Rational Catalyst Design II

Thursday, October 20, 2011: 3:15 PM
200 C (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Rational catalyst design has the potential to speed up the discovery of new materials with tailored properties and eventually eliminate trial-and-error testing. The identification of relevant descriptors, screening methods, and the development of structure-property relationships are just a few examples that illustrate these efforts. This session welcomes contributions that describe experimental or theoretical methods that aim to design catalytic materials with improved activity, selectivity, stability, or poison resistance.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division

Cynthia Lo
Email: clo@wustl.edu

Wei Fan
Email: wfan@ecs.umass.edu

3:55 PM
(753b) Structure Sensitivity of Dimethyl Ether Electro-Oxidation
Jeffrey A. Herron, Peter Ferrin and Manos Mavrikakis

4:15 PM
(753c) Structure-Activity Correlation for Relative Chain Initiation to Propagation Rates In Single-Site Olefin Polymerization Catalysis
Thomas A. Manz, Shalini Sharma, Khamphee Phomphrai, Grigori Medvedev, Kendall T. Thomson, Mahdi Abu-Omar, W. Nicholas Delgass and James M. Caruthers

4:35 PM
(753d) Rational Catalyst Design for Oxygenate Reforming
Michael Salciccioli and Dion G. Vlachos

5:15 PM
(753f) Structure-Activity Relationships In Group IV Bis (Phenoxide) Amine and Diamine Olefin Polymerization Catalysts: A DFT and Kinetic Analysis
Kendall T. Thomson, Xiong Silei, W. Nicholas Delgass, James Caruthers, Mahdi Abu-omar and Jeff Switzer
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