Experimental Methods In Adsorption

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 3:15 PM
203 A (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session is focused on new experimental methods for measuring the kinetics, equilibrium, mass transfer, or other key process parameters in adsorption systems.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Linda S. Cheng
Email: Linda.Cheng@uop.com

Marcus Mello
Email: MVDEM@chevron.com

3:55 PM
(370c) New Multi-Sample Volumetric Instrument for High Throughput Adsorption Measurements
Frieder Dreisbach, Dirk Meister, Reza Seif, Jens Rother and Tobias M. Fieback

4:35 PM
(370e) Surface Excess Variables: Adsorption Isotherms and Column Dynamics
Ronny Pini, Nathalie Casas, Johanna Schell, Giuseppe Storti and Marco Mazzotti

4:55 PM
(370f) Discrete Equilibrium Data From Dynamic Column Breakthrough Experiments
Reza Haghpanah, Arvind Rajendran, Shamsuzzaman Farooq, Iftekar A. Karimi and Mohammad Amanullah

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