Poster Session: Bioengineering

Wednesday, October 19, 2011: 6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall B (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session will feature bioengineering projects. This includes, but is not limited to, advances in metabolic engineering, systems biology, mathematical modeling of biological processes, production of biorenewable commodity products and fuels, bioinformatics, bioreactors, fermentation, cell culture, protein engineering, protein folding, gene and drug delivery, disease mechanisms, disease therapies, and bioimaging techniques.


Jessica P. Houston

Shannon L. Servoss

Katy Kao

Roger C. Lo

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

(623a) A Systems Approach to Decipher Stress Response Networks In Mycobacteria
Arun N. Prasanna, Thawfeek Mohammed Varusai and Sarika Mehra

(623aa) Determination of Progerin Lamin A Phase Association and Orientation to Phospholipid Membranes
Agnieszka Kalinowski, Peter N. Yaron, Mathias Lösche and Kris N. Dahl

(623af) Solvent-Enhanced Transformations of Steroids by Beauveria Bassiana
Richard González, Felipe Nicolau, Horacio F. Olivo and Tonya L. Peeples

(623ah) Toxicity, Transport, and Accumulation of Hydrocarbons In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Hua Ling, Binbin Chen, Hongxin Zhao, Pei Yu Lim, Hazarki Yaohari, Susanna Leong and Matthew Wook Chang

(623ak) Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia Coli for Dihomomethionine Production
Aram Kang, Wendy Chen, Susanna Su Jan Leong, Chi Bun Ching and Matthew Wook Chang

(623al) Engineering E. Coli for Improved Efflux of Fuel Molecules
Susanna Su Jan Leong, Jee Loon Foo, Matthew Wook Chang and Chi Bun Ching

(623am) Method for Using Peptide Labeling In Metabolic Flux Analysis
Dominic Mandy, Hong Yang, Douglas K. Allen and Igor GL Libourel

(623an) Do Bacteria Optimize Their Contact Area with Surfaces?
Mehdi Kargar, Jeffrey R. Saucke, Amrinder S. Nain and Bahareh Behkam

(623ao) Engineering S. Cerevisiae for Production of Medium Chain Hydrocarbons
Susanna Su Jan Leong, Pei Yu Lim, Hazarki Yaohari, Hongxin Zhao, Bin Bin Chen, Hua Ling and Matthew Wook Chang

(623ap) Collagen Binding Domain Fusion Proteins for Therapeutics: Fermentation and Isolation
Hannah Moreland, McKinzie Fruchtl, Robert R. Beitle and Joshua Sakon

File available
(623ar) Effect of the Electrostatic Potential On the Internalization Mechanism of Cell Penetrating Peptides
Karen A. Flores, J. Cristian Salgado, Gerald Zapata-Torres, Ziomara P. Gerdtzen, María Julieta Gonzalez and Marcela A. Hermoso

(623aw) Structural Elucidation of Unknown Alkaloids Present In Catharanthus Roseus by Precursor Ion Fingerprinting
Carlos Daniel Flores Espronceda, Guy W. Sander, M. Ann Perera and Jacqueline V. Shanks

(623az) Recombinant Shematrin: Silk-Like Protein From the Ocean
Dooyup Jung, Yun Jung Yang, Dong Gyun Kang, Yoo Seong Choi and Hyung Joon Cha

(623bb) Marine Silk Protein From Sea Anemone
Yun Jung Yang, Yoo Seong Choi, Dooyup Jung and Hyung Joon Cha

(623bc) Development of Lectin Immunoassay for Detection of Glyco-Chain Conjugated with Biomarker
Yusuke Emori, Yuji Ohigashi, Yoichi Kumada and Michimasa Kishimoto

(623be) Production of Islet Cell Progeny From Human Pluripotent Stem Cells In Microcarrier Cultures
Jincheng Wu, Yongjia Fan, Lye T. Lock and Emmanuel (Manolis) S. Tzanakakis

(623bl) Syngas Fermentation In Trickle Bed Reactor Using “Clostridium Ragsdalei” Strain P11
Mamatha Devarapalli, Hasan K. Atiyeh, Randy S. Lewis and Raymond L. Huhnke

(623bn) Developing a Miniaturized Assay for Label-Free, High-Throughput Biomolecule Analysis
Aaron M. Joffe, Thuyoanh Truong, William S. Ferguson and Roger C. Lo

(623bt) Integrating Functional Genomics Tools to Survey Retrovirus Production In Human Cells
Ana Filipa Rodrigues, Ana Teixeira, Nuno Carinhas, Vanessa S. Bandeira, Paula M. Alves, Rui Oliveira, Wei-Shou Hu and Ana S. Coroadinha

(623c) Inclusive Design of Flux-Determining 13C NMR Experiments
Jonathan Meade, Saleem A. Khan, Mohammad M. Ataai and Michael M. Domach

File available
(623d) Pervaporative Separation of Bioethanol Using a Composite Hollow Fiber Membrane
Hong-Joo Lee, Eun-Jin Cho, Seung-Gon Wi and Hyeun-Jong Bae

(623l) Micelle Membrane Interactions Investigated with Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics
Sharon M. Loverde, Wataru Shinoda, Dennis E. Discher and Michael L. Klein

(623o) Supercooling: An Alternative Biopreservation Scheme
O. Berk Usta, Basak Uygun, Korkut Uygun and Yeonhee Kim

(623p) Control of Enzyme Activity by Introduction of Molecular Recognition Moiety
Yuhei Oshiba, Takanori Tamaki, Hidenori Ohashi, Taichi Ito, Hidehiko Hirakawa, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Teruyuki Nagamune and Takeo Yamaguchi

File available
(623q) Engineering Galactose Metabolism for Improved Cell Growth of CHO Cells In Culture
Natalia E. Jiménez, Camila A. Wilkens and Ziomara P. Gerdtzen

(623s) Shear Stress and Compression Induced Changes In Genome Rheology and Reorganization
Elizabeth A. Booth-Gauthier, Turi A. Alcoser, Ge Yang and Kris Noel Dahl

(623t) Engineering Zinc Finger Proteins Using Accessory Binding Modules
Younghoon Kim, Nathan Yee, Peiyi Wang, Kathryn Trenshaw and Charles M. Schroeder

(623v) Fungal Processes for Direct Bioconversion of Cellulose to Hydrocarbons
Kristopher A. Hunt, Natasha Mallette, Ross P. Carlson, Mitchell Smooke, Gary Strobel, Scott Strobel and Brent Peyton

(623w) Protein Engineering for High-Throughput Screening and Protease Dynamic Analysis
Jingshu Zhu, Matthew A. Saunders, Larry A. Sklar, Bruce S. Edwards and Steven W. Graves

(623y) Raft Registration Across Bilayers In a Molecularly Detailed Model
Diego A. Pantano, Preston B. Moore, Michael L. Klein and Dennis E. Discher

(623z) A Kinetic Model for the Storage of Iron In Ferritin
J. Cristian Salgado, Alvaro Olivera-Nappa, Ziomara P. Gerdtzen, Victoria Tapia, Elizabeth Theil, Carlos Conca and Marco T. Nuñez
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