Nanostructured Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Thursday, October 20, 2011: 3:15 PM
L100 H (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Papers in this session deal with the synthesis and applications of organic/inorganic hybrid materials.


Mark A. Snyder

Sankar Nair

3:15 PM
(745a) Vapor-Phase Transport As a Novel Route to Prepare Hyperbranched Aminosilica Hybrids
Watcharop Chaikittisilp, Wen Li, Stephanie A. Didas, Hyung-Ju Kim and Christopher W. Jones

3:35 PM
(745b) Synthesis of Solvent Dispersed Ultrathin Sheets of Boron Nitride
Kabeer Jasuja, Kayum Ayinde, Christina Davis, Myles Ikenberry, Keith L. Hohn and Vikas Berry

4:35 PM
(745e) Nanoreinforced Cellular Foam Materials for Improved Energy Absorption Capacity
Wei Wang, Yunfei Qu, Jung-Wuk Hong, Rigoberto Burgueño and Ilsoon Lee

4:55 PM
(745f) Synthesis, Functionalization and Application of Novel Porous Microclusters for Protein Separation
Alexandros Lamprou, Betrand de Neuville, Miroslav Soos, Giuseppe Storti and Massimo Morbidelli

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