A Study of Population Balance Modeling In a Large-Eddy Simulation with Carbonate Precipitation

Monday, October 17, 2011: 10:15 AM
M100 F (Minneapolis Convention Center)
Alex W. Abboud, Sean T. Smith, Tony Saad and Terry A. Ring, Chemical Engineering, Institute for Clean and Secure Energy, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

For precipitation in a liquid turbulent pipe flow a simulation of a population balance in large-eddy simulation will be presented.  The moments of the population balance will be used to track the size distribution of the particles as it evolves in the flow field.  The flow field will be simulated in a computational fluid dynamics code using large-eddy simulation, which resolves large-scale components and models sub-grid scale effects. Specifically, the research will be based on the reaction of calcium chloride and sodium carbonate to produce calcium carbonate, in an effort to reproduce experimental results from the literature.  The population balance is coupled with the near instantaneous acid-base chemistry equilibria.  A thermodynamic program is used to deal with the complexities in the interacting activity coefficients of the possible species present.  This data is tabulated over a large variation of mixture fraction and reaction progress so that it can be read into large-eddy simulation.  The computational code will be able to calculate the evolution of the population balance.

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