Drug Delivery III

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 3:15 PM
L100 F (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session deals with the latest advances in drug delivery methods and related technologies. Specific topics of interest include (not limited to) novel drug carriers and drug delivery device as well as new drug release/activation strategies.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science

Kris Noel Dahl
Email: kndahl@andrew.cmu.edu

Eric Nuxoll
Email: eric-nuxoll@uiowa.edu

3:35 PM
(584c) Sustained In Vivo Release From Imprinted Daily Wear Contact Lenses
Arianna Tieppo, Charles J. White, Amanda C. Paine, Meredith L. Voyles, Matthew K. McBride and Mark E. Byrne

3:55 PM

4:05 PM
(584e) Hemodynamics-Driven Design of Carriers for Imaging and Drug Delivery In Atherosclerosis
Alex Thompson, Katawut Namdee, Supriya Mocherla, Eric Mastria, Diane Bouis and Omolola Eniola-Adefeso

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