Biosensor Devices I

Monday, October 17, 2011: 8:30 AM
Ballroom A (Hilton Minneapolis)

Biosensors are finding increasing importance in applications ranging from medical diagnostics to homeland security. This session will focus on, but is not limited to, cancer and biotoxin detection, optical methods of detection, and implantable sensors for preclinical and clinical applications. Papers on microarrays, SAW or other novel devices are also welcome.

Topical 9: Sensors
Research and New Technology Committee (18j)

Heidi B. Martin

Chistopher N. Bowman

8:45 AM
(11b) A New Design of Bio-Hybrid Nanopores for DNA/RNA Detection
Kwang Joo Kwak, Xuejin Wen, Wei-Ching Liao, Cherry Gupta, Bo Yu, Gintaras Valincius, David J. Vanderah and James Lee

9:15 AM
(11d) Determination of Binding Interactions Using Optical Microcavities
Carol Soteropulos, Heather K. Hunt and Andrea M. Armani

10:00 AM
(11g) Glucose Biosensor Based On Encapsulated Enzyme with Peptide Nanotubes
Byung-Wook Park, Kyoung-A Ko, Do-Young Yoon and Dong-Shik Kim

10:15 AM
(11h) Ultra-Sensitive Glucose Detection Using Copper Nanowires
Liang Su, Yuchan Zhang, Wenzhao Jia, Changjun Hou, Danqun Huo and Yu Lei
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