Modeling and Design Optimization for Development of High Performance Microfluidic Devices

Sunday, October 16, 2011
Exhibit Hall B (Minneapolis Convention Center)
Mranal Jain, Cain Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

My post-doctoral/ doctoral research experience includes modeling of electrokinetic transport processes and design optimization of microfluidic devices.  Microfluidic devices are portable devices capable of automating conventional analytical laboratory tests with short analysis time, low reagent/sample consumption. Such devices require fluid and particle manipulation to achieve various functionalities. My research focus is to gain fundamental understanding of transport phenomena at smaller length scales and apply it towards design of efficient microfluidic devices. My background in process systems engineering research (masters program) provides me with a unique perspective towards the microfluidics research problems. I believe that the performance of microfluidic devices can be significantly improved by application of optimization and control techniques.

In accordance with my background, my research interest lies at the interface of microfluidics and process systems engineering. I would like to contribute in following research areas:

  • Computational transport phenomena in bio-microfluidic devices
  • Design optimization for microfluidic devices using surface and topology optimization
  • Micromixing techniques and their performance analysis
  • Classical and non-linear electrokinetics
  • Application of process control techniques in microfluidics

In this poster, I will present summary of my research results. I will also discuss about various research challenges in above areas, their significance and possible approaches to tackle them.

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