Adsorption Applications for Sustainable Future

Thursday, October 20, 2011: 8:30 AM
205 B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session will focus on the adsorption technologies which have important applications for meeting our long-term energy demand or maintaining a clean environment.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Holly M. Krutka

Nan Qi

8:48 AM

9:06 AM
(633c) Biobutanol Separation with the ZIF-8 Metal Organic Framework
Julien Cousin Saint-Rémy, Tom Rémy, Vincent Van hunskerken, Stijn van de Perre, Tim Duerinck, Michael Maes, Christine E.A. Kirschhock, Dirk De Vos, Gino Baron and Joeri Denayer

9:24 AM

10:00 AM
(633f) Effect of Amine Structure On CO2 Adsorption From Ultra-Dilute Gas Streams Such As Ambient Air
Stephanie A. Didas, Ambarish R. Kulkarni, David S. Sholl and Christopher W. Jones

10:18 AM
(633g) Time Dependent CO2 Sorption Hysteresis by Octahedral Molecular Sieves with Manganese Oxide Framework
Laura Espinal, Winnie Wong-Ng, Andrew J. Allen, Chad R. Snyder, Daniel W. Siderius, Chun Chiu, Anais E. Espinal and Steven L. Suib

10:36 AM
(633h) Evaluation of Solid Sorbents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Holly M. Krutka, Sharon Sjostrom and Tom Campbell
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