Modeling Approaches In the Life Sciences I

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 12:30 PM
Conrad C (Hilton Minneapolis)

We invite submissions that describe the application of mathematical modeling to problems in the life sciences. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, metabolism, signal transduction, gene regulation, motility, and development. Preference will given to submission that directly link mathematical modeling with experimental data. Submissions that described novel modeling approaches are also encouraged.

Topical A: Systems Biology
Bioengineering (15c)

Jeffrey D. Varner

Nathan D. Price

12:46 PM

1:18 PM
(313d) Heterogeneous Microbial Populations: Using Flow Cytometric Data for Building Dynamic Distributed Models
Rita Lencastre Fernandes, Magnus Carlquist, Luisa Lundin, Anna-Lena Heins, Abhishek Dutta, Ingmar Nopens, Anker D. Jensen, Søren J. Johansen, Anna Eliasson Lantz and Krist V. Gernaey

1:34 PM
(313e) Efficient Simulation of Dynamic Flux Balance Models
Stuart Harwood, Kai Hoeffner and Paul Barton

2:06 PM
(313g) Spatial Mechanisms for the Stepwise Navigation of Neutrophils
Yuki Kimura, Ashish Kapoor, Paul J. A. Kenis, Luke Olson and Christopher V. Rao

2:38 PM
(313i) Genome Scale Metabolic Reconstruction and Hypothesis Testing In the Methanogenic Archaeon Methanosarcina Acetivorans C2A
Matthew Nicholas Benedict, Matthew C Gonnerman, William W Metcalf and Nathan D. Price
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