Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cells I

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 8:30 AM
102 F (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session focuses on the design, synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of nanomaterials for hydrogen production including catalysts for fuel processors and photocatalysts for photoelectrochemical cells. Papers describe experimental, theoretical and computational work. Invited speakers include: Alissa Park, Columbia Univ.; Jae W. Lee, City College of New York.

Topical 5: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Yong L. Joo

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9:05 AM
(244b) Inorganic Catalytic Nanofibers for the Production of Hydrogen Via Alkaline Hydrolysis of Biomass
Nathaniel S. Hansen, Daewon Cho, Thomas Ferguson, Ah-Hyung Alissa Park and Yong L. Joo

9:25 AM
(244c) Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using Coated TiO2 Substrate
Njideka H. Okoye, Pedro E. Arce and Dennis B. George

File available
10:05 AM
(244e) Nanostructured ZnO Thin Film for Photoelectrochemical Splitting of Water
Pushpendra Kumar, Vidhika Sharma Department of Chemistry, Nirupama Singh Department of Chemistry, Anjana Solanki Department of Chemistry, Sumant Upadhyay Department of Chemistry, Surbhi Chaudhary Department of Chemistry, Vibha R Satsangi Department of Physics and Computer Science, Sahab Dass epartment of Chemistry and Rohit Shrivastav Department of Chemistry
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