Continuous Flow Reactors: Process Intensification of An Industrial Case

Friday, October 21, 2011: 10:40 AM
Marquette VII (Hilton Minneapolis)
Alessandra Vizza, Roland Guidat and Yi Jiang, Reactor Technologies, Corning, Avon, France

Continuous Flow Reactors: process intensification of an industrial case

Reactor Technologies, Corning SAS, Avon, France

Alessandra Vizza, Roland Guidat, Berengere Chevalier, and Yi Jiang, Reactor Technologies, Corning SAS, Avon, France

This presentation will highlight the performance benefits for an industrial chemical process through the use of Corning’ Advanced Flow Reactor.

Benefits of continuous flow processes over batch chemistry including the rapid synthesis of organic compounds, particularly under hazardous reactions conditions; rapid numbering up from milligram to kilogram amounts. A process performed in continuous flow allows a more efficient and safe process keeping a constant quality of the final product. Implementing continuous technology requires a different approach compared to traditional batch processes. The work described here shows how to fill this gap in the transition from traditional to continuous technologies and from feasibility test to an optimization. Finally the development of a customised set up will be described.
This presentation will underline the process intensification and ease of process scale-up for a continuous Beckmann Transposition reaction related to an industrial lactame production.

The purpose is to show how to effectively apply a process intensification to overcome the limitation in the actual process, increasing the reaction yield and enhancing the thermal control in a reaction involving dangerous chemicals. It will be shown how precise control of reaction conditions has a significant impact on the yield.

We will emphasize how the use of a milliscale continuous flow reactor in the area of fine chemical synthesis allows getting more efficiency and increased safety.

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