Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow and Separation In An Spray Granulating Tower

Monday, October 17, 2011: 5:15 PM
M100 D (Minneapolis Convention Center)
Wang Juan, Yu Mao and Jiangyun Wang, College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum,Beijing, Beijing, China

A full-size numerical simulation of the gas-solid flow in a spray granulating tower was carried out by applying Model and Eulerian multiphase Model. All details of gas and solid in the flow domain were obtained. And the effects of structure parameter and operating condition on the separating efficiency of the spray granulating tower were studied. It was showed that the flow of gas-solid in the spray granulating tower was rotary, which could be separated into two sections, inner upper flow and outer downer flow. Additionally, the parameters such as operating gas load, grain physical property, and distributor structure have significant relation with separation efficiency in the spray granulating tower.

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