Poster Session: Thermodynamics and Transport Properties

Monday, October 17, 2011: 6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Area 1a Poster Session. Contributions in all areas of thermodynamics and transport properties are welcome. Posters can include equations of state, simulations, experiments, and/or theories. Many posters will likely discuss thermodynamics and phase behavior, since slots in those sessions are limited compared to the high demand.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties

D.S. Corti

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(193ab) Micellar Solutions In Catalysis and Separation: Systematic Approach to Select the Surfactant System
Susanne Wille, Michael Schwarze, Liudmila Mokrushina, Irina Smirnova, Reinhard Schomaecker and Wolfgang Arlt

(193ac) Self Assembly of Tethered Nanoparticle Telechelics
Ryan L. Marson, Carolyn L. Phillips, Joshua A. Anderson and Sharon C. Glotzer

(193ad) Simulation Study of Self-Assembly of Polydisperse Nanoparticles Into Highly Uniform Aggregates
Trung D. Nguyen, Yunsheng Xia, Zhiyong Tang, Sharon C. Glotzer and Nicholas A. Kotov

(193ae) Characterization of Multicomponent Mixtures Based On Real Surrogate Components
Philipp Mair-Zelenka, Thomas Wallek, Anton Reiter and Matthäus Siebenhofer

(193af) Volume-Translated, Modified Peng-Robinson Equation of State for Coalbed Gas/Water Mixtures
A. M. Abudour, S.A. Mohammad, R.L. Robinson Jr. and K. A. M. Gasem

(193ag) Validation of Surrogate Mixtures by Thermodynamic Evaluation of Phase Equilibria
Thomas Wallek, Philipp Mair-Zelenka, Anton Reiter and Matthäus Siebenhofer

(193ah) Density Functional Theory and Computer Simulation for Associating Cyclic Molecules
Bennett D. Marshall II, Alejandro J. García-Cuéllar and Walter G. Chapman

(193h) Vent Size Design Applied to Oil Field Corrosion Inhibitors
Silvia M. Vargas-Vasquez, Faisal I. Khan and Sanjala Nashin

(193i) Compressed Liquid Densities of Boldine + Ethanol Binary Mixtures At Different Compositions From 313 to 363 K
Moisés S. Durán-Zenteno, Hugo I. Pérez-López, Luis A. Galicia-Luna and Octavio Elizalde-Solis

(193k) Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for the Ternary System CO2 + Ethanol + n-Hexane
Rubén P. Mendo-Sánchez, Luis A. Galicia-Luna and Octavio Elizalde-Solis

(193q) Carbon Dioxide Clathrate Hydrate Phase Equilibrium
Ma Fernanda Sánchez-Mora, Luis A. Galicia-Luna and Amir H. Mohammadi

(193t) A New Algorithm for Multiphase Analysis of Gas/Water Mixture Adsorption On Coals
Sayeed A. Mohammad, Robert L. Robinson Jr. and Khaled A. M. Gasem

File available
(193v) Predicting Toxicological Activity of Heterocyclic Compounds Using a New Topological Index
Hu Liping, Jia Qingzhu, Wang Qiang, Lu Xiuping, Ma Peisheng, Feng Peng and Liu Pengfei

(193y) Multi Window High Temperature View Cell for the Measurements of Polymer Phase Equilibria
Takeshi Furuya, Satoshi Yoda, Kiwamu Sue, Yoshihiro Takebayashi, Yukiya Hakuta and Katsuto Otake

(193z) Structure and Properties of Inter- and Intramolecularly Associating Molecules In An External Field
Bennett D. Marshall II, Alejandro J. García-Cuéllar and Walter G. Chapman
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