Nanomaterials for Energy Storage III

Monday, October 17, 2011: 3:15 PM
102 F (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session seeks contributions pertaining to the development of nanomaterials for energy storage applications. Nano-issues in hydrogen storage materials for on-board and off-board applications and in electrochemical energy storage devices such as batteries and ultracapacitors are leading examples. Synthesis and characterization approaches, studies of kinetics, energy-release mechanisms and catalytic activity in these and other energy storage materials by experimental, theoretical and computational methods are welcome in this session. Invited speakers include: Yi Cui, Stanford University; Andreas Stein, Univ. of Minnesota; Linden Archer, Cornell Univ.; Brian Korgel, Univ. of Texas, Austin.

Topical 5: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Alternate Fuels and New Technology (16D)

Yong L. Joo

Prashant Nagpal

3:15 PM
(173a) Silicon Nanostructures for Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
Justin Harris, Aaron Chockla, Matthew Panthani, Colin Hessel, Dariya Reid and Brian Korgel

3:45 PM
(173b) Nano-Silicon/Graphene Composite Anode Modifications for Enhanced Performance Lithium Ion Batteries
Rhet Joseph De Guzman, Jinho Yang, Mark Cheng, Steven Salley and K. Y. Simon Ng

4:25 PM
(173d) A Facile Way to Fabricate MoO3 /Graphene Composite Anode for Lithium Ion Battery
Yun Xu, Qianglu Lin, Ling Fei, Joshua Hill, Shuguang Deng and Hongmei Luo

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