Application of Core-Shell Fluorescent Nanoparticles with Magnetic and Plasmon Properties In Biotransport Studies and Photo-Ablation Cancer Therapy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 5:20 PM
213 B (Minneapolis Convention Center)
Angel A. Galvis, Juan R. Reyes, Ruben D. Vargas, Oscar A. Alvarez and Watson L. Vargas, Chemical Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, D.C, Colombia

Bimetallic/bifunctional nanoparticles that exhibit a core-shell with precise control of size, morphology, surface chemistry, and assembly process of each component have been the focus of attention in recent years. These functional nanocomposite nanospheres possess a core of silica-protected magnetite particles and in situ growth of a thin solid shell using Au nanoparticles as seeds to template the growth of the outer layer, such nanoparticles provide, fluorescence, magnetic and plasmon functionalities. These unique nanostructures are a highly efficient platform for several applications.  In this work two applications of such materials will be discussed: transport in prototypical tissues and photo-ablation cancer therapy.

For tissue bio-distribution assays we have used fluorescent nanocomposite nanopheres with a monolayer of rhodamine encapsulated into the core of SiO2. A diffusion cell with pig skin as prototype tissue has been implemented to conduct the transport experiments. A model based on the concepts of anomalous diffusion and the analytic and numerical of solution of the time fractional diffusion equation (TFDE) has been implemented, for determining the sub-diffusion parameters that describe the transport in such complex media.

For the purpose of improving bio-distribution of the particles, and the “anti-cancer” drugs that they could potentially transport, we have studied the change in the diffusion, cytotoxicity, hemolytic activity, and genotoxicity; in emulsions of type (O/W) with dispersed Fe3O4- Fe2O3@SiO2@Au nanoparticles. Finally a preliminary study of the phothermal ablation activity of the Fe3O4-Fe2O3@SiO2@Au nanoparticles, will also be discussed.

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