Concentrated Solar for Power Generation and Chemical Processing I

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 12:30 PM
208 A (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session covers innovations in concentrated solar thermal technology. Solar thermal is currently experiencing a revival in the research and commercial sector. Presentations will cover modeling, design, analysis, experimentation or fundamental studies. High-quality submissions in all receiving technologies (e.g., troughs, Fresnel,central receiving systems) as well as all uses (e.g., electricity, solar fuels, process heat, cogeneration) with and without storage are welcome.

International Congress on Energy: Global Nuclear and Solar Energy in the 21st Century
Research and New Technology Committee (18j), Electronics and Photonics (08E)

Alexander Mitsos

Alexandre F.T. Yokochi

Wojciech Lipiński

12:30 PM
(286a) Liquid Fuel Production Using Solar-Thermal Energy: Process Development and Technoeconomic Evaluation
Jiyong Kim, Terry A. Johnson, James E. Miller, Ellen B. Stechel and Christos Maravelias

12:55 PM

1:45 PM
(286d) Design and Optimization of Solar Thermal Systems
Amin Ghobeity, Corey J Noone, Enrique Lizarraga-Garcia and Alexander Mitsos

2:10 PM

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