
365h Entropophoresis of a Polymer Chain Confined In a Nanofluidic Staircase
22e Nuclear Wind Hydrogen Systems for Variable Electricity and Hydrogen Production
343a Nuclear Beyond Base Load Electricity: Variable Electricity and Liquid Fuels
413a Jet Fuel From Air, Water, and Uranium
Forsman, K.
622e Robust Averaging Level Control
669c Data Mining of Historic Data for Process Identification
Fort, S.
246c Oligosaccharide/Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers for Lithography Applications
Fortier, M.
62b Controls of Microalgal Biomass and Lipid Production In Municipal Wastewater-Fed Bioreactors
Fortier, M.
384c Initial Life Cycle Assessment Results for Bio-Jet Fuel From Algal Feedstocks
Forward, K. M.
3au Electrostatics In Chemical and Material Processing
706a Free Surface Electrospinning From a Wire Electrode
Foster, A. J.
206f Kinetic Model for Hydrodeoxygenation Reaction of M‐Cresol On Alumina‐Supported Pt Catalyst
207g Design of Active and Stable Catalysts for the Hydrodeoxygenation of m-Cresol
Foster, I. T.
18c Materials Design Workbench: An Open-Access Database for Materials and Molecular Design
Foster, M. D.
549e Surface Segregation In Blends of Comb and Linear Polymers
3ar Emerging Technologies In Biomass Exploitation As a Renewable Source of Energy and Material
496c Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Small-Angle Neutron Analysis of Native and Deuterium Enriched Biomass for the Detailed Analysis of Lignocellulosic Breakdown
Foteinou, P. T.
313b Modeling Circadian Interactions Between Peripheral Clocks and Metabolism
Foust, T.
481c Realizing the Potential of Advanced Biofuels
88a Impact of Diblock Copolymers On Droplet Coalescence, Emulsification, and Aggregation In Immiscible Homopolymer Blends
418d The Impact of Shear Thickening Fluid Volume Fraction On the Rheological Response of a Suspension Emulsion
Fowler, Z.
63c Implementation of Metabolic Engineering to Construct a Robust Platform for Resveratrol Production and Protein Engineering Study of Stilbene Synthase
Fox, B. G.
560b Discovery and Characterization of Cellulolytic Enzymes From the Wood Wasp Symbiont Streptomyces Sp. ActE
Fox, D.
186e Cactus Mucilage As An Emergency Response Biomaterial to Provide Clean Drinking Water
186f Arsenic Removal From Drinking Water Using Cactus Mucilage and Iron
528e Electrolyte Development and Selection for Membrane Electrode Assemblies In Alkaline Fuel Cells
Fox, E.
698a Impact of Ionic Liquid Molecular Structure On Intersurface Forces In Nano-Confined Films
Fox, R. O.
129b A Comparison Study of Turbulence Statistics In the Mixing Regions of a Confined Jet and Wake
129d Vortex Characteristics In a Turbulent Incompressible Wake Flow
154f Simulating Biomass Fast Pyrolysis In Fluidized-Bed Reactors for Bio-Oil Production
238f Quantifying Mixing and Segregation In a Fluidized Bed with a Particle Segregation Number
239e Investigation of Mixing In a Microscale Reactor Using Confocal μ-LIF
310b Segregation and the Solid-Solid Drag Term
Foy, A. J.
159a Hollow Fiber Mass Transfer and Cell Immobilization for Syngas Fermentation
Foy, C.
428e New Catalytic Technology for Converting Heavy Oils Derived From Alberta Oil Sands Into Petrochemical Feedstock
Fracaro, A.
583e Hydrolysate De-Acidification Using Resin-Wafer Electrodeionization
Fradette, L.
102d Towards the Modelling of the Stabilization Process In Pickering Emulsions
239c Effect of Operating Parameters On the Mixing Performance of the Superblend Coaxial Mixer
France, B.
217c Evaluation of the Toxicity of Nanomaterials Based On Knowledge Extraction From High Throughput Screening of Biological Toxicity Data
Franceschini, F.
249a 300 Year High Level Nuclear Waste
Francis, L. F.
681d Dispersible Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets and Their Application As Membrane
Franden, M. A.
522b Improving Corn Stover Reactivity In Low Severity Pretreatment Through Deacetylation and Disc-Refining
Frank, C. W.
433d Biodegradable Poly(hydroxyalkanoate) Foams
639f Using QCM-D and Ellipsometry to Determine the Orientation and State of Hydration of Antibodies Adsorbed On a Hydrophobic Surface
Frank, G.
467e Development of a Method to Measure Bioreactor Mass Transfer
696b Alternative Approaches to Cell Culture Harvests
Frank, T. C.
233a A View of LLE In the Chemical and Bioprocessing Industries
Frank-Finney, R.
553a Vapor-Phase Free Radical Polymerization In the Presence of An Ionic Liquid
Frankel, I.
320i Electrokinetic Lift In Shear Flows
320j Streaming Potential Revisited
444e Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) and Molecular Simulations of Polymeric Sorbent and Its Enantioselective Interactions with Benzoin Enantiomers
642a Effect of Nonionic Surfactants On the Dispersion Stability of Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment Nanoparticles In Aqueous Solution
Franson, N.
22a Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting by p-Type Copper Oxide Photocathodes Made Via Scalable Processes
Franz, A.
243e Nonlinear Dynamics of Poly(β-hydroxybutyrate) Production In Microorganisms
Frear, C.
733f Towards Developing Anaerobic Digestion Based Biorefinery – Research On Food Wastes As Feedstock
Frechette, J.
156d Modulating Contact Angle Hysteresis to Direct Fluid Droplets Along a Homogenous Surface
176h Tunable Mirrors Made From Gold Nanoparticle Assembly At the Oil-Water Interface
309d The Role of Irreversible Forces On Deterministic Lateral Displacement and Other Microfluidic Separation Methods
757a Evolution of Non-Axisymmetric Capillary Bridges Between Chemically Heterogeneous Surfaces
Frederick, K.
627c Dializer Design: An Analytical Asymptotic Criteria
Fredrickson, G. H.
577c Field-Theoretic Simulations of Triblock Polyelectrolyte Gels
View Field Theoretic Simulations of the Interfacial Properties of Complex Coacervates
Freed, A.
196e Protein Selectivity In Multimodal Chromatography
729f Mobile Phase Modifier Effects In Multimodal Chromatography: Fundamental Understanding and Creation of Selectivity Windows
Freedman, B. G.
680f Improving the Growth Rate of Cellulolytic Clostridia Through Genomic Library Enrichment
Freeman, B. D.
57b Relaxation Characteristics of Thermally-Modified Aromatic Polyimides and Copolymers Designed for Selective Separations
122c Physical Aging of Glassy Polymers In Confined Environments
321d Characterization of Oxygen Scavenging Films Based On Butadiene-Containing Polymers
387a Fundamental Salt Sorption and Permeability Properties of Polymeric Membrane Materials
465d Fundamental Water and Ion Transport Properties of Sulfonated Polysulfone
545b Surface Modification of Membranes to Improve Fouling Resistance
601c Small Molecule Deposition to Improve Membrane Fouling Resistance
645f Fundamental Studies of Gas Diffusivity and Solubility On Molecular Transport In Thermally Rearranged Polyimides
Freeman, E. S.
562a Re-Engineering Multicloning Sites for Function and Convenience
Freeman, G. S.
121e Fundamental Mechanisms of DNA Self-Assembly
540d Effect of Local Sequence On the Genomic Positioning of Nucleosomes
Freireich, B.
67c Distribution Nucleation: Quantifying the Liquid Distribution On a Particles Surface Using the Dimensionless Particle Coating Number
357a Flowability of Binary Mixtures: Effect of Fines Concentration
French, T.
73e Microbial Oils As Biodiesel Feedstock From Hydrolyzate of Switchgrass
293e Electrostatic Destabilization of W/O Microemulsions–Application to the Extraction of Phospholipids From Sludge In Wastewater Treatment
421ad Enhanced Biocrude Production by Activated and Anaerobic Digester Sludges Via Cultivation In Sugar-Fed Aerobic Bioreactors
421v Characterization of Lipids Extracted From Enhanced Municipal Wastewater Via Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Propane
510e Production of Biodiesel by Direct Transesterification of Activated Sludge Using Supercritical Methanol
629ah Development of a Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) System with On-Line Product Analyses for Conversion of Activated Sludge to Green Fuels
733a Renewable Fuel From Activated Sludge Using Fluidized-Bed Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Process
French, W. T.
733b Simultaneous Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) and Lipid Production by Activated Sludge Via Fermentation of Glucose
French, W. R.
212f The Formation of Polytetrahedral Structures In Elongated Gold Nanowires
446h The Effect of Molecular Adsorption On the Structural and Electrical Behavior of Elongating Gold Nanowires
Freund, H.
672a Model Studies of Supported Catalyst Preparation - Pd Deposition On Iron Oxide Films From the Liquid Phase
Frey, G. L.
377d Correlating Interfacial Interactions and Macroscopic Photovoltaic Properties of Self-Assembled Hybrid Materials
514c Time Dependent Implementation of Argonne's Model for Universal Solvent Extraction
Fried, A.
410a Separation of Impurities From Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) by Selective Co-Crystal Formation
Fried, E.
88a Impact of Diblock Copolymers On Droplet Coalescence, Emulsification, and Aggregation In Immiscible Homopolymer Blends
508c Heterogeneous Catalysts in the Dehydration of Fructose to HMF
124d Sustainable Supply Chain Design by the P-Graph Framework
475d In-Depth Study and Comparison of S-Graph Framework and Precedence Based MILP Formulations for Batch Process Scheduling
Friend, J.
179c Acoustically-Driven Microcentrifugation
230d A Microfluidic Platform for Aerosol and Nanoparticle Drug and Gene Delivery
459j Parametric Excitation of Capillary Waves: Did Faraday Miss Something?
553e Electrical Impedance of Spin-Coatable Polymer Electrolyte Based on Ionic Liquid
603c Understanding Charge Transport Behavior In Ionic Liquid Gated Semiconducting Polymers
750e Systematic Molecular Weight Study of Poly(thienylene vinylene)/Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cells
Frischknecht, A. L.
180b Ionic Aggregation and Counterion Dynamics In Model Ionomers
Fritz, M.
50b Design Optimisation In Liquid Membrane Permeation with Supported Membranes
50c Application of Supported Liquid Membrane (SLM) Technology In Recycling of Li+ From Battery Scrap Leachate
Fritz, N.
618bj Versatile Low-Cost Air-Gap Structures for MEMS Packaging
Froese, R. E.
421bd A Forest Feedstock Supply Chain Analysis for Northern Michigan
Fröhlich, K.
110b Lifetime Investigations of Bi-Functional Air Cathodes Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)
553b Particle Self-Assembly In Ionic Liquid Based Pickering Emulsions
698e Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nanoparticle Self-Assembly At Ionic Liquid-Water and Ionic Liquid-Hexane Interfaces
13f Reforming of Residual Tars and Oils From Biomass Gasification
564a Development of a Compact Fischer Tropsch Reactor
Frost, N. W.
179e Applications of Micro Free Flow Electrophoresis
Frostad, J.
29d Studies of Adhesion Between Vesicles with Weakly Attracting Bilayers
Fruchtl, M.
75a Collagen Binding Domain Fusion Proteins for Therapeutics: Expression and Isolation
623ap Collagen Binding Domain Fusion Proteins for Therapeutics: Fermentation and Isolation
Fry, A.
625c Mathematical Optimization of Cryoprotectant Addition and Removal Procedures for the Purpose of Adherent Cell Vitrification
Fry, A.
113b Line of Sight Soot Measurements In Staged and Unstaged Air and Oxy-Coal Flames
Frymier, P.
190af Homology Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of a Bi-Directional Membrane Bound Hydrogenase From R. Eutropha H16
334d Optimization of Photosynthetic Hydrogen Yield From Platinized Photosystem I Complexes
Fu, I. W.
677c Self-Assembly of Peptide Amphiphiles Into Hydrogel Via Multiscale Simulations
759a Molecular Dynamics Simulations of 2D Self-Assembled Peptide Monolayers
Fu, J.
117a Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Bio-Oil Model Compounds Over Pt-Re/C
Fu, J.
240b Study On Energy Consumption and Emission Generation for A Chemical Plant Under Different Start-up Strategies
400f Real-Time and Rigorous Dynamic Hoist Scheduling
Fu, J.
189d Prediction of Aqueous Solubility and Vapor Pressure of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
Fu, K.
52b Solvent Effect On the Ultrafast Spectra In Water Solution: Explicit and Implicit Solvation
Fu, X.
308c A Novel MEMS Preconcentration Approach for Analysis of Ketones and Aldehydes In Breath
609f Vertically Aligned Silicon Radial p-n Junction Micropillar Array Solar Cells
Fu, Y.
388a Metabolic Flux Analysis of Escherichia Coli MG1655 Under Octanoic Acid Stress
Fuchs, A. H.
326a Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Nanoporous Materials: From MMS to MOF
Fuchs, A.
618am Combination of Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) and Click Chemistry for Surface Polymerization of Fluorinated Methacrylate On Iron Particles
618bk Synthesis and Characterization of Surface Coated Silicotungstic Acid/Nafion Composite Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Fuentes, G. A.
141f On the Activity and Selectivity of Ag/Al2O3 Catalyst During the Lean Reduction of NO by C3H8 Studied At High Space Velocities
Fuentes Gutiérrez, A.
629ab Behavioral Analysis of Heterogeneous Catalysts Type Zeolite (HZSM-5 and HBETA) on the Transesterification of Soybean Oil Modified with Fatty Acids
Fuhrer, R.
586e Magnetic Catch & Release: Reversible Organic Contaminant Adsorption and Enrichment From Water
626r Analysis of Fermentation Process for Scfv Production by Proteomics
Fujimori, T.
114b Quantum Molecular Sieving of Isotopic Hydrogen and Methane: Application Potential to Control of Radioactive Elements
Fujimoto, H.
744f Toward the Retention of Enzyme Activity In High-Surface-Area Electrode Made of Redox Polymer Grafted Carbon Black
Fujiwara, M.
83b Implementation of a High-Resolution Population Balance Solver to Model Pharmaceutical Crystallizations
Fujiyama-Novak, J.
572a CO2 Methanation with Ru Decorated Carbon Nanotubes-Supported Catalysts
Fukami, H.
628l Effect of Synthesis and Template Removal Condition On the Quality of Mesoporous Silica Membrane
Fukao, M.
725b Synthesis of Uniform Silica Nanospheres In Liquid-Liquid Biphasic Systems Using Amines or Ammonia Catalyst and Their Controlled Self-Assembly
Fukasawa, Y.
681c Synthesis of Ordered Porous Graphitic-C3N4 and Regularly Arranged Ta3N5 Nanoparticles by Using Self-Assembled Silica Nanospheres As a Primary Template
Fukunaga, M. T.
650e Study of Asphaltene Precipitation From Brazilian Petroleum
Fukunaka, Y.
516a Nano- and Micro-Scale Contact Angle Measurement Under Pressure by Vertical Shift Interferometry
Fukuyama, S.
692e Transcription-Based Functional Modeling of the Host Response to Influenza Virus Infection: Defining a Healthy Immune Response
Fuller, G. G.
459e Interfacial Viscoelasticity and the Moving Contact Line: Consequences On Tear Film Stability
685d Matrix-Induced Alignment and Shear Flow: Effects On Endothelial Cells
Fuller, J.
452f Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study On Sulfonated Polystyrene Membrane with Different Sulfonate Groups: Effect of Acidity
Fuller, T. F.
59b Degradation Mechanisms in Fuel Cells and Batteries: Materials Challenges and System Mitigation
294d Determination of Electroosmotic Drag and Proton Conduction Mechanism In Proton Exchange Membranes for Use In Low Temperature PEMFCs
Fung, H.
405f De Novo Protein Design of Agonists and Antagonists of the C3a Receptor: Theoretical Predictions and Experimental Validation
Funkhouser, G.
757g Origins of Saccharide-Dependent Hydration At Aluminate, Silicate, and Aluminosilicate Surfaces
Funston, J. R.
74c Isolating the Effects of Material Stiffness: Fabrication and Characterization of Univarient Synthetic Cell Culture Substrates
Furcht, C. M.
593d A Mechanism Leading to Imbalanced EGFR Oncogenic Signaling Common to Lung and Brain Cancers with Distinct EGFR-Activating Mutations
Furlan, M.
342e Novel Porous Ceramic Materials Via Magnetically Driven Self-Assembly of Non-Magnetic Nanoparticles
725c Porous Materials From Time Dependent Magnetically Assisted Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles
Furlani, E. P.
76b All-Optical Microfluidic Biosensor
346d Analysis of Nanoparticle Transport In Magnetofection
Furst, E. M.
92b Interfacial Properties and Interactions of Emulsion Drops Stabilized by Mixtures of Surfactants
309e High-Throughput Rheology In a Microfluidic Device
Furtado, A. M. B.
488e A Novel Mesoporous Silica – Metal Organic Composite for Light Gas Removal and Storage
Furuhata, T.
234f Control of Loading Behavior of Y-Type Zeolite Seeds On Tubular Alumina Support
Furuya, T.
193y Multi Window High Temperature View Cell for the Measurements of Polymer Phase Equilibria
708g Initial Stage of Foaming of Poly(methyl methacrylate)/ Carbon Dioxide / Tetraethoxysilane Ternary System
720b Phase Behavior of PMMA/CO2/Tetraalkoxysilane Ternary Systems
Fusco, A. P.
101g Monitoring Pyocyanin Production by Bacteria Using Nanofluidic Electrochemical Sensors
25f Investigation On Electrostatics In Fluidized Bed
91c Studies of Solid-Solid Mixing Behaviors In a Downer Reactor
686c Hydrodynamic Behaviors of Sand Particles In a Large-Scale Triple Bed Combined Circulating Fluidized Bed
763e Magnetic Heat Circulator Based On Self-Heat Recuperation
Fyda, R.
618am Combination of Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) and Click Chemistry for Surface Polymerization of Fluorinated Methacrylate On Iron Particles