The Legal System As a Driver for Innovation In Energy Technology

Monday, October 17, 2011: 8:55 AM
102 A (Minneapolis Convention Center)
Richard D. Jordan, IP, Dickinson Wright PLLC, Washington, DC and Mary Ternes, McAfee& Taft, Oklahoma City, OK

This presentation will provide an overview of how the legal system acts as a primary driver for innovation in energy related technology, considerations for funding from public and private sources, and considerations for determining how to best protect intellectual property developed in the innovation effort.  The presentation will be made by invited policy and legal experts.  These experts will discuss policy and procedural considerations in which governmental agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, “intervene” for the good of society to require industry to provide “cleaner” technologies.  These legal drivers in turn cause the industry to invest a great amount of funds to innovate in order to meet the new legal requirements.  Panel experts will discuss: 1) a few of the policy issues that are considered by governmental institutions in implementing the new laws and regulations, 2) government grants or funds that are made available to stimulate innovation in such a capital intensive market, and 3) considerations on how to protect valuable intellectual property that will be created in getting the new innovations to market.

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