Fundamentals of Protein Folding In Diseases

Monday, October 17, 2011: 3:15 PM
M100 J (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session seeks submissions focused on experimental and theoretical characterization and prediction of the thermodynamics and mechanism(s) of protein folding, and the role of aggregation as an on- or off-pathway aspect of (un)folding. Aggregation in this context is intended to include both reversible association and net irreversible aggregate formation. The dynamics and aggregation mechanisms of intrinsically disordered proteins and peptides will also be of interest. Preference will be given to presentations that provide insights of general utility, and those focused on relatively complex (un)folding pathways such as multi-domain and natively multimeric proteins.


Inchan Kwon

Eva Chi

3:15 PM
(157a) What a Difference a Letter Makes: Aggregation of PolyA and PolyQ
Joseph P. Bernacki, Robert H. Walters and Regina M. Murphy

3:35 PM
(157b) Synthetic YE8 Peptide Triggers Secondary Heterogeneous Nucleation of Insulin
Mirco Sorci, Gaius Takor, Seiichiro Higashiya, Dmitri Kurouski, Timothy Gehan, Shuqi Zhang, Igor K. Lednev, John T. Welch and Georges Belfort

3:55 PM
(157c) Engineering of Non-Aggregating Alpha Synuclein Variants
Michael Hernandez, Sofia Golbert, Li Guo Zhang and Jin Ryoun Kim

4:35 PM

5:05 PM
(157f) Mechanistic Inhibition of Alzheimer's-Associated Aβ Aggregation by Gold Nanoparticles
Kelly A. Wilson, Mihyun Lim, Kaliah Jackson, Rahina Mahtab and Melissa A. Moss

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