Semiconductor Nanowires and Nanotubes for Next Generation Photovoltaics From Fundamentals to Devices

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 3:15 PM
102 F (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes of a variety of materials (e.g. group IV, III-V, II-VI, oxide, chalcogenide, etc.) are being utilized as light-harvesting components in next generation photovoltaic devices. However, important fundamental issues must be addressed before highly efficient devices can be realized and this session seeks to highlight high-impact research in this burgeoning area of chemical engineering and materials science. Contributed papers are solicited on topics including: nanowire and nanotube synthesis; structure-dependent optoelectronic properties; dopant incorporation and activation; surface passivation and functionalization; axial, radial, and superlattice heterostructures; light trapping and third generation photophysics; single wire and large area devices. Invited speakers include: Jason Baxter, Drexel Univ.; Michael Strano, MIT; Brain Korgel, Univ. of Texas- Austin.

Topical 5: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
Nanowires (22C), Transport and Energy Processes (07), Alternate Fuels and New Technology (16D), Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (22), Sustainable Energy (23C)

Michael A. Filler

3:15 PM
(609a) Exciton Engineering with Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Solar Energy Conversion: From Exciton Antennae to Nano-Heterojunctions
Michael Strano, Geraldine LC Paulus, Moon-Ho Ham, Chang Young Lee, Changsik Song, Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, Wonjoon Choi, Jae-Hee Han, Ryuichiro Maruyama, Esther S. Jeng, Daniel A. Heller, Woo-Jae Kim, Paul W. Barone and Cristiano Fantini

3:45 PM
(609b) Semiconductor Nanowire Fabric As a New Photovoltaic Material
Chet Steinhagen, Vahid Akhavan, Vince Holmberg and Brian A. Korgel

4:45 PM
(609d) Photoelectrochemical Complexes for Solar Energy Conversion That Dynamically, Reversibly and Autonomously Self-Assemble
Ardemis A. Boghossian, Jong Hyun Choi, Moon-Ho Ham, Esther S. Jeng, Rachel A. Graff, Daniel A. Heller, Alice C. Chang, Aidas Mattis, Timothy H. Bayburt, Yelena V. Grinkova, Adam Scott Zeiger, Krystyn J. Van Vliet, Erik K. Hobbie, Stephen G. Sligar, Colin A. Wraight and Michael Strano

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