Adsorbent Materials-MOF

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 3:15 PM
205 B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session presents the most recent advances in Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) stuctures suitable for use as adsorbent materials.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Krista S. Walton

T. Grant Glover

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

3:15 PM
(559a) Adsorption and Reaction of Porphyrinic Metal Organic Frameworks: DFT and Simulations Study
De-Li Chen, Kristi Kauffman, Christopher Matranga, James, P. Lewis and J. Karl Johnson

3:35 PM
(559b) Ammonia Adsorption On Cu-MOF: a Molecular Simulation Approach
Liangliang Huang, Camille Petit, Teresa Bandosz and Keith E. Gubbins

3:55 PM
(559c) Simulation of Low-Pressure Noble Gas Adsorption In Nanoporous Framework Materials
Stephanie L. Teich-McGoldrick, Jeffery A. Greathouse and Mark D. Allendorf

4:35 PM
(559e) High Throughput Adsorption Screening of MOFs Using infraSORB
Matthias Leistner, Philipp Wollmann, Wulf Grählert, Frieder Dreisbach and Stefan Kaskel

4:55 PM
(559f) MOFs As Adsorbents for Gas Separations: A Comparative Study
Andrew D. Wiersum, Estelle Soubeyrand-Lenoir, Christelle Vagner and Philip L. Llewellyn

File available
5:15 PM
(559g) Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Degrdation of Nerve Agent Simulant Parathion
Raghunath N. Halder, Veera Boddu, Minori S. Uchimiya, Shubhen Kapila, Anthony J. Bednar and Sari J. Paikoff
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