Author Index: E

Eastoe, J.
88d CO2-Soluble, Non-Ionic, Water-Soluble Surfactants That Stabilize CO2-In-Brine Foams
Eberle, A. P. R.
3an Improving Our Quality of Life with Colloidal Interactions: From Consumer Products to Protein Drugs
181j The Phase Behavior and Rheology of a Concentrated Protein System (Lysozyme) with Long-Range Repulsion and Short-Range Attraction
474h Rheology and Flow-Induced Structure of a Model Nanoparticle System with Adhesive Hard Sphere Interactions
Ebner, A. D.
370a Deviations From Plug-Flow and 1-D Thermal Behavior for Breakthrough Tests with Zeolite CaA, Water Vapor, and Carbon Dioxide
Ebner, A. D.
326d Development of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Spaceflight Oxygen Concentrators
734c On the Use of a Solid Amine Sorbent for CO2 Capture by Pressure Swing Adsorption
Ebner, P. P.
363b Transient Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of a Semi-Transparent Reacting Particle Under Non-Uniform High-Flux Irradiation
Eby, J.
464f Colloidal Materials for Modulating the Immune Response
Eckert, C. A.
3n Integrating Alternative Solvent Systems with Electrocatalysis for Energy and Environmental Applications
461b Tunable Reversible Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture
555b Towards Industrially Viable Non-Aqueous Amine Solvent Systems
Eckert, C. A.
134f Thermodynamics of Carbon Capture Through Reversible Ionic Liquids
247a Nanoparticle Synthesis Using Reversible Ionic Liquids
631f Recycling Homogeneous Catalysts: Tunable Solvents for the Hydroformylation of p-Methylstyrene
705a Fundamental Studies On the Radical Initiated Grafting of Vinyltrimethoxysilane Onto Polymeric Models
713c Selective Removal of Protecting Groups Using Water At Elevated Temperatures
702h Multiscale Modeling of Nanocarrier Binding to Endothelium
Economou, I.
380e Phase Equilibria In Binary Mixtures of Propane and Phenanthrene: Measurements and Modeling
189a Evaluation of SAFT and PC-SAFT EoS for the Calculation of Thermodynamic Derivative Properties of Fluids Related to Carbon Capture and Sequestration
190d Accurate Prediction of the n-Hexane/Water and 1-Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients of Complex Chemicals Using Molecular Simulation
Eda, T.
628d Porous Alumina Substrates As Supports for Zeolite Membranes
Eddings, E.
113d The Fate of Sulfur In Oxy-Fired Fluidized Beds
113e Application of a Multi-Grain Model: Single Large Coal Particle Oxy-Combustion
670e Oxy-Coal Combustion Flamelet Dynamics From High-Speed Video Analysis
Eddy, J. A.
534a Identifying Perturbed Pathways In Glioblastoma Through Network Reconstruction and Analysis
Eden, M. R.
3ae A Property Based Approach for Simultaneous Process and Molecular Design
265e Supercritical Adiabatic Reactor for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
330d Computer Aided Flowsheet Design Using a Group Contribution Based Approach
519f Design of Biofuel Additives Using Chemometric Modeling and Molecular Design Techniques
620x Characterization Based Molecular Design of Biofuel Additives for Feedstock Flexibility
620y Group Contribution Based Process Synthesis and Design
767c Systematic Molecular Design of Biofuel Additives Using Hybrid Characterization and Group Contribution Based Techniques
Eder, R. J. P.
149e API-Crystal Preparation In A Continuously Seeded Tubular Crystallizer
530a Physical Vapor Transport of Aluminum Nitride On Silicon Carbide Substrates: Parameters Affecting Nucleation
Edgar, T. F.
94f Perspectives On Manfred Morari's Contributions
125b Smart Sustainable Manufacturing
316f Application of Multistate Analytics to CO2 Capture Processes
404a Use of Principal Components with Parallel Coordinates for Early Detection of Compressor Surge
518a CACHE Update
612g Energy Modules for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells In the Chemical Engineering Curriculum
764f Equilibrium Conditions In Tumors Undergoing Virotherapy
Edie, S.
679c Application of Singular Value Decomposition to Enhance Proper Generalized Decomposition In Mildly Non-Linear 2-D Partial Differential Equation Problems
Ediger, M.
774a Preparation and Characterization of Highly Stable Organic Glasses (Or how to make a million-year-old glass in ten minutes)
Edison, J.
242b Understanding Adsorption Hysteresis In Porous Silicon
392c Dynamic Mean Field Theory for Mixtures Confined In Porous Materials
Edmund, S.
769g Influence of Microwave Band Irradiation On Catalytic Reforming Systems Operating Under Deleterious Conditions
Edwards, B. J.
241d Macroscopic Model of Proton Transport Through the Membrane-Ionomer Interface
Edwards, B. S.
623w Protein Engineering for High-Throughput Screening and Protease Dynamic Analysis
Edwards, P.
326d Development of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Spaceflight Oxygen Concentrators
Edwards, P. P.
586b Study of the Photodeposition of Noble Metal On BiOCl for the Photocatalytic Decomposition of Rhodamine B
586d Visible-Light-Driven Photodegradation of Contaminants In Water Over Surface-Engineered BiOBr Semiconductor Micro/Nano-Structures
Edwie, F.
466e Application of Membrane Technologies for Biomolecules Separation by Affinity Binding to Recovered Stereospecific Ligands
539c Effects of Additives On the Stability of Dual-Layer Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic PVDF Hollow Fiber Membranes for Continuous Membrane Distillation Operation
Effertz, M.
177a Influence of Electrolytes On Liquid-Liquid Separation
Egbebi, A.
265c Effects of Biomass Contaminants (N and Cl species) On Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
457b CPFD Flow Pattern Simulation In Downer Reactors
Eggersdorfer, M.
740a Pneumatic Conveying and Packaging of Flame-Made Nanopowders
Eggersdorfer, M. L.
291e Aggregate Sintering Dynamics of Crystalline Ceramic and Metal Nanoparticles
418l Number and Size of Primary Particles In Agglomerates From Mass and Mobility Measurements
418m Silica Sintering Rate and Mechanism by Molecular Dynamics
420p Multi-Particle Sintering Dynamics: From Fractal-Like Aggregates to Compact Structures
Egnatchik, R.
593e Mitochondrial Dysfunction In Hepatic Lipotoxicity
Egolfopoulos, F.
453d Landfill Gas Utilization In Gas Turbines: Experimental Results for Combustion of Landfill Impurities In Premixed Flames
469a Landfill Gas Clean-up Using a Flow-Through Catalytic Membrane Reactor
469e A Hybrid Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Destruction of a Chemical Warfare Simulant
Ehlen, M. A.
614g Agent-Based Chemical Supply Chain Models Assessing Dynamic Disruptions
Ehrman, S.
22a Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting by p-Type Copper Oxide Photocathodes Made Via Scalable Processes
418g Size Control of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles In Flame Spray Pyrolysis
667f Ag/Cu Particle Generation by Cosolvent Spray Pyrolysis: Effect of Cosolvent
740b Investigating the Effect of Precursor Composition On the Size Distribution of Droplets Generated by An Ultrasonic Droplet Generator
Eilertsen, E.
684c Delamination of Layered Zeolite Precursors Under Mild Conditions
Einck, L.
230e Development of Anti-Tubercular Nanoscale Drug Cocktails for Targeted Therapy
Eitel, R.
123f Targeting of Antioxidant Polymer Nanoparticles for Inhibition of Metal Nanoparticle Toxicity
145g Influence of CD151 Expression and Endothelial Cell Phenotype On Selectivity of Cancer Cell Adhesion to Endothelial Monolayers
Eitouni, H. B.
3ap Structured Polymers for Energy Generation and Storage
180c Block–Copolymer Lithium Battery Electrolytes
Ekenseair, A. K.
3ao Fundamental Investigations In Polymer Science with High-Tech Applications From Penetrant Diffusion to Tissue Engineering
74h A Novel Epoxy-Based, Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration
275f Optimization of Thermogelling, Injectable Scaffolds for Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration
464a Awards Ceremony
544a Lignin Depolymerization and Deoxygenation In Ionic Liquids
el Gendy, H.
670e Oxy-Coal Combustion Flamelet Dynamics From High-Speed Video Analysis
628b Intensified Nano-Structured Perovskite Based Catalytic Membranes for High Temperature Oxygen Separation
El-Amin, S.
3bl Development and Characterization of UHMWPE Fiber-Reinforced Hydrogels for Soft Tissue Replacement Applications
214c Robust Quasi-Decentralized Control of Networked Process Systems Under Communication Scheduling
468g Networked Predictive Control of Distributed Energy Systems with Adaptive Communication
473c Resource-Aware Model Predictive Control Using Adaptive Sampling
476c Monitoring and Reconfiguration of Sampled-Data Nonlinear Hybrid Process Systems with Actuator Faults
515a Networked Control of Spatially Distributed Systems: Handling Communication Constraints and Delays
646e Constrained Sensor Fault-Tolerant Control of Distributed Process Systems
710g Fault Detection and Fault-Tolerant Control of Particulate Processes with Sampled and Delayed Measurements
723a Robust Hybrid Control of Nonlinear Process Systems Subject to Control and Communication Constraints
El-Halwagi, M.
12a An Overview of CAST Division Activities
330b A New Algorithm for the Global Optimization of Property-Based Water Integration In Eco-Industrial Parks
521a Synthesis of Sustainable Property-BASED WATER Networks
620c A Mathematical Programming Formulation for the Synthesis of Property-Based of Batch Water Network
620d Optimization of the Biofouling Control In Integrated Desalination/Power Plants
620e OPTIMAL Design of Distributed TREATMENT SYSTEMS for the Effluents Discharged to the Rivers
620f Property-BASED MASS INTEGRATION Considering Efficient Property Operators
620h OPTIMAL Planning and Scheduling of A BIOMASS Conversion SYSTEM Considering ECONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL Aspects
620j Sustainable Integration of Industrial Gaseous Emissions
El-Mansour, M.
658c SW-RO Membranes for the Removal of Ammonium Thiocyanate From Coking Wastewaters In Steel Manufacturing
El-Sharkawy, A. E.
299b Application of Chemical Engineering Education In Automotive Thermal Management
Ela, E.
581g Stochastic Programming and Uncertainty Management In Electricity System Operation
Elabd, Y. A.
645d Non-Equilibrium Sorption and Diffusion of Water In Polylactide: Experiments and Model Predictions
Elam, J.
342d Synthesis of Oxide ‘Nanobowls' and ‘Armor-Coated' Active Sites by Templated ALD: a New Paradigm In Heterogeneous Catalyst Synthesis
441d Ambient Pressure PES Study of CeO2 Supported Catalysts for Water Gas Shift Reaction
654f Ambient Pressure PES Study of Al2O3 Supported Catalysts for Water Gas Shift Reaction
684e Synthesis of Oxide Nanocavities for Size-Selective Catalysis
Elam, J.
420h Nanomaterials Engineering with Sequential Infiltration Synthesis In Block Copolymers
Elanany, M. S.
190ac Measurements of Solvents Properties for CO2 Capture Applications
Elander, R. T.
523f Economics of Pretreatment for Biological Processing
Elander, R. T.
333d Effects of RTD On the Performance of NREL High-Solid Continuous Pretreatment Reactor
Elander, R. T.
479b Nrel's Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility - Pilot Scale Solids Handling Risk Mitigation
641f Secondary Thermochemical Xylo-Oligomer Hydrolysis of High-Solids Dilute-Acid Pretreatment Slurries
Elangovan, E.
13f Reforming of Residual Tars and Oils From Biomass Gasification
564a Development of a Compact Fischer Tropsch Reactor
359b Assessment of Pore Diffusion Limitations for the near Critical and Supercritical Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
620l Simulation of a Typical and An Advanced Fischer Tropsch Reactor Technology
ElBeshbishy, E.
334a Application of Ultrasound with Various Pretreatments to Improve Biological Hydrogen Production From Food Waste
413c Volatile Sulfur Compounds Removal In Biogas Using Thermo-Oxidative Pretreatment
Elder, R. H.
22d HycycleS: Materials and Components for Hydrogen Production by Sulphur Based Thermochemical Cycles - Summary of Key Results From the European Collaborative Project
166d Developing Tools for Teaching Chemical Engineering Unit Operation Design
Elder, R.
702a Molecular Simulations of Macromolecular Materials for Non-Viral Gene Delivery
6b Accumulation of Air Bubbles In Field Driven Oscillations of a Droplet
237e Dielectrophoretic Filter for Engine Oil
Elia, J. A.
153c Nationwide Energy Supply Chain Analysis for Transportation Fuels
330a Global Optimization of Thermochemical-Based Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids Processes Via Lograthmic Partioning Schemes
647b Optimization Framework for the Process Synthesis and Simultaneous Heat and Power Integration of a Thermochemical Coal, Biomass, and Natural Gas to Liquids Facility
Eliasson Lantz, A.
313d Heterogeneous Microbial Populations: Using Flow Cytometric Data for Building Dynamic Distributed Models
467a Modeling the Residence Time Distribution In a Batch Fermentor: Comparison of CFD Prediction with Experiment
Elimelech, M.
142a Enhancement of Electrospun Polysulfone Mats Using Biocidal Nanomaterials
253b Tuning Structure and Properties of Graded Triblock Terpolymer-Based Mesoporous Films
664e Antimicrobial Biomaterials Based On Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Charged Polymers
691b Permeation of Interacting Solutes In Forward Osmosis
Elizalde-Solis, O.
193f High-Pressure Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Measurements for the Ternary System Carbon Dioxide + Ethanol + n-Decane At 313, 343 and 373 K
193i Compressed Liquid Densities of Boldine + Ethanol Binary Mixtures At Different Compositions From 313 to 363 K
193j Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium for the Binary System Carbon Dioxide + Limonene At Supercritical Conditions
193k Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for the Ternary System CO2 + Ethanol + n-Hexane
620l Simulation of a Typical and An Advanced Fischer Tropsch Reactor Technology
Elkamel, A.
616h Application of Particle Swarm Optimization In Phase Equilibrium Calculations
Elliott, J. R.
128d On the Critical Properties of n-Alkanes At Long Chain Limit Using White's Renormalization Group Theory
193o Implications of Compressed Liquid Density for Intermolecular Potential Models
364d Modeling and Scale up of CO2-Water Pretreatment of Guayule Biomass
190a Molecular Modeling and Simulation for Closed-Loop Liquid-Liquid Immiscibility Behavior of Poly(ethylene oxide) In Aqueous Solution
Elliott, R. S.
289c Ensuring Reliability, Reproducibility and Transferability In Atomistic Simulations: The Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (
289d KIM Application Programmming Interface As a Standard for Molecular Simulations
471d Photoanode Area Dependent Efficiency and Recombination In Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Ellison, C. J.
246c Oligosaccharide/Silicon-Containing Block Copolymers for Lithography Applications
Elly, M.
148a The ROLE of Physical Property Databases IN CH. E. EDUCATION
Elmalik, E. E.
620l Simulation of a Typical and An Advanced Fischer Tropsch Reactor Technology
Elsharkawy, A.
445c Improving Gas Condensate Reservoir Productivity
Elvitigala, T.
590f Contrasting the Metabolic Capabilities of Multiple Cyanobacterial Species
Elyassi, B.
386e Long-Term Steam Stability of MCM-22 and ITQ-1
600f Zeolite Thin Films Prepared From Exfoliated MFI and MWW Nanosheets On Non-Porous Substrates
Emady, H. N.
67d Mapping of Nucleation Mechanisms for Regime Separated Granulation
Emborsky, C.
128c Correlation and Prediction of Water Content In Alkanes Using a Molecular Theory
Emborsky, C.
92d Effect of Bond Rigidity and Molecular Structure On the Self Assembly of Amphiphilic Molecules Using Second Order Classical Density Functional Theory
Emdadi, L.
381c Understanding Dispersion Polymerizations In Open and Confined Reaction Spaces towards New Applications
Emerick, E. E.
770d Electrospinning of Sulfobetaine Methacrylate Nanofibers
Emme, B.
10a Fermentation Cost Improvement Through Propagation Advances for a Commercially Relevant Biomass-to-Ethanol Process
Emmons, T.
328d Development of a Depth Filtration Recovery for a Viral Vector Product
Emori, Y.
623bc Development of Lectin Immunoassay for Detection of Glyco-Chain Conjugated with Biomarker
Emrick, T.
123c Development of Biocompatible Polymers for Modulating Lipid Membrane Integrity
Encarnación-Gómez, L. G.
356e Bifunctional Materials for the Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose Into Soluble Renewable Biorefinery Feedstocks
Engel, M.
191b Self-Assembly of Imperfect Tetrahedra
Engelhardt, K.
221b Protein Adsorption At the Air-Water Interface Studied by Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy
125c Meeting Sustainability Challenges In the Chemical Industry
Engstrom, J. R.
603a Fundamental Aspects of Organic Heterostructure Formation Examined Using Supersonic Molecular Techniques and In Situ Real Time X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation
Engstrom, J. D.
397d Investigation of Scaling Parameters On the Particle Size Reduction Profile In Rotor Stator Wet Mills
754a Application of a Joint Risk Assessment Platform to Identify Suitable Drug Substance and Drug Product Process Options
771g Pre-Combustion Fuel Decarbonization with Pure Palladium and Palladium Alloy Membranes
Enick, R. M.
28b Solubility of CO2 and H2 In PDMS and PEGDME At 25 – 120 Oc
88d CO2-Soluble, Non-Ionic, Water-Soluble Surfactants That Stabilize CO2-In-Brine Foams
414b Volume Translated SRK and PR Equations of State for the Prediction of High-Temperature, High-Pressure Hydrocarbon Density
414d PC-SAFT with New Pure-Component Parameters Fit to Density Data Collected At Temperatures to 260°C and Pressures to 276 Mpa
414f Using a High Temperature, High Pressure Couette Viscometer to Assess Krytox® Oils As a Deepwater Viscosity Standard
485b Structure and Thermochemistry of Phase-Changing Aminosilicone-Based CO2-Capture Absorbents
699g CO2 Selective Membranes Composed of Linear and Branched Polyethers
53f Implication of Particle-Cell Dynamics In Physiological Blood Flow On the Efficacy of Vascular-Targeted Drug Carriers
584e Hemodynamics-Driven Design of Carriers for Imaging and Drug Delivery In Atherosclerosis
748e Oil-In-Water Emulsion Based Fabrication of Biodegradable Prolate Spheroids (rods) for Drug Delivery
Enztminger, K.
65f Engineered, Peptide BINDING Chaperones for Membrane PROTEIN Crystallization
epartment of Chemistry, S. D.
244e Nanostructured ZnO Thin Film for Photoelectrochemical Splitting of Water
Epling, W.
440g Hydrocarbon Deactivation of a Cu/Zeolite SCR Catalyst
Epps, III, T. H.
246a Using Interfacial Manipulations to Control Ordering In Tapered Block Copolymers
511b Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Bio-Responsive Block Copolymers
Eranki, P. L.
305a Life Cycle Assessment of Advanced Regional Biomass Processing Depots Integrated with Sustainable Cellulosic Feedstock Landscapes
Erdem-Senatalar, A.
398a Variation of Particle Size and Its Distribution During the Synthesis of Silicalite-1 Nanocrystals
Erdemir, D.
397d Investigation of Scaling Parameters On the Particle Size Reduction Profile In Rotor Stator Wet Mills
Ergenc, I. T.
385h Encapsulation of Magnetic Nanoparticles within Biofunctional Poly (ethylene glycol) Hydrogel Formed Via Surface Initiated Photopolymerization
Erickson, L.
93b Preparing Students for Careers In Which Sustainability Will Grow In Importance
213c Attenuation of Tetrachloroethylene In Groundwater by Bioremediation
480f Assessment Processes for Sustainability and Sustainable Processes
264b Biodiesel Production by Utilizing by Products From Fish Oil Concentration
Erogbogbo, F.
385b Gas-Phase Synthesis of Gadolinium Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents
747b Multimodal Bioimaging Agents Based On Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots
Errington, J.
58c The Effect of Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneities On Wetting Behavior
119c Monte Carlo Simulation Methods for Calculating the Interfacial Properties of Fluid Mixtures near a Solid Surface
698b Using Monte Carlo Simulations to Study Wetting Behavior of Ionic Liquids
757c Effect of Geometric Roughness On the Wetting Behavior of Water
Esai Selvan, M.
241c A Reactive Molecular Dynamics Study of Proton Transport In Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
452c Toward a Predictive Understanding of Water and Charge Transport In Proton Exchange Membranes
626ac Effect of Themoplastic Extrusion of Maize Worts On the Efficiency of Bioethanol with Zymomonas Mobilis
Escobar, A.
492d Fuel Alcohol Production by Extractive Distillation with Glycerol Using a Pilot Extractive Column
Escobar, C. A.
253e Composite Fluorocarbon Membranes by Surface-Initiated Polymerization
705e Micromolding Surface-Initiated Polymerization: A Versatile Route for Microscale Replication Onto a Solid Support
Escobar, I.
387c Polybenzimidazole Forward Osmosis Membranes Functionalized to Impart Surface Charge and An Increase In Hydrophilicity
Escobar-Ferrand, L.
601b Nanoparticle Only Layer by Layer Surface Modification of Microfiltation/Ultrafiltration (MF/UF) Membranes
Escobedo, F.
58b Simulating the Homogeneous Liquid-Vapor Nucleation of Liquids In the Superheated and Stretched-Superheated Regimes Using Novel Molecular Dynamics Methods
171c Structure and Transport Properties of Nohms
193l Thermodynamics and Rheology of Novel Nano and Micro Self-Assembled Phases
415d Cosurfactant Effects Affecting the Phase Diagram for a Binary Blend of Diblock Copolymers
517d Mesophase Behavior of Polyhedral Particles
626g Modeling the Structure and Transition Kinetics of Small, Aggregation-Prone Proteins: Identifying Key Atomic Interactions Via Efficient Simulation Methods
743h Abstract: Simulated Mutagenesis of VHH Domain In Explicit Solvent: Free-Energy Landscape and Folding Kinetics for the Mutated Hypervariable H1 Loop
Esguerra, D. F.
109f Isolating the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Oligomers of Petroleum Pitch Via Packed-Column Supercritical Extraction
Eshleman, J. R.
256e A Protein Therapeutic Modality Founded On Molecular Regulation
181ah Selecting a Clear Model Fluid with Similar Rheological Behavior to Municipal Sludge
236d Two-Phase Flow of Gas-Liquid Binary Mixtures Through a Rectangular Microchannel
547e Modeling of Particle Deposition On the Wall In a Vertical Turbulent Pipe Flow At a Given Probability of Particle Adhesion to the Wall Surface
602b Modeling of a Bubble-Train Flow and Interphase Mass Transfer In a Long Microchannel
650c Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition In a Vertical Tubing
Espinal, A. E.
633g Time Dependent CO2 Sorption Hysteresis by Octahedral Molecular Sieves with Manganese Oxide Framework
Espinal, L.
633g Time Dependent CO2 Sorption Hysteresis by Octahedral Molecular Sieves with Manganese Oxide Framework
Espinosa, C.
642c Electric Charging of Dispersion Particles In Nonpolar Solutions
Esposito, M.
669d Calorimetric Estimation Employing Unscented Kalman Filtering for a Batch Emulsion Polymerization Reactor
581f Improving Supply Chain Management In a Competitive Environment Under Uncertainty
765e Operational Level Integration System Based On An Ontological Framework by Means of Master/Control Recipe Semantic
Estenoz, D. A.
618bb Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Bulk Polymerization of Styrene Using the Symmetrical Cyclic Trifunctional Initiatior Diethyl Ketone Triperoxide (DEKTP)
628n Towards AN IMPROVED Design for Nanoporous Polymeric MEMBRANES for Liquid Separations
Esterle, J.
726g Coal-to-Biomethane Potential of Microbial Consortia Native to Coal Seam Formation Waters
Esteves, I. A. A. C.
242e Simulated and Experimental Adsorption Equilibria of Light Alkanes In MIL-53(Al) Metal-Organic Framework
99a Lessons Learned From and Economic Impacts of the Fukushima, Japan Disaster
99b The STEM Education and Its Impacts On Pipeline for Underrepresented Minorities
99c Q&A and Final Remarks
293e Electrostatic Destabilization of W/O Microemulsions–Application to the Extraction of Phospholipids From Sludge In Wastewater Treatment
Estrada, V.
620v Eutrophication Control In Lakes and Reservoirs Through Integrated 3D Ecological and Hydrodynamic Models
Etchells, III, A. W.
36f A Design Rule for Prediction of the Just Suspended SPEED of Mixed Slurries
163g Teaching Mixing to Under-Graduate Chemical Engineers
170b NAMF 21st Birthday Celebration: NAMF - Past, Present and Future
Eterigho, E. J.
672f Catalytic Study of Sulphated Zirconia From Conventional and Modified Conventional Methods for Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
Etika, K.
751c Controlling Carbon Nanotubes Dispersion Using Stimuli-Responsive Polymers
751e Clay and Carbon Black Synergy for Enhancing Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Epoxy Composites
Etsitty, J.
9b Structure-Function Relationships In Beetle Elytral Cuticle, a Biological Composite Material
Eustace, J.
459a The CVB Experiment – Constrained Bubble Nucleation In Microgravity
Evangelist, G.
328c A 'fully' Disposable Primary Recovery Step for Harvesting Mammalian Cell Culture Systems: Focus of Depth Filtration Technologies
Evanko, B. W.
280c Investigation of Cobalt Ferrite and Nickel Ferrite for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production
618aj Nano-Scale Cobalt Ferrite and Nickel Ferrite On High Surface Area ZrO2 Particles for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production
Evans, B. R.
496c Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Small-Angle Neutron Analysis of Native and Deuterium Enriched Biomass for the Detailed Analysis of Lignocellulosic Breakdown
Evans, C. M.
549c Non-Contact Measurements of "Stiffness" In Confined Polymer Films by Fluorescence and X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Evans, J. M.
614c A Holistic Framework for Drug Development and Capacity Planning In Novel Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
Evenson, C. R.
21b Scale-up of Membranes for Separation of Hydrogen From Syngas for Carbon Capture
Ewan, B. C.
83a The Unexpected Nucleation/Polymorphic Transformation-Promoting Effect of Glycine on Crystallisation of L-Glutamic Acid
Ewoldt, R.
550c Flow Accelerates the Reaction Kinetics of Multiphase Polymer Systems
Ezekoye, O. K.
440f High Throughput Study of Pt-Pd Catalysts for DOC Applications: XRD and STEM Characterization