Biomass Pyrolysis

Monday, November 8, 2010: 3:15 PM
Grand Ballroom H (Marriott Downtown)

biomass conversion by thermal and catalytic-thermal pyrolysis

Fuels and Petrochemicals Division
Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20), Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Sustainability (09g), Alternate Fuels and New Technology (16D), Sustainable Biorefineries (23B), Sustainable Energy (23C)

Foster A. Agblevor

R.G. Mallinson

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3:17 PM
(135a) Biomass Pretreatment to Improve Bio-Oil Stability
Najeeb Kuzhiyil, Dustin Dalluge and Robert C Brown

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3:34 PM
(135b) Process Design Data for Liquid Phase Pyrolysis of Biogenic Feedstock
Verena Mertlitz, Nikolaus Schwaiger, Matthäus Siebenhofer, Edgar Ahn and Peter Pucher

4:08 PM
(135d) Fractional Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass for Stable Pyrolysis Oils and Hydrocarbon Fuels Production
Foster A. Agblevor, Ofei Mante, S. Ted Oyama, Francine Battaglia and Ron McClung

4:25 PM

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4:34 PM

File available
4:51 PM
(135f) Fast Pyrolysis of Algal Biomass
Balakrishna Maddi, Sridhar Viamajala, G. Glenn Lipscomb and Sasidhar Varanasi

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5:08 PM
(135g) Direct Coupled Catalytic Upgrading of Switchgrass Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Vapors
Jonathan Peters, Xiaohan Zhang, Trung Pham, Roberto Galiasso, Lance Lobban, Daniel Resasco and Richard G. Mallinson

5:25 PM
(135h) Operation of a Kg/h Integrated Pyrolysis Pilot Plant to Convert Switchgrass Into Transportation Fuels: Solid and Pitch Characterization
Roberto Galiasso, Shaolong Wan, Xiaohan Zhang, Trung Pham, Lance Lobban, Daniel Resasco and Richard G. Mallinson
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