Nucleic Acid Delivery I

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 8:30 AM
L100 H (Minneapolis Convention Center)

This session seeks to explore topics associated with the development of novel gene delivery vehicles and processes in gene and/or oligonucleotide delivery.

Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science

Millicent O. Sullivan

Joshua D. Ramsey

8:30 AM
(251a) Structure and Application of Nucleic Acid-Surfactant Films for Transfection In Human Cells
S.L. Perry, Surekha Gajria, T. Neumann, J. Ni, J. Weinstein, D.V. Schaffer and M.V. Tirrell

8:50 AM
(251b) Analysis of siRNA Transport and Delivery within 3-Dimensional Collagen Matrices
Amanda P. Malefyt, Elizabeth Hinds, Arul Jayaraman, Catherine Kuo, Kyongbum Lee, Christina Chan and S. Patrick Walton

9:30 AM
(251d) Microarray Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles Characteristic of Successfully Transfected Cells
Timothy M. Martin, Sarah A. Plautz, Jean-Jack M. Riethoven and Angela K. Pannier

9:50 AM

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