Poster Session: Pharmaceutical Engineering

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session welcomes poster submissions on any aspect of chemical engineering applied in pharmaceutical process development, scale-up or manufacture. Submissions may be based on experimental or theoretical work, or both.


Partha Mudipalli

Ryan C. Snyder

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(631a) Modeling of Power-Blending Using Real-Time NIR Data
Niranjan Kottala, Dimuthu A. Jayawickrama and Howard Stamato

(631c) Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Method for the Development of Bioreactor Scale-Down Model
An Zhang, Valerie Tsang, Helena Yusuf-Makagiansar, Brian Bell and Ankit Adhiya

(631f) Recycling Homogeneous Catalysts: Tunable Solvents for the Hydroformylation of p-Methylstyrene
Wilmarie Medina-Ramos, Ali Z. Fadhel, Rani Jha, Pamela Pollet, Charles L. Liotta and Charles A. Eckert

(631i) Dispersion In Plug Flow Tube Reactors Used for Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Brian D. Haeberle, Martin D. Johnson, Nikolay Zaborenko and Adam D. McFarland

(631l) Fluidized Bed Drying of Pharmaceutical Powders and Granules
Xue Liu, Fernando. J Muzzio, Johannes G. Khinast and Benjamin Glasser

(631m) Effect of Chistoan Molecular Weight On the Transport of Solutes Across a Model Pulmonary Epithelium
Radovan Dimovski, Daniel Brewer, Balaji Bharatwaj and Sandro R. P. da Rocha

(631n) Free Interface Diffusion Based Microfluidic Platform for Solid Form Screening of Candidate Drugs
Sachit Goyal, Michael R. Thorson, Yuchuan Gong, Geoff G.Z. Zhang, Charles F. Zukoski and Paul J.A. Kenis

(631o) PEG-Grafted Chitosan As Biodegradable Gene Carriers to the Pulmonary Epithelium
Daniel Brewer, Denise S. Conti, Fernando Cassio, Reinaldo Bazito and Sandro R. P. da Rocha

(631p) Formation and Characterization of PLA/PCL Particles by Supercritical Fluid Technology for Release of Active Agents
Priscila S. C. Sacchetin, Rafaela F. Setti, Paulo T. V. Rosa and Ângela M. Moraes

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