Biomaterials I

Monday, October 17, 2011: 12:30 PM
L100 H (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This first of two biomaterials session highlights presentations that represent a broad range of biomaterials design, synthesis and processing research in applications including tissue engineering, surgical science, and drug delivery.


Amol V. Janorkar

Danielle Benoit

12:30 PM

1:06 PM
(74c) Isolating the Effects of Material Stiffness: Fabrication and Characterization of Univarient Synthetic Cell Culture Substrates
Alexander T. Leonard, Kirsten N. Cicotte, Jared R. Funston, Matthew N. Rush and Elizabeth L. Hedberg-Dirk

1:24 PM
(74d) Stable Microwell Arrays As Platforms for Long-Term Tissue Culture
Grinia M. Nogueira, Michael Beste, Nicole Doyle, Tuyen Phung, Linda Griffith and Paula Hammond

1:42 PM
(74e) High Throughput Screening of Tissue Specific Biomaterials
Courtney Dumont, Pankaj Karande and Deanna M. Thompson

2:36 PM
(74h) A Novel Epoxy-Based, Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold for Tissue Regeneration
Adam K. Ekenseair, Kristel W. M. Boere, F. Kurtis Kasper and Antonios G. Mikos
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