Microbial Engineering of Microorganisms for Biofuels and Chemicals II

Wednesday, November 10, 2010: 12:30 PM
251 D Room (Salt Palace Convention Center)

This session will emphasize metabolic engineering of microorganisms for the conversion of renewable feedstocks to biofuels and chemicals. Emphasis will be given to novel molecular strategies and novel products.

Sustainable Biorefineries
Bioengineering (15c), Research and New Technology Committee (18j)

Rakesh Bajpai
Email: bajpair@louisiana.edu

Kristala Jones Prather
Email: kljp@mit.edu

1:20 PM
(474c) Metabolic Engineering of E.Coli for Increased Production of Novel Fatty Acids
Paul Handke, Sean A. Lynch, Joseph R. Warner and Ryan T. Gill

1:45 PM
(474d) Engineering of Oleaginous Escherichia Coli for Hydrocarbon Production
Fengming Lin, Yu Chen, Ying-jin Yuan and Xiaoxia (Nina) Lin

2:10 PM
(474e) Increasing Product Tolerance through Metabolic Engineering: Short-Chain Fatty Acids
Liam A. Royce, Matthew Stebbins, Maria Rodriguez-Moya, Erin Boggess, Julie Dickerson, Ramon Gonzalez and Laura Jarboe

2:35 PM
(474f) Microbial Production of High Value-Added Chiral Hydroxyacids
Hsien-Chung Tseng, Catey L. Harwell and Kristala L. J. Prather
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